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Shipping Policy

When will your order ship?

  • All orders placed before 3PM EST ship the same day on a business day.
  • Non-expedited orders generally ship the same day too, but could ship the next day, depending on order volumes.
  • Orders received after 3:00PM EST on Friday and weekend orders ship on Monday. We do not ship on Holidays.

When will you receive your order?

Below are the shipping guidelines from UPS and USPS.

  • UPS OVERNIGHT is delivered the next business day, if your order is placed before 3:00PM EST. Friday OVERNIGHT orders are delivered on Monday and do not include holidays.
  • UPS 2nd DAY and 3rd DAY are guaranteed, but they do not include Sat, Sun or Holiday deliveries. Start counting days the day AFTER you receive your tracking number. Thus, a 2nd DAY order placed before 2:00PM EST on a Monday is delivered on Wed, but orders received after 2:00PM EST would be delivered on Thurs.
  • UPS GROUND delivery times are based on your proximity to West Palm Beach, Florida and might vary based on your location.


How does UPS work?

At the point when an individual conveys a package to the UPS, a standardized tag is connected to the bundle. The representatives stacking the packages onto a truck or plane all have standardized tag scanners, as do all UPS drivers. Those taking care of the bundle just need to filter it to see where it originated from and where it is going. At the point when a bundle is checked, the data in regards to the package’s area is quickly refreshed on the UPS site. This is the motivation behind why an individual can see the bit by bit movement of where their bundle is right now.

On the off chance that the bundle is being sent under 200 miles from the sender, at that point it is sent by truck. On the off chance that the separation the bundle must travel is in excess of 200 miles, it is sent via plane. Each time the bundle is stacked or emptied, it is filtered.

Bundles that are shipped via plane are generally naturally sent to Worldport, the UPS arranging office in Kentucky. Laborers in this office just handle the bundle on more than one occasion; the remainder of the time, the bundle is followed by machine. Sorters sort bundles as per size and shape and guarantee that the standardized identification on some random bundle is confronting upwards. Scanners over the transport lines are then ready to sort the bundles as per goal.




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