Saliva Drug Test

A saliva drug test is the most common test that being conducted to know the presence of drugs in the human body. This drug test generally precise as through the saliva sample one can detect the presence of alcohol and also named a drug mouth swab test. This test  easily performed and most common among the traffic police. This drug test kit helps them to analyze if someone is drunk and driving on the road.

By using the mouth swab for drugs, one can collect the saliva sample by rubbing it in the lower jawline. Besides this, customers choose saliva drug tests because it is much faster, gives results in minutes, and is much cheaper than urine testing. Moreover, this test can be conducted with the utmost integrity and honesty like urine testing one doesn’t need to send an individual to the bathroom to conduct this test can easily performed anywhere at home, office, or onsite workplace.


Now if you are thinking about what are the benefits of the saliva drug then given below are the most common advantages of saliva drug test 

  • Test kits are capable of detecting the presence of 5 to 13 different drugs of abuse. 
  • The test results cannot be easily adulterated like a urine drug test. 
  • When you buy drug mouth swabs from genuine suppliers then these kits are 99% accurate.
  • There is a minimum invasion option that is the test can be performed in any kind of setting.
  • Provide fast and genuine results just within 5 minutes.

What can affect the saliva test result?

If you want to know that your employee or the specific person has simply passed the test but is taking drugs then one thing is. If the patient knows that he will have to undergo a mouth swab for drug detection then he or she will try to beat it by adulterating the particles of drug present in the saliva. Well, here are some of the things that you must consider before taking the test

  • It has been how long since the particular has last consumed drugs 
  • What is the amount of drug he or she has taken 
  • What was his diet
  • Amount of water taken
  • Age.

As if the person has consumed the light substance then he or she will come clean within 48 hours or even less if they consumed excess water. If the drug is taken twice weekly then 72 hours if the drug is taken more than twice a week then more than 72 hours.

Why should you use these saliva drug test kits?

 Well, there are a number of reasons that you should purchase these drug mouth swab and use them. The first and foremost is “privacy”. One of the best things about buying these kits is that if you want to test your loved one and want him or her to get rid of this addiction then you don’t have to take the person’s laboratory and make him feel embarrassed. Just by ordering these mouth swabs for drugs, you can test them.

Another considerable reason is “accessibility and affordability”. These saliva drug test kits are not easy to use but they are designed in a way that you can easily read their results within minutes beside you do not have to spend your money to go to the clinic, to the doctor, or the laboratory, and spend huge chunks of money. The last and the best reason to choose them is that they are smartly designed and is capable to give instant and authentic result.

Why should you buy a mouth swab for drugs from Ovus Medical?

The saliva drug test can be conducted due to a number of reasons. Some may conduct it at home while others may perform this test at their workplace on a monthly basis to maintain their office environment. These drug test kits are considered to be fit for all types of purposes.

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