Federal Government Drug Testing


Federal Government Drug Testing


Government accounts are welcome.

Ovus Medical has top-of-the-line drug testing supplies designed to produce quick and reliable findings.

We understand that maintaining a drug-free atmosphere is of utmost importance for many companies, particularly in sensitive government sectors such as the Department of Defense, where safety and security are of utmost importance.

Using our assortment of urine drug test cups, strips, and saliva oral swabs, it is possible to conduct drug usage testing in a manner that is not only uncomplicated but also rigorously efficient and accurate.

The exceptional testing tools that Ovus Medical provides, which have an accuracy record of more than 99%, have earned the trust of employers, parents, and professionals working in the healthcare industry.

Our designs are efficient, leak-proof, and uncomplicated, delivering results in an incredible five minutes. These designs are beneficial to consumers in both the home and the office.

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When it comes to guaranteeing compliance and safety, the fact that our government accounts are eligible for bulk discounts makes it not only an impractical but also a financially prudent choice.

Ovus Medical is the partner of choice for government entities intending to enact stringent drug testing regulations.

In addition to being practical, our items come with discreet same-day shipping, which ensures that you will have a convenient experience.

Our assortment of testing supplies is designed to meet all your requirements with unrivaled precision and speed, whether you need them for the drug prevention programs your department implements or the routine screenings conducted within correctional facilities.

The principal services that are provided are:

Assistance provided by the Department of the Army
Programs for Compliance with the Department of Energy
Initiatives for Safety Undertaken by the Federal Aviation Administration
Institutions of Correction for State Screening for Drugs

Implementing the drug testing supplies offered by Ovus Medical is a great way to plan your strategy for achieving a safe and drug-free environment.

Our drug tests are fast, easy, secure, and convenient. Government agencies may apply for purchase order terms.


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More Info

In addition to our hallmark drug testing kits, Ovus Medical provides an expansive selection of educational materials and support services. Our expert team is on hand to deliver training and guidance, ensuring that your staff are fully equipped to conduct testing procedures with confidence and accuracy. We understand the need to maintain confidentiality and integrity throughout the testing process—qualities that solidify trust in our brand.

Our commitment extends to the innovation of our products, ensuring they evolve with the changing landscape of substance detection. By staying ahead of emerging trends in drug use, we ensure that government agencies are equipped not just for today but for the challenges of tomorrow.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with Ovus Medical’s trusted diagnostics. Let us support your mission of fostering a safer, healthier community.

Ovus Medical’s research and development team is dedicated to the future. We are continually expanding our product line to include the latest in drug detection technology, such as fentanyl test strips and synthetic cannabinoid kits. This forward-thinking approach ensures your organization stays at the forefront of safety and compliance, ready to easily meet new regulatory demand.

Choose Ovus Medical for a partnership that values proactive measures and continuous improvement in the fight against substance abuse. Together, we can strive towards a drug-free environment with the tools and support necessary to triumph in this critical endeavor.

Moreover, Ovus Medical offers customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of each government agency. We provide ongoing customer support and product training to ensure that your team can efficiently implement and interpret test results.

Our dedication to quality and innovation means that you can trust us to deliver the most advanced and effective drug testing solutions available. Partner with Ovus Medical to enhance your drug prevention strategies and maintain a secure, drug-free workplace. Together, we can create a safer, healthier community for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can assist your organization.



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