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Ketamine Urine Testing Strip (KET)



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Ketamine Drug Testing Strip

Ovus Medical's rapid Ketamine (KET) Testing Strips provide you with a fast, easy, and accurate way to detect Ketamine in the urine. The cutoff level of 1000 ng/ml. Our Ketamine strips are CLIA-waived and FDA-approved.

  • Results in 5 mins
  • Accurate drug testing
  • FDA / Clia Waived

Drug Testing Strips; A simple solution 

  • Safe and accurate. Our urine drug test strips are 99% accurate; you can feel confident of safe, dependable, and precise drug testing at all times. 
  • Easy to use. Just dip it in the urine sample, and you’ll get results in a few minutes—no need to wait.
  • Convenient. These test strips are fast and easy to use in the privacy of your home or office. 
  • Affordable. All our testing strips are economical and available in bulk with quantity discounts. 
  • Accurate. Our test strips provide an accuracy rate of 99%. 


You have probably heard of ketamine, most likely  for its history of abuse as a club drug. But it may have also been because it is one  of the biggest breakthroughs in treating severe depression in several years.

How can one drug hold such promise and peril? The answer lies in how it affects your brain. Ketamine works like a flash mob, temporarily taking over a certain chemical "receptor." In some cases and with expert medical care, that can be a good thing. But cross that line, and it's big trouble. Your doctor probably won't give it to you as an antidepressant yet. Scientists are still testing it for that.  Always be wary of ketamine side effects.

What is ketamine?
In the 1960s, doctors used ketamine for their sedation and anesthetizing qualities. In the 1980s, however, it became a popular drug among club-goers. It became famous for its out of body experience. Nowadays, doctors prescribe ketamine to treat Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) and suicidality. Ketamine is chemically related to PCP ('Angel Dust'). Although it is mostly administered to people, ketamine is also used for veterinary purposes.

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Ketamine street names:
Ketamine goes by several street names. Some people call it "Special K." Others call it "Kit-Kat," "Super Acid," "Jet," and "Cat Valium.

How does ketamine affect the brain?
It can be beneficial if used as prescribed. First, it rebalances the glutamate and GABA receptors in the brain. Second, it counterbalances structural changes in the brain brought about by stress. Third, it quiets the abnormal activity in the brain's "disappointment center." However, due to its mind-altering qualities, ketamine is also used as a date rape drug.

Ketamine side effects:
Like any other Schedule III drug, ketamine has side effects too. Some of these are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Blurry vision
  • Bladder issues
  • Dizziness
  • Disassociation
  • Addiction

Is ketamine addictive?
Ketamine is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance, mainly due to its potential for abuse and addiction. Ketamine can be abused in several ways, including via injection, snorting, or orally. It's generally sold as a fine white powder after being converted from a liquid state.

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Ketamine (KET)

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Strip testing Instructions

Ketamine Test Strips Procedure

  1. First, remove the urine KET drug test strip from the sealed pouch and use it within one hour
  2. Second, immerse the strip into the urine with the arrow pointing towards the urine
  3. Third, take the strip out after 15 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface.
  4. Finally, read the result in 5 minutes.


How To Interpret KET Test Strip Results

Test result - positive

Positive: Positive test result is indicated as two colored bands appear on the membrane. One band appears in the control region(C) and another band appears in the test region (T).



Test result - negative

Negative: Negative test result is indicated as only one colored band appears in the control region©. No colored band appears in the test region (T).



Invalid test result

Invalid: Please note that in case-control band fails to appear, the result shall be deemed invalid. Any result which has failed to produce a control band at the specified read time must be discarded. Please review the procedure and repeat with a new test. If the problem persists, discontinue using the kit immediately and contact your local distributor for assistance.



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