Phencyclidine Drugs Fact Guide – Originally developed as an anesthetic agent, it was discontinued later since phencyclidine has side effects that of an addictive drug. The side effects include hallucination and confusion and could lead to the severe condition if used for the long term.

How to use?

Phencyclidine found in various forms. Tablets, capsules, crystals few forms in which phencyclidine drugs consumed. It generally taken through smoking or swallowing. Snorting one of the forms in which phencyclidine consumed.

Mechanism of action

Phencyclidine drugs alter the various chemicals and properties inside the brain and that’s how different effects do get expressed in reality. For example, it alters the secretion of dopamine inside the pain which leads to a certain stage known as euphoria. Not only dopamine but it also influences the other chemicals and hence, various other effects also seen. For example, through altering the level of glutamate inside the brain, phencyclidine gives out the different feeling of pain, memory, and emotions. This one of the reasons why phencyclidine was discontinued as an anesthetic drug.

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Phencyclidine Drugs

Phencyclidine Drugs Fact Guide – Effects of Phencyclidine

There are various effects of phencyclidine drugs

1. Loss of coordination. In order to accomplish even a simple work, coordination needs to established between different type of systems in the body to carry out. After consuming this drug, this coordination hampered.

2. Numbness.

3. Hallucination also associated with phencyclidine. Due to this property, phencyclidine though once was used as a local anesthetic agent, later it was discontinued.

4. Rapid walking.

5. Moods disorder is also very common in case of phencyclidine abuse. One person can go from one mood to another mood and during this phase, anxiety, the psychotic phase is also quite common. Long-term abuse of Phencyclidine could lead to immobility.

As the coordination between the different system becomes hard to establish, long-term abuse creates a condition where a person finds it very difficult to move different parts in coordination. Amnesia is also another long-term side effect of phencyclidine. People forget events, and it even creates more and more confusion inside the mind. As it has already mentioned, long-term abuse of this drug could lead to hallucinations also.

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Phencyclidine Drugs

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