10 Panel Drug Screen: Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask

A 10 panel drug screen tests for various drugs in a person’s body. It includes testing for different classes of illegal drugs and prescription medications that are commonly misused in the United States.  

Urine testing for detecting drugs is common in a 10-panel drug test, although evaluators can also use blood and bodily fluids. 

The 10 Panel Drug Screen is less common than the 5-panel drug test. Workplace drug testing typically screens for five illicit drugs, and sometimes alcohol. A 10-panel drug test, however, does not screen for alcohol.

What does a 10 panel drug test test for?

The drugs tested on a 10-panel drug test:

  • Amphetamines 
  • Cannabis 
  • Cocaine 
  • Opioids 
  • Barbiturates 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Phencyclidine
  • Methaqualone/ Quaaludes 
  • Methadone 
  • Propoxyphene

What affects the window of detection?

Drug detection times vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of drug
  • dosage
  • type of sample
  • Metabolism

The approximate detection times for drugs screened in a 10 Panel Drug Screen are as follows:

Substance                                                              Detection window

Amphetamines                                                               2 days

Barbiturates                                                                   2 to 15 days

Benzodiazepines                                                           2 to 10 days

Cannabis                                                                      3 to 30 days, depending on the frequency of usage

Cocaine                                                                        2 to 10 days

Methadone                                                                    2 to 7 days

Methaqualone                                                               10 to 15 days

Opioids                                                                        1 to 3 days

Phencyclidine                                                               8 days

Propoxyphene                                                              2 days

A 10-panel drug test may help screen for drug use, but it has limitations. For example, it can’t determine whether a person is on a drug at the time of testing. It tests for the presence of drugs or other compounds as a byproduct of drug metabolism. These by-products and compounds must be present at a specific concentration to be detected.

Who uses this drug screen and why? 

The 10-panel drug test isn’t considered a standard drug test and isn’t as common as a 5-panel drug test to screen applicants and current employees.

Professionals who are responsible for personal and public safety may be required to take random drug testing. This may include:

  • law enforcement officers
  • medical professionals
  • federal/state, local government employees

Some employers require mandatory drug testing. Your employment may depend on a passing result. However, this may be contingent on the laws in your state.

Some states prohibit employers from conducting drug testing on employees whose work doesn’t involve safety-dependent positions. 

What to expect during the 10 Panel Drug Screen

A technician can conduct drug testing at your workplace, a medical clinic, or accredited lab test facilities, typically during business days. The medical personnel or technician performing the drug test will provide instructions throughout the process.

The ideal site for a urine test is a single-stall bathroom. The technician will give you a drug testing cup. After filling it with your urine sample, cover the container tightly and return it to the technician.


A 10 panel drug test is not a standard drug test. Employers who require testing use a 5 panel drug test and an alcohol test. Some professions that involve personal and public safety may require regular 10 panel drug tests.

This test detects 10 substances (including prescription drugs) within their own window of detection. These detection times vary with each drug and personal factors, such as individual metabolism.

Labs may repeat positive results for confirmation to avoid false positives. An inconclusive result for substance abuse may require the person to repeat the test.

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