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Gone are the days in which people who abused illegal substances often got away with it because the means to test them for drug use just wasn’t readily available. On the same note, these bygone days also saw innocent people taking the rap for drug abuse because they had no way of proving that they were clean.

The technology required to determine if a person has taken these substances is no longer confined to fully equipped medical laboratories. Quick tests can now be conducted with self-contained testing kits that can be administered in any reasonably clean and stable location like an office, a school clinic, a police station, and even at home.

At the same time, these tests can be administered by any responsible person, whether or not he or she has some medical training. As such, one does not need a special permit or certification to purchase these handy drug tests. It is of value to know, however, where to buy drug test kits to get the best results and enjoy the most cost-effectiveness.

There is a short answer and a long answer to the question of where to buy drug test kits. The short answer is: you can buy them almost anywhere medical and health supplies can be found. They can be bought in retail stores, in pharmacies and drugstores, online, and of course, from reliable suppliers. The long answer is to trust only the latter, the reliable suppliers, for some very important reasons.

Where to Buy Drug Test Kits

1. Stores and shops

Most Americans are never too far away from a branch of one of the major retail stores like Target, Costco, Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, and the like. Buying a drug test at one of these stores does not mean searching high and low amongst the many aisles. Most of the big retail stores usually have an attached pharmacy section where these drug testing kits can be bought. This is a very handy thing to know for parents or teachers who suddenly need to dash out and get hold of a drug testing kit to determine if a hysterical teenager is under the influence of something.

2. Pharmacies

Apart from the drugstores within large outlet stores, there are still stand-alone pharmacies or even hospital-based pharmacies that deal with more specialized products than what you might find in a shopping mall. Most of these outlets can also be accessed online and will deliver what you need within the day.

3. Online

In today’s economy, specifically in what is being touted as the “new normal” characterized by minimal human interaction, online shopping can be a better way to go when you need to know where to buy drug test kits. In fact, the number of stores that still require people to browse through shelves to pick up merchandise is dwindling. Now, even the smaller pharmaceutical outlets and dealerships can be accessed on the ‘net and can handle online purchase and payment. If you do not need to have a drug test kit on hand immediately, it might be better to order it online and just wait for delivery.

4. Reliable suppliers

Institutions that require frequent or routine drug testing among a significantly large number of people are better off dealing directly with the companies that make it their business to manufacture and produce drug test kits. Such companies offer easy-to-administer and highly accurate single cup urine tests that can determine in a number of minutes if the sample donor has ingested any of the more commonly abused substances.

These tests don’t just tell you if the test subject just smoked a joint, but also if he or she recently used any of the other controlled substances such as fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, barbiturates, methadone, opiates, antidepressants, ecstasy, oxycodone, and others. These tests examine the indicators on each of the 12 or so panels that each of these urine cups is equipped with.

It is also valuable to ascertain that the drug testing cups you buy are of the highest accuracy and reliability, or there would be no point in conducting testing at all. Engaging only the most reputable suppliers of these kits would help you ascertain that you aren’t buying knock-offs or copycat products, and that the tests you buy are all CLIA-waived and FDA certified. Purchasing directly from suppliers is also more economically sound than getting these cups at the nearest shop and paying convenience store-like prices.

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