Introduction About Rohypnol

ROHYPNOL pillsRohypnol is one of the most powerful sedative drugs that are available. It is arguable multi times even stronger than Valium. Hence this drug has been greatly abused and has been found in association with crimes like sexual assault due to which, this drug is also beginning to be known as “date-rape drug.”


Rohypnol is found in various forms and each form has a different onset of action. But in general, this drug is found as powder drug in olive green pills. One can crush these pills and the powder that forms after that could be snorted to go into the state of euphoria. It is also sometimes sprinkled over marijuana and smoked together where its action becomes even more potent. However, drinking with mixing it with a liquid or injecting into the body is also not uncommon in the case of Rohypnol.


Rohypnol does have medical use in some cases. For example. In case of treatment of short-term insomnia, this drug can be used. It is sometimes used as anesthesia in some countries through this type of use is a bit rare.


This drug is often found in association with sexual assaults. This drug renders the victim incapable of any type of resistance. Hence, it is also known as the “date-rape drug.” This effect is somewhat similar to “paralyzing”. The effect starts not more than 30 minutes after taking it and doesn’t take too much time also to reach the peak. rohypnol side effectsBut duration could last from 8 to 12 hours. During this period, the person could observe the events around him or her but are unable to act upon it. As the memory also gets impaired during this period, the victim finds it very difficult to recall what actually has happened. Hence, this drug is often used in sexual crimes.


The withdrawal symptom of Rohypnol includes, extreme change in mood from one mood to the other, anxiety, shock, Hallucinations. A headache is also one of the common symptoms that appear in withdrawal. Now a day, there are various helplines regarding the rehabilitation of such drugs and should be consulted as soon as possible.

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