One of the most common issues that Treatment Centers face nowadays is admitting patients due to the pandemic. Rehabs are an essential service, especially at a time when drug dependents, who miss their 12-step meetings and possibly face domestic issues, run the risk of relapse, or worse, overdose. And at a time when isolation and depression can have an impact on substance abuse.  But on the business side of things, who can afford to turn new clients/patients away?

However, with the US significantly behind on testing Coronavirus patients due to delays and errors, how can a rehab center with limited resources cope with the situation?

This is the same question asked by one of our customers. He needed nasal rapid virus tests but they are not yet available. Even then, results are typically released two to four day.  So, as an owner of a treatment center, he is faced with a dilemma.

Admitting a patient without testing for COVID might compromise the health and safety of everyone in the rehab. Not admitting an incoming patient, on the other hand, might cost him his patient’s life as well as have a significant impact on his business.

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COVID 19 Testing methods:

COVID 19 is tested using two methods: viral and antibodies test.

A viral test detects if a person is currently infected with the virus. This method is done by analyzing the sample collected from the nose and throat.

The antibodies test detects if the person has already been infected. In this method, finger prick blood samples are collected and analyzed. Ovus Medical’s Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit is an example of this test.

The Ovus Medical Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test gives results in under 15 minutes.

So how can a rehab center test drug dependents prior to admission?

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Don’t lose a client: Options

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Check the client’s temperature
  2. Perform the Ovus antibody test
  3. Have client fill out a symptom checker questionnaire
  4. Analyze the results.
  5. If he is negative, you can admit him.
  6. If he seems a possible candidate for COVID 19, send him directly to a free testing site in your area.
  7. Since it can take 1-3 days to get the results, your option is to then put your new client into a self-isolating local hotel room. Yes, a hotel may not be ideal for someone who is coming for treatment. However, if you’re taking in new clients and don’t want to turn them away, you can station a counselor on the hotel premises, while they wait for their test results.

To search for COVID no-cost testing visit This website can help you find a testing location near you. Just select your state and it will show a list of testing locations.

If you are the owner of a health care institution or medical distribution company certified to perform high complexity testing, check out Ovus Medical’s Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit.

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