Substance Abuse Testing In Correctional Facilities

Substance Abuse Testing – Maintaining a drug-free environment is very important and crucial in every area of corporate and government offices. And when talking about correctional facilities. It is of utmost importance that the environment remains free from drug abuse, be it inmates or the staff.

A single unsupervised act may lead to riot like disturbances under the influence of drugs. Drug testing is an essential step towards fighting drug abuse. It helps in identifying the people involved in drug abuse, so either an action or a corrective measure can be taken to prevent such activities. The entire rehabilitation program of the correctional facility also demands the test to be conducted, so the process of rehab can get started for people under drug or alcohol’s influence.

Why Drug Testing In Correctional Facilities:

Correctional facilities must maintain an environment that is free from alcohol, substance and drug abuse at all times. The whole reason for conducting a drug-testing program is to make sure that safety and security are not being compromised because of drug or alcohol abuse.

Also, drug testing is a crucial part of the whole rehabilitation process that is unavoidable by an inmate. The tests are conducted for both the staff and the inmates, to identify the potency of drug abuse in the correctional facility. The drug test may be performed in the area itself or a laboratory. And any of the four methods may be employed to conduct the analysis: Hair, urine, Blood, Nails.

The Right Way of Conducting the Test:

While there are so many ways in which Substance Abuse Testing may be conducted, it is essential to choose a test which will result in accurate and precise results in a shorter span of time. Most ways require that samples be collected and sent to the laboratory for testing, and this may take several days. For a speedy process, it is better to choose the option that can be used right there in the correctional facility, and the results are known on the spot.

Ovus Medical- Drug Test Cup

Ovus Medical is a company that specializes in the production of drug testing cups. These cups are the best options when conducting a bulk test, and the results are to be known immediately. The drug test cups by 12PanelNow are of excellent quality and are packed with features.

The cups come with a leaflet of instructions that will guide you on the procedure of conducting the test. The cups are handy, tightly sealed, and do not require any additional equipment. All one has to do is, collect the sample, secure the lid and leave it for 5 minutes. The cup will show the result right there.

It is an easy, painless and tidy way of carrying out drug tests. The cup is capable of identifying 12 legal and illegal drugs. Place a bulk order for Ovus Medical drug testing cups, and you will get the cheapest rates with the finest quality.

Benefits of Using Ovus Medical Drug Test Cups
One of the significant benefits of using Ovus Medical drug test cups is their reliability and ease of use. These cups are designed to provide quick and accurate results, reducing the waiting time and allowing for immediate action if necessary. This is particularly important in correctional facilities, where maintaining order and safety is paramount. By using these drug test cups, correctional staff can quickly identify individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol and take the appropriate measures to address the situation.

Moreover, Ovus Medical drug test cups are cost-effective, making them an ideal choice for facilities that need to conduct frequent testing. Purchasing in bulk ensures that correctional facilities always have a ready supply of testing cups, thereby avoiding any delays in the testing process. The durability and tamper-proof design of these cups also add an extra layer of security, ensuring the integrity of the samples and the accuracy of the results.

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