Do you wonder How to Find a Good Drug Rehab for yourself or a loved one? Substance Use Disorder (SUD) patients go to drug rehab for one reason: to get sober. These people first oppose going to treatment because of the stigma associated with it, the loss of their freedom and privileges, and the dread of change.

Because they want to grab the chance to hopefully live normal lives for their own sake and their loved ones, they fight the resistance, swallow their pride, and even spend huge amounts of money to get themselves admitted to a drug facility.

Should You Trust Drug Rehabs?

What if drug rehab employees, the very people patients entrust their lives with, betray them by encouraging them (the patients) to continue using drugs for their profit?

It may be unimaginable to think that a drug rehab employee could sell coke to patients, but such a twisted scenario happened.

In Robeson County, a rehab employee and a former patient connived to sell drugs to patients. Meanwhile, in a Seminole County drug treatment facility, a staff member was also charged for the same misdemeanor. These are just a couple of reported incidents. How about those that weren’t brought into light?

The question is – how does this affect patients?

They get messed up, emotionally and mentally. They begin to distrust drug rehabs. Worse, they return to their old lifestyle and relapse.

Some, like Brianna Jaynes, fought their way back to have some semblance of normalcy into their lives. Others were not as lucky.

Should this deter SUDs from getting treatment?

The quick answer – no, it shouldn’t. The above-mentioned scenario did happen, but it doesn’t occur in every rehab. The authorities are working on stricter guidelines and better policies for drug treatment facilities, which will help ensure that these centers will screen their would-be and current employees better.This will improve the drug rehab industry as a whole and help recovering SUDs regain their lives.

So how to find a good rehab? Below are some tips.


Finding a Good Rehab: 4 Tips

1. Determination is key

All too often, people suffering from Substance Use Disorder go to rehabs due to pressure from their loved ones or their workplace. However, this can only lead to relapse because the patients are not committed. To help ensure healing, the person involved should be willing and determined to be in a drug facility as a means to be drug-free, and not due to incessant prodding from the people around him.

2. Go to a trusted  online source

If your only option to search for a rehab is online, go to the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers website. It contains a comprehensive list of licensed and accredited drug rehabs. Additionally, the association prohibits members from posting misleading content, and strictly mandates members to deliver the services they promise.

3. Stay away from patient brokers

These people are being paid by drug facility centers for bringing in new patients. Unfortunately, brokers are not concerned with a patient’s healing. They’re just in it for the commission. How will you know that they’re brokers? They’ll pitch a drug rehab like any other salesman. They might even tempt you with free airline tickets, free vacation on a tourist destination spot, etc.

4. Consider your options

Should you go inpatient or outpatient? What do you really need treatment for? How about the location – do you prefer one in your area or in a neighboring city? And if you do find one to your liking, check the facilities. Rehabs have different specializations and treatment methods, so knowing your options is crucial.

Interested to learn more about drug facilities, testing, and similar topics? Visit the Ovus Medical Blog. You’ll find a wealth of information you can benefit from.

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