Drug testing has become more accessible due to the advent of different types of drug tests today. The most common method of drug testing is the urine test. We take a look at why the urine drug test is utilized worldwide.

An Overview of Drug Tests

Contrary to what you might believe, drug tests are not just for workplace screening or rehab centers. There are plenty of other uses of drug tests that make them vital. Hospitals and doctors conduct drug tests on their patients to better understand their patients’ medical and behavioral conditions.

One of the significant reasons drug tests are beneficial is that they can prevent people with substance abuse problems from taking on jobs. Where they can put others’ lives and their own in danger, the most common example would be a commercial fleet driver.

A truck driver has to be completely free of any drugs to operate the truck for the long haul safely. If a driver gets into an accident and the drug test reveals that he was under the influence. It can be very problematic for the company that employed the driver, especially regarding liability and legal costs.

When Drug Tests Needed

There are different situations where a drug test can be useful—determining when to conduct the drug test and exactly what kind of drug test to perform depends on the company’s need. When it comes to treatment centers and rehabilitation centers, they conduct a drug test whenever their patients come in.

Workplace drug tests are conducted during the employment process. So, employers know if a potential employee is drug-free before hiring them. They can also conduct drug tests during the course of employment to ensure a drug-free environment. Workplace drug tests are performed in case of accidents at the workplace or result of any suspicion based on changes in an employee’s behavior.

There are plenty of substance abuse programs that workplaces introduce to encourage drug-free working environments.

Safety While Conducting Drug Tests

The main concern with any testing is about fairness and safety. The most popular drug testing method is a urine drug screening test because it is non-invasive and leads to accurate results in a short amount of time. The drug test can be conducted through lab testing, where an external laboratory is hired to collect and test individual samples of urine. Furthermore, instant urine drug testing can be conducted with several products being made to detect drugs through urine samples.

Drug testing administrators give individuals specimen cups to urinate into. There are cases where administrators of the same gender will be present in the vicinity to ensure no malpractice like tampering with the sample while submitting it for the urine drug test.

Urine Drug Screening Testing is painful, like Blood Testing

The thing with urine drug testing is that it does not require cutting hair (like hair follicle testing). Also, it is not painful, like blood testing.

Urine drug screening tests conducted in laboratories usually look for major substances like cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, THC, methamphetamines, and barbiturates. Tests for more substances than these can cost more when you are employing lab tests for the task. Instant drug tests are now more capable than what they used to be. They can detect standard major drugs which laboratory tests also look for. Additionally, they can detect drugs like ecstasy and K2, which are not immediately detected by laboratory testing.

How Instant Drug Tests Work

Urine drug tests, especially instant drug tests, never show results based on numerical metrics. Instead, they show results based on urine concentration cutoff levels. The color of the strip changes based on certain substances in the urine is a significant concentration. The reason why urine drug testing is successful is that it is likely to eliminate false-positive results. Because it does not show drug use when there are trace amounts of certain substances that are not dangerous (when taken in low doses ).

A urine drug screening test can detect substances used in a certain timeframe. The drug test does not detect substances in a person’s system from a few months back. Hair drug tests can detect drugs in a person for a time period up to three months before the test is conducted. The use of urine testing ensures a certain sense of fairness.

Traces of the Drugs

Some drugs tend to leave traces in your body for longer than others. If an individual uses drugs regularly, they are more likely to have traces of the drugs in their system for a longer time than those who use it only once or twice. Marijuana can detect in a person’s urine for up to 10 days if used once or twice. But if a person is a chronic smoker, it can detect in a person’s body for up to 30 days after last use.

Some substances can produce false-positive results. Similarly, some over-the-counter medicines for flu or sinus infections can lead to false-positive results. Ibuprofen can give false-positive results for the use of marijuana. Poppy seeds can give a false positive for opioid abuse. Being aware of what substances can give you a false positive before you go in for the drug test and notifying the concerned authority can save you from being evaluated wrongly for drug abuse.

Urinalysis and urine Drug Tests

Many people confuse urinalysis and urine drug tests with being the same thing. Urine drug tests specifically look for traces of drugs and their metabolites in a person’s urine. Urinalysis is a more complex procedure that analyzes the urine for a wide range of chemical and biological intricacies. This helps doctors and nurses find out more about the medical issues of their patients. A urine drug test does not offer the same insights of urinalysis.

Detecting Adulterants in Samples

Whatever kind of test is being conducted, people are always looking to cheat their way through it. This is true for every school test for any drug test. If an individual is caught trying to tamper with a urine drug test, it is considered the same as a positive result. People try to cheat their way through urine drug tests in several ways. Diluting their samples, adding adulterants to the samples, and using fake urine are some of the most common methods.

These methods are not as effective in helping people cheat their way through because of urine drug tests now capable of detecting the substances used to tamper the results. They can detect any substances that are not naturally present in human urine. Using bleach to fool tests is no longer an option for someone trying to outsmart drug tests.

Synthetic urine samples

Synthetic urine samples can easily be caught, as well. Fake urine may have the same chemical composition of actual human urine. But it fails to help people cheat on their tests because its temperature is not right. Human urine has a temperature that is slightly higher than body temperature. Synthetic urine at room temperature will instantly give itself away. Heating it before going into giving the sample is not an option because there is always the chance of getting the temperature either over or under the natural human urine temperature.

No matter how many techniques people look to apply to get a false negative and cheat their way out of drug tests, they will find their efforts fail. Technicians and drug tests are no longer easy to fool. Most of the tests come with temperature indicators and detect other factors that will show whether the sample submitted is valid.

Final Thoughts

Urine drug tests remain the best possible way of testing for drug abuse. They offer an accurate method of detecting traces of drugs, and they are not that expensive to conduct. One of the best things about them is that they offer accurate results in a short amount of time. While lab testing still takes a few days to conduct, instant urine drug tests are becoming more popular with products like those on offer available at Ovus Medical.

Their range of drug testing products offers guaranteed results on drug tests for various substances based on what is needed.