Construction Industry Drug Testing

The industry has the highest levels of workplace drug use (National Survey on Drug Use and Health)

Alcohol and drug testing in the building sector is becoming more common yet there are still many businesses that aren’t testing. This is a topic that’s been coming up more and more lately when out visiting our construction customers.
An increasing number of companies are doing so to keep the work environment safe for all their employees under the Health and Safety Work Act.

Substance abuse is a factor in 38-50% of employees ‘ compensation claims, and 35 percent of deaths (US Department of Labor in 2011)

Drug and alcohol use in the Construction sector is not just irresponsible; it’s dangerous. Accidents due to poor decision-making and slowed reaction times from alcohol or drugs can result in considerable trouble.

According to the study, “Evaluation of Drug Testing in the Workplace:
Study of the Building Industry. “, Having a medication use programme in place won’t just improve the protection of your company but will also improve your reputation for safety and health.
Why is it that construction companies test for drug use?

In addition to that, workers under the influence will be less productive and have diminished attention spans (which may potentially lead to injuries ).

A company using drivers or operating heavy plant machinery must have drugs and alcohol testing policy in place.
Pre-employment tests would also be advantageous for establishing expectations for any new employees joining the firm.


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