Corporate Drug Testing And Alcohol Testing Programs

​Drug abuse in the corporate workplaces can prove to be a serious matter for the one abusing it, for their colleagues and the company as well. And if the employer is allowing the use of illegal drugs in the office premises, that also is against the law.

Corporate Drug testing is most often conducted in critical safety areas like police, armed forces, energy generation, public transport, etc. However, drug abuse can take place anywhere and prove to be a trouble for any industry.

Why Drug Testing Is Important

​​If not conducted with proper care, drug testing can damage the relationship between the company and its employees. It is crucial to explain to the employees. Why the company is conducting such a test, and how it is going to be undertaken.

Anyone who abuses drugs, or is under its influence will show lower productivity and might as well put other employees at risk. It hinders a person’s capability to judge and make decisions and concentrate on a task. Working in the construction industry or a chemical lab or such a critical place. See more: How to prevent Drug Use in the Workplace?

Employing The Right Method Of Drug And Alcohol Testing

There are several ways in which a drug and alcohol test can be conducted, like:

  • Hair
  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Nails

While most forms of drug testing require that the samples are sent to a lab, and the detection period can be reasonably long. It is essential to look for a method that can show instant results, which are accurate and safe. Drug testing cups are the best options available to carry out a bulk drug test. Ovus Medical is a company that provides quality drug testing cups, for affordable prices. These cups are urine drug testing cups that can analyze human urine samples and detect the presence of up to 12 drugs:

1. Amphetamine
3. Benzodiazepines
4. Buprenorphine
5. Cocaine
6. Ecstasy
7. Marijuana
8. Methadone
9. Morphine
10. Oxycodone
11. Methamphetamine
12. Phencyclidine

  • These drug test cups are great for bulk testing; they are cost-effective and exact. These cups can determine the results in 5 minutes and are a safe and secure way for drug testing. The cups come with an instruction leaflet to help you understand the procedure of carrying out the test and reading the results.
  • The Ovus Medical drugs and alcohol testing cups can utilized anywhere, and the results are similar as to laboratory results. If you wish to know how recently the drug was consumed, attach a temperature strip to the test cup. The cups are capable of identifying both legal and illegal drugs, less than 5 minutes of conducting the test.
  • The tests are super easy to conduct, and cups sealed, so no one has to touch or get in contact with anyone else human waste. They are of high quality and are available at super affordable prices if ordered in bulk. questions about drug testing 1

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