What is Marijuana?

Marijuana drug test kit Marijuana is hands-down one of the most abused drugs in the world. Though the legality of marijuana has always been controversial, In some places, Marijuana in a limited, pre-defined quantity is legal to possess, while in other places, it is illegal to possess marijuana.

Hence, it is always a debate topic when one questions the legality of marijuana. Where is it produced? Marijuana is produced from dried leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds from the cannabis sativa or indica plant. These plants contain chemicals that could alter the state of the mind. How is it used? There are various ways in which people take marijuana. Out of these, the main two are Joints and bongs. Joints are hand-rolled cigarettes where people mix the drug with a cigarette. On the other hand, the bong is used when smoking with pipes that have a pre-defined structure and are set up with water, etc. Marijuana could also be mixed with foods such as cookies and brownies.

Effects on the brain:

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or simply THC, is one of the psychoactive substances in marijuana. THC will determine the effects on the brain. These effects could be short-term or long-term, depending on the user, the setting, and the dosage that was taken. Short-term effects: In the case of short-term effects, the following effects are seen, such as:

1. Altered senses

2. An altered sense of time

3. When taken in high doses, hallucinations are also common.

4. As with hallucinations, delusion is also fairly common with higher dosage consumption.

5. The user finds it difficult to think and understand.

6. Mood-changing is one of the key features of marijuana. Long-term effects: The long-term effects include affecting brain development. When started early, the abuser of marijuana is suspected to have impaired thinking, learning, and memory function as a whole to a different degree in different people. It is still inconclusive whether these effects are temporary or permanent.

Other health factors:

Breathing problem: Breathing is one of the long-term effects of marijuana smoking. Since smoking irritates the lungs, long-term marijuana smokers have been found to develop breathing problems. Tachycardia: An increased heart rate is also common in marijuana abusers. An increased heart rate, or tachycardia, increases the possibility of having a stroke. The outcome could be fatal in this case. Mental effects: Hallucination, delusion, and paranoia are some of the temporary effects that are seen in long-term marijuana abusers.

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