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Why Ovus Medical Affiliate Program?

  • We provide our affiliates with their own link to track all purchases.
  • Our system recognizes your customer, whether or not they use your link again.
  • Send your customers the direct link to purchase or embed the link and your Test Cup banner on your website.
  • See Terms and Conditions.
  • Every time a customer ‘clicks and purchases’, you make money!
  • Our customers are repeat customers!

Don’t waste your time and energy marketing and selling items for which you will only be paid once.

Users in this industry are repeat clients, with the majority purchasing on a regular basis.

We give you the chance to build a long-term business that will give you a steady monthly income and fees that can be quite large. It depends on how much time you want to put into your new affiliate business.

    What can you expect to earn?

    This depends on you and how many accounts you get. Our average sale per customer is about $750, which is about 300 drug test cups. Our sales run from $200 to $10,500 per customer. When this person buys, you get $45 each time. You make 6%, which is about $15 per box of 100 cups, so if a customer bought 3 boxes, you would make $45 from them. This quickly adds up! Several of our companies have more than 50 clients right now.

    You, too, can have a big monthly income that keeps coming in. Remember two things: we have the best price in the country, and it’s easy to sell!

    We do have a sliding scale commission that goes from 6% to 3% based on the size of the deal given to large clients. If a client buys 20 boxes, which is typical, they get a discount of $25 per box, which saves them an extra $500.

    This sale is for $4,500, so the fee would be 3%. Even so, you would still make $135 a month from this.



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    Ovus Medical sells
    product strip thin 1Drug Testing Cups, Strips, Dips, and Swabs


    *Drug Rehabs *Pain clinics *Toxicology Labs *Work Force Agencies *Correctional Facilities
    *Colleges *Suboxone clinics *Detox centers *Drug and Treatment Facilities and more!

    Recurring commissions:
    Get 6% commission on every sale!

    About Ovus Medical

    Ovus Medical is a rapidly developing national leader in drug testing supply companies. Our purchasing power is unparalleled in the business.

    Why is that important? Because you can be sure that we won’t run out of stock just as your customer is about to place an order.

    You’ll happily offer your customers a great product and fast, same-day shipping through our fully automated online program. This is very helpful in this industry.

    Ovus Medical (12 Panel Medical) offers the most competitive prices on FDA-approved and CLIA-waived items.

    Our outstanding reputation stems from our high-quality products and competitive market rates.


    Why is Ovus Medical Affiliate program right for you?

    Most of our customers come back to us repeatedly. This is something they will use over and over again.

    When you reach out to new potential clients via email campaigns, social media, LinkedIn, or other methods, they will react to our inexpensive rates for such quality and variety, making sales easy.

    Drug testing tools are something that people in the field use every day.

    Customers usually need to re-order once a month. It’s a steady source of cash. When a customer can’t find a better price elsewhere, they aren’t likely to go buy something else. This is all good news for you!

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