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A valuable facet of America’s response to the problem of substance abuse is the presence of facilities and centers that provide treatment and rehabilitation. The proliferation of such establishments, however, has given rise to some criticism. Due to the various levels of proficiency within what is a relatively unregulated industry, there has been an increasingly heightened level of scrutiny on what has been called “the business of addiction treatment.”

To ensure the top-quality performance of your drug treatment facility, The tips below are worth considering.

Performance of Your Drug Treatment Facility: A Few Tips

1. Treat patients like guests, not inmates

People suffering from substance abuse problems are much more likely to succeed in their rehabilitation efforts if they can develop a positive mindset. A supportive environment–instead of one where a guest is made to feel like an offender who is incarcerated in a prison–is also critical.

Many facilities go the extra mile to provide amenities such as comfortable lodging and engaging activities. This makes their patients feel that they are in a safe and caring space where they can be helped with their problems rather than be punished. Set the right tone and improve the performance of your drug treatment facility by bearing this in mind.

2. Get the entire team on board

Treating your patients as guests makes them more comfortable and open to trust. Doing so is not a task that should be confined merely to the counselors, psychiatrists, and other professionals in the facility.

Every individual working in the establishment is part of the overall therapeutic environment necessary to make rehabilitation work. As such, it is best for all employees, including the cleaning and kitchen staff, security personnel, drivers, attendants, and administration staff to be on the same page. Everyone must maintain the same welcoming and nurturing disposition that the actual caregivers have when dealing with their patients to ensure optimal recovery.

3. Be open to various approaches

Over the years, treatment strategies in rehab centers have diversified and become more holistic in their therapeutic approaches and processes. Your facility probably subscribes to one specific philosophy or school of thought in the sciences associated with drug rehabilitation. Even so, it would not hurt to be flexible and accommodating to the needs and preferences of the guests.

After all, it is not always possible to apply a uniform therapeutic strategy to patients of varied cultural backgrounds, ages, gender, and ethnicity. Successful treatment is often possible only when you go beyond the symptoms and current issues associated with the drug abuse problem. Addressing the root cause of the problem will not only help put a stop to it, but also prevent its recurrence.

4. Keep it all legit

While it is worthwhile to look beyond the time-tested and traditional approaches in running your drug rehab center, it is much more important to stay with modalities, personnel, and equipment that are trustworthy and certified by the appropriate authorities.

It is best to engage treatment professionals who are certified by bodies like the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or the NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, rather than trusting your patients with self-professed “healers” whose only credentials are having trained in a monastery somewhere.

Of much more importance in boosting the performance of your drug treatment facility is being sure that the testing equipment used at your treatment facility is safe and reliable.  Single cup urine tests should be FDA-approved and CLIA-waived to ensure quality and legitimacy of tests.

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