You’re about to take a mouth swab drug test. You’re quite apprehensive because it’s your first time to do so. In your experience, the drug test technicians always used drug test cups or strips. So you do your due diligence to ease your concern. You come across some information about drug tests turning different colors. The presence of lines when you test positive. So you wonder –  why does a mouth swab drug test turn blue? Why do these tests change colors, anyway?

Mouth Swab Drug Test Turns Blue: Why This Happens

To understand why a mouth swab drug test turns blue, let’s take a good look at how technicians perform this test.

why does a mouth swab drug test turn blue

  1. The technician hands you the mouth swab drug test. He opens the package in front of you to show that it is a new, unused device.
  2. He instructs you to swab the device into your inner cheek and gums, and to leave it on your tongue, mouth closed. Until the saturation indicator strip turns blue.

So, when your mouth swab drug test turns blue, there’s no reason to panic. It simply means that the saliva drug test you are using comes with a saturation indicator strip. This strip tells you that the swab has collected a sufficient oral fluid for testing.

What will happen if the mouth swab drug test doesn’t turn blue for you?

This indicates that you have not produced sufficient oral fluid for drug testing. Your technician will ask you to repeat the test.

To eliminate the chances of a retest, you must ensure that you will have enough oral fluid. How do you do this?

Things to Do to Ensure You Produce Enough Oral Fluid

  • If you take opioid medications for pain relief or other health issues, you must stop a few days before the test. This is because opioids inhibit causes dry mouth. Melissa Callahan, CRNP, explains, ““Saliva is produced and secreted by the salivary glands of the body and these glands are controlled by the autonomic nervous system,” she says. “So opioid use will decrease the production of saliva and cause dry mouth.”
  • Drink plenty of water an hour or so  before the test. Don’t worry, your sample won’t show up as diluted. It’s only urine drug tests that measures creatinine levels, which detects flushing.
  • Do refrain from smoking a few hours before your test. Tobacco causes dry mouth too.

Things that Can Affect Your Production of Oral Fluids

Some people say that to produce more saliva, you should:

  • Eat a sour candy. A lemon drop, they say, is the best. The thing is, the citrus acid in lemon candies might cause a false positive in a saliva drug test. So this won’t cause your mouth swab drug test to turn blue.
  • Chew bubble gum. Unfortunately, this might also cause a false positive.

Now you’re aware of the reason why a mouth swab drug test turns blue. If you would like to try this type of drug test for yourself or your workplace, check out Ovus Medical’s oral swabs. They are CLIA-waived, FDA-approved, with 99% accuracy. They can detect the following drugs: THC, Amphetamines, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Opiates, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone, PCP, and Buprenorphine.

Drug test strip

The consumption of the drug is illegal in some companies and not because it’s not worth seeing but because it’s not worth taking. as per the survey of the top drug consumption population 60% are teenagers and 30 % are working in some good multinational companies. From this, we can analyze where our world is going and why we need a drug test strip.

Drugs have not only exploited many families but it has exploited many societies. There are a number of cases where addicts want to get rid of this life-taking habit but have no control over their bodies, activities, and minds. In such cases, close ones and loved ones are the only solutions to your problems.

If you are also on the journey to save your loved ones and are looking for the best drug test strip then Ovus Medical is here to avail you with the reliable, affordable, and authentic drug test strip that will help you to carry out your urine drug test for the detection of drug presence without any stress.

 Just buy our reliable drug test strip and check the presence of the drug within just a few minutes. Not only will it save you from long laboratory lines but it also enables you to conduct the instant test without acknowledging the person. For instance, you buy these strips to check the current status of your brother, son, husband, fiance, and so on.

If you told them in advance then you give them a chance to either find a reason to skip the test or find a way to tamper with the samples. But with the availability of these drug test strips in advance, you can know their actual scenario.

Where do these drug test strips are used?

Besides the loved ones, these drug test strips made available by Ovus Medical are used by a number of multinational companies to either check the individual before joining them in the company or for checking the ones who are already an employee of the company.

If as an employer you find someone suspicious or behaving differently then you have all the right to conduct the test right at the moment to conduct a test by informing them.  You will just ask the specific person to collect the sample in the given cup and then dip the strip in the cup and wait for 5 minutes to check the result.

If you are new to this and are not aware of how to read the results of these drug test strips or what the line or the color of the device indicates then you can read the guidelines and instructions given along with the test kit and can easily read the result. One should always know that they have to collect a sample of 45 ml   to have the accurate result

If the result is negative then doesn’t mean the person is not consuming drugs, it only means that right at the moment the person is not under any influence of drugs. Sometimes if a person consumes lots of water then also after some hours it becomes difficult to figure out the presence of the drug in the body of the suspect. 

Why choose us to buy drug test strips?

Well, there are a plethora of suppliers who promise to give you the best drug test strips at cheaper rates. But should know all of these kits are not capable of giving you genuine results and simply give invalid results. Rather than discarding your drug test strip and wasting your money, it’s better to do some research and find reputed suppliers like Ovus Medical who are widely appreciated for their bulk orders, same-day delivery, and remarkable services.

We assist our customers throughout the purchase not only do we guide them on how to find the suitable kit from cups, strips, dips & swabs for their drug testing procedure but we also help by informing them on how to use these kits.

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