Do you know that in 2021, about 100,306 people died from substance abuse? This marked a 28.5 % increase in deaths from 2020.

Substance abuse affects almost 32 million people, about 11.7% of the total population of the United States, as reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC.

One thing is clear: substance abuse is getting a hold of more and more people over time. The best way to confront this problem is to detect and address it immediately.

How do we do this? The first response, especially in the workplace, is to test employees regularly.

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Urine tests to detect drug use

Urine tests, like THC test strips, are one of the commonly used tools to detect drug use. This type of drug test is available in local drugstores, easily accessible to anyone, and easy to administer.

When you need to determine whether a friend, employee or a family member is using a prohibited substance, these tests are your best, most cost-effective option.

An over-the-counter drug test may be a cheap option compared to others in the market, but continuously purchasing this test will add up in the long run. The cost of these goods will rack up quite an amount, so it’s easy to wonder whether you can reuse these tests to save money.

The answer is NO, especially for an over-the-counter drug test where the test strips are for one-time use only.

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • What is a drug test made of?
  • What to look out for when testing
  • What to look out for when testing
  • Drug tests delivered to your doorstep

What is a drug test made of?

When you purchase a home urine test, you’ll receive a cup and test strips that are used to detect chemical substances in the urine. Depending on the variety you need to get (these tests often range from 5 to 18 panels), you’ll be able to detect different substances in the urine.

These test strips are either made of plastic or paper. Each test strip is packed with chemicals that will react when the compounds are present in the specimen, thus changing the strip’s color.

The chemicals on these strips, especially those on paper, will be used up and will keep their result. Therefore, you will no longer be able to use the test strip.

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What to look out for when testing

Often people ask, “How long does a urine drug test take?” A urine test doesn’t take long, especially if your subject is ready to pee.

For results to be accurate, the sample must be tested immediately after the specimen is collected.

The proper temperature of an untampered urine sample would be 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 38 degrees Celsius).

Stay vigilant when collecting samples, as your subject may cheat the results by using synthetic urine.

In many states, using synthetic urine for drug tests is punishable under the law.

Drug test delivered right at your doorstep

Conducting drug tests is an expensive undertaking, especially because the tools to do it are not reusable.

Ovus Medical sells one of the most accurate home drug tests available in the market, and they can deliver these right at your home or your workplace. We have everything, from thc test strips to multi-panel drug test cups.

Testing kits are available depending on the substance you want to test for. The more substances, the more panels.

If you need more information on the number of panels necessary to detect certain substances or then make sure to click here.

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