To continually strive to save lives through competent and reliable drug testing

At Ovus Medical, we supply the highest quality drug testing supplies and are committed to delivering the industry’s best prices. We are always seeking new ways and new products to make you succeed in your drug testing efforts.

Located in South Florida, we are surrounded by the epidemic of drug abuse and overdoses. Our company intends to challenge that sad fact by providing the best products to as many people as possible, hoping to ensure a healthier community both in our state and yours!

It is a pleasure to provide a high level of customer service to all our clients. We work hard to make sure you are happy and satisfied with all we have to offer. We are growing more every day and are very excited about the future with you and all our patrons.


Bulk Drug Testing Supplies at Low Prices

At Ovus Medical, we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality drug screening test kits at the industry’s best prices. We align our goals with treatment centers and rehabilitation clinics that promote drug-free workplaces.

By staying on top of the best practices and latest products in the drug testing industry, you can rely on Ovus Medical to supply the items you need to succeed in your efforts. More businesses are requiring complete drug testing to secure a healthy workplace. Thus, testing centers must keep up with the growing demand.

We commit ourselves to supplying the items you need to meet these growing demands. Our selection of drug screening test kits guarantees you a drug testing kit compatible with any substance.

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Superior Customer Service

At Ovus Medical, we aim to provide high-level customer service to our clients. We understand the goals of treatment centers, substance abuse doctors, drug rehab clinics, and government health agencies in promoting a healthy, drug-free environment.

So, we work hard to ensure these facilities and official bodies obtain the materials they need to meet their goals. Our superior customer service guarantees 100% satisfaction with all our products.

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South Florida’s Premier Drug Testing Kit Supplier

Ovus Medical operates from South Florida, where drug abuse and overdoses are rampant. As first-hand witnesses to this epidemic, we took it upon ourselves to provide the best testing products to as many people as possible.

Join our effort in creating and maintaining a healthier, drug-free community with our superior testing items.

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As Ovus Medical’s operations expand, we are pleased to extend our services to more people who share our goals of promoting drug-free environments. Look forward to our company’s growth as we make bulk drug testing supplies more accessible across the nation.

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