The 13 panel saliva drug test looks for illegal narcotics or prescription medicines which are frequently misused and abused. It also detects two drugs often used to treat addictions: Buprenorphine (BUP) and methadone (MTD).

BUP and MTD, when used according to a doctor’s prescription, can lessen the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

However, both MTD and BUP are opioids too. Therefore, when users abuse or misuse them, they can be a risk to their safety.

The good news is – 13 panel oral drug tests with fentanyl can detect them.

It can detect BUP and MTD, and fentanyl, one of the most notorious, deadliest drugs out there. In fact, authorities identify fentanyl as one of the reasons behind the increase in drug-related deaths.

Aside from detecting the drugs mentioned above, what other advantages does an oral swab drug test provide? How can technicians and people who undergo this test benefit from it?

Read on and find out.


Benefits of 13 Panel Saliva Drug Test


With blood tests, technicians need to insert needles into a person to get a blood sample. On the other hand, technicians have to ask some strands of hair (complete with follicles) from a person who is about to take a hair test.  Both methods can sometimes cause pain. This is why some people resent them. However, with saliva drug tests, technicians can simply hand the saliva drug test to people and instruct them to roll and suck the swab in their mouth.


A saliva test for drugs only takes a few minutes, from collecting the sample to analyzing the results. This is several times faster than a blood test, where technicians need to analyze the sample in a laboratory. There’s no need to wait for several days to get the test results because it can be released in a matter of minutes.


A saliva test is straightforward to use. It doesn’t require the technicians to undergo extensive training or read lengthy instructions to do the test. For example, Ovus Medical’s 13 panel saliva drug test comes with easy-to-read instructions, complete with images for the user’s benefit. And in case users still need further instruction, they can check out Ovus Medical’s 13 panel saliva swab drug test page. It has an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to do the test and other helpful information.


Anyone can administer a saliva drug test anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it doesn’t require a specialized restroom or private room to perform the test. A single technician can even give the test to several people simultaneously.

No risk of contamination

Because a saliva drug test can be performed in front of the technician, people do not have the opportunity to alter their samples, which sometimes happens in the case of urine drug testing.
No contamination of samples translates to more accurate results.


How It Benefits Technicians and People

Saliva drug testing kits are non-intrusive, fast, easy-to-use, convenient, and have no risks of contamination.

To drug testing technicians, this means a faster, more accurate way to do their job.

To people, this translates to a quicker, non-intrusive way to comply with a job application, a random drug test in the workplace, or other reasons.


How Ovus Medical Can Help

Ovus Medical only provides 99% accurate, CLIA-waived, and FDA-approved drug tests. So if you want to buy drug test that are reliable and accurate, visit the Ovus Medical Store today.

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