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If it’s your first time taking an oral fluid drug test, you must be curious as to what color does a mouth swab turn if you fail a saliva drug test.

If this is the information you’re looking for, then, you’re in luck. You’ll get the answer below.

But first, we’d like to provide you with information on what to expect during a saliva drug test. We’ll also give you a few tips on what to do before the test.

Do’s and Don’ts Before a Saliva Drug Test

  1. Drink a sufficient amount of fluid. Doing so will ensure that you will produce enough saliva for the test
  2. Don’t chew tobacco or gum or drink any liquid 10 minutes before the test.

ovus medical Do’s and Don’ts Before a Saliva Drug Test

What happens during a saliva drug test

  1. The technician prepares the saliva drug testing kit. He takes it out of the storage area to bring it to room temperature. Then, with a gloved hand, he opens the sealed pouch and hands you the device.
  2. Using the collection swab, sweep the inside of your mouth, gum, cheeks, and tongue a few times. Keep holding the swab in the mouth until a red or blue color appears in the saturation strip.
  3. Do not suck, bite, or chew on the sponge. Do not remove the oral swab until instructed by the technician. 
  4. If, after 7 minutes, the indicator window doesn’t change color, the technician will still proceed with the test. 
  5. The technician will remove the swab from your mouth. He will insert it, sponge first, into the screening device, pushing until the lock-in flange locks in place into the bottom of the device.
  6. Once the collection device locks in place, the device is air-tight, tamper-proof, ready for disposal, or sent to a laboratory to confirm a presumptive positive result.
  7. The technician will set the device upright on a flat surface. 
  8. He will wait for the color bands to appear in the test area. He will allow the test to proceed undisturbed until a reddish-purple control C-Line appears, and the test background clears. The control line is the top line in the test channel.
  9. The test is ready for interpretation once the control line becomes visible. This usually occurs in 2-8 minutes. 
  10. The technician will read presumptive positive results in 10 minutes. He will not interpret results after 20 minutes has passed.

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How a technician reads results                                       

What color does a negative mouth swab turn?

A negative result for any single drug is the presence of a reddish-purple line in both the test and control areas? It means that the drug concentrations are below the detectable level. The lines’ size and color intensity don’t matter as long as there are lines in the two areas, which indicates a negative result.

What color does a mouth swab turn if you fail?

A positive result for any single drug is the presence of a reddish-purple line in the control region, but none in the test region after 10 minutes means that the drug concentration exceeds the detectable level.

If the test is invalid, no line appears in the control area or no color appears at all.


ovus medical Saliva Test Results


What color does a saliva drug test turn if you fail? Remember, a saliva drug test will change color once it has collected a sufficient oral fluid amount. Then the color bands will appear, ready for reading the result.

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