Introduction About Propoxyphene

PROPOXYPHENEIt is an opioid drug which is used as an analgesic to mild pain though its effect is not only limited to relieving to pain only. Excluding the property of analgesic, it also has cough suppressant and local anesthetic effect. Its onset of action is somewhat quick which starts around 10-20 minutes after administration.


It is a weak opioid. Hence its analgesic effect is also a bit milder. It doesn’t generally respond to pain with greater intensity and hence. Instead of propoxyphene, a strong opioid drug such as morphine should used. Propoxyphene should used only when a relatively weak analgesic agent needed.


The side effects of propoxyphene are similar to other opioid drugs. For example, constipation is somewhat a common symptom among most opioid drugs. Since opioid drugs generally influence the peristalsis movement and interfere with the movement. Hence constipation is among the most common side effect. To prevent it, laxatives could used however it also seen that. Drinking more and more liquid does help to improve the condition. Nausea and vomiting are another type of side-effect which could seen upon administration of propoxyphene.

propoxyphene side effectsImpaired alertness is associated with propoxyphene and hence, should be taken with a little bit cautious. That’s why you shouldn’t take propoxyphene if you have the plan to drive later. It also interferes with heart rhythm. Hence if you have any type of heart disease, then you should tell the doctors beforehand. So that appropriate actions can taken.


Overdose commonly associated with the liver toxicity. It could be fatal in many cases and hence you should be very careful while taking propoxyphene. The effect of overdose is not just local but rather, it spreads down as a systemic effect which could lead to serious consequences. Respiratory depression, central nervous system depression is one of the common effects of an overdose. If you are already suffering from other diseases related to the respiratory system or any type of heart anomaly, then it could worsen the situation. That’s why it is very important to tell the doctors of everything related to the above so that he can take precautions while giving you the prescription for propoxyphene.

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