Corporate Drug Testing

The most common system of drug testing, urinalysis, can be performed at the office (in a health unit, by way of instance ), a physician ‘s office or another site chosen by the employer. Usually precautions are taken, like placing blue dye in the bathroom and turning off the water source, to avoid adulteration or substitution of specimens so that collection can be finished in privacy with no direct visual observation by someone else.

Chain of Custody: A chain-of-custody form is used to record the storage and handling of a sample in the time it’s collected until the time it’s disposed. It links an individual to their sample and is written evidence of all that happens to the specimen while at the collection site and the lab.

First Screen: The initial analysis done on a sample is known as an initial screen. This 1 test alone isn’t necessarily accurate or reliable; there’s a chance of a false positive. Thus, in case the first screen is positive, a second confirmatory test ought to be done.
Frequent reasons employers employ drug testing would be to:

How is drug testing conducted and how true is it?
Under SAMHSA’s guidelines, after a sample is provided, it’s sent to a certified lab. The accuracy of drug tests performed by accredited laboratories is extremely high, yet this certificate applies only to the five substances tested for in Federal drug-testing alcohol and programs.

Confirmation Evaluation: A second, confirmation test (by gasoline chromatography/mass spectrometry or GC/MS) is highly accurate and provides specificity to help rule out any false positives (errors ) in the initial screen. For a test result to be reported as positive, the first screen and verification test results must agree.
Comply with State legislation or Federal regulations
Be able to identify early and appropriately refer workers who have alcohol or drug Issues
Deter workers from abusing drugs and alcohol
Protect the general public and instill customer confidence that employees are working safely
Avoid hiring people who use illegal drugs

Alcohol and drug abuse creates substantial safety and health hazards and may result in decreased productivity and poor employee morale. Additionally, it may cause additional costs in the kind of medical care claims, particularly short-term disability claims.
While private employers aren’t required to adhere to these guidelines, doing this can help them remain on safe legal ground. Court decisions have affirmed following these guidelines, and because of this, many employers decide to follow them.
corporate drug testing

Generally, most private companies have a reasonable amount of latitude in implementing drug testing as they see fit for their company, unless they are subject to specific Federal regulations, like the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drug-testing rules for workers in safety-sensitive positions.

Split Sample: A split sample is made when an initial urine sample is divided into 2. 1 sample is used for the first screen and, if positive, the next sample is used for the verification test. If there’s a good result, the person being tested may ask the confirmation test is performed at a different lab. DOT’s alcohol and drug-testing regulations require all evaluations be performed with a “split sample” collection procedure.



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