Due to their high abuse potential, use of these drugs for medical purposes has fallen from favor, and they’re not as common as they used to be in the mid-to-late 20th century, particularly thinking about the arrival of a new, similar sort of medication, benzodiazepines, which are now utilized to treat the ailments barbiturates used to deal with. Nevertheless, barbiturate abuse is still happening, and it’s an issue of concern due to the high risks of using and abusing these drugs.

Amobarbital’s blue pills are known on the road as blue heaven, blue velvetblue devil. They’re also simply called downers.
The sedative-hypnotic barbiturate drug type was frequently utilized to treat stress, control seizures, or carry out other sedative or similar purposes. Before benzodiazepines saturated the marketplace, barbiturates were commonly prescribed medication. But, their highly addictive nature was quickly found, and they’ve fallen from favor as anti-anxiety drugs. Nevertheless, they continue to be medically helpful in certain circumstances — especially for treating some kinds of seizures, such as epilepsy — and they are therefore still prescribed occasionally, as Schedule II controlled substances.

Shown to be effective in 60-80 percent of dogs with epileptic seizures, the drug isn’t formally approved by the FDA for this use, but it’s often employed for this purpose.

The challenge of working with a barbiturate for sleep is that it doesn’t permit rapid-eye motion sleep — or REM sleep — that is very important to achieving the curative power of the sleep cycle. Because of this, while sleep might be achieved, it might not wind up feeling restful. This may also be a problem for men and women that use it recreationally. Chronic loss of REM sleep may result in psychological complications.

Phenobarbital is among those better-known barbiturates, and it’s still utilized to manage epilepsy and associated seizures in several areas of the world. According to the National Library of Health’s Medline Plus, phenobarbital can also be used as a treatment for anxiety, and it may be utilised as part of the detox and withdrawal healing process for folks that are addicted to other barbiturates. Because of this, it’s somewhat easier to locate phenobarbital than it is to find other barbiturates.

This drug is regarded as a high dependence risk for youth and young adults, and use should be monitored closely if it’s prescribed to treat epilepsy or anxiety in these populations specifically.


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