With these past waves of shutdowns and a recent claim that the infamous virus could be airborne, many people wonder, “Am I safe from the Coronavirus?”From California to Arizona, many states are now experiencing an increasing number of new COVID 19 cases and hospitalizations. This has led leaders of those areas to reconsider reopening and putting back restrictions on businesses.

How Is the Coronavirus Transmitted?

So far, there are three known ways in which the Coronavirus is transmitted:

1. Droplets

When we sneeze, cough, or exhale, we expel large respiratory droplets which can fall to the ground about 2-3 feet from us – if we don’t wear a mask or cover our mouth and nose with tissue. These droplets are laden with the virus. You can transmit to a person who’s nearest you. Thus, the need for wearing a mask and social distancing.

2. Aerosol

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) still considers this as indefinite due to lack of further evidence, we think it’s still worth mentioning. Coronavirus can purportedly be transmitted through microscopic particles that can float and rest on air streams in a room. So, people who are in the same room as a Coronavirus positive person may get infected.

3. Fomite

This is the reason why you advised to sanitize surfaces and your hands frequently. It’s because fomites, or inanimate objects that when exposed to viruses, can transfer the disease to you. Your phone, credit card or car keys (which you might have unintentionally placed on top of a store’s counter) door handles, clothing, beddings, all these fomites, when not properly sanitized, can threaten your health and safety.


Who Are Susceptible to the Coronavirus

At this point, when a vaccine to combat the dreaded virus is yet to be developed, everybody needs to careful. However, some people are more susceptible to the Coronavirus. They are:

1. The elderly

2. People with pre-existing health issues

3. Expectant mothers

4. Children who have neurologic, genetic, metabolic conditions, or who have congenital heart disease

5. Smokers

6. Drug dependents

Most members of these demographics have weakened immune and respiratory systems that can easily attacked by the Coronavirus.

OVUS MEDICAL Who Are Most Susceptible To The Coronavirus CHART

Am I Safe from the Coronavirus?

Yes, you can be safe from the Coronavirus, by following the tips below.

  1. Stay home.
  2. Avoid enclosed, crowded spaces that have poor ventilation.
  3. If going out is unavoidable, wear an N95 mask.
  4. Always carry a small bottle of alcohol. Apply some after touching surfaces or being in contact with anyone.
  5. Remove the footwear you wear outdoors before going indoors.
  6. If you came from a crowded place or a hospital, go straight to the bathroom and take a bath. Wash your clothes immediately.
  7. Always clean and sanitize your home.
  8. As much as possible, prevent COVID-susceptible members of your family from going out.
  9. If you or a family member has Coronavirus symptoms, wear a mask. Better yet, isolate yourself.
  10. Have yourself COVID tested by health providers and laboratories with NPIs.

Am I safe from the Coronavirus? Yes, anybody can be safe from the Coronavirus as long as you follow safety precautions.

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