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Whether you or your loved is searching for reputable drug treatment facilities or planning to own one, urine drug testing is something you always come across when doing research.

But why is urine drug testing performed in such places? And should it even be done, considering that it’s a place to recover from substance us disorders? Won’t previous users resent being subjected to this test as it shows a lack of trust, and as a consequence, relapse?

ovus medical Why Drug Testing Is Done In Most Drug Rehabs

Urine Drug Testing: Why it is Done in Most Drug Rehabs

1. It determines the direction of recovery

Urine drug testing allows drug rehabs to properly assess and thus, determine the type of program a client needs to recover faster and more effectively. This done prior to admission to the facility.

It shows the types of substances the person has used previously, allowing drug rehab personnel to use a specific detox for him or her.

Of course, drug rehab owners would like to trust their clients. After all, recovery is swifter where trust exists. However, drug facility owners also understand that drug addiction is a disease, and users most frequently cannot control their cravings. As such, they might lie about previous use. This is detrimental to how the personnel can help the person recover. They’ll know which medications and methods to use as well as the symptoms that may arise during the process.

2. It monitors client’s progress

There are generally two types of recovery centers: in-house and outpatient. In both types, urine drug testing, whether done regularly or randomly, can benefit clients and the facility.

Clients who are aware that they need to undergo regular or random drug testing can help them abstain from drug use, speeding up recovery.

On the other hand, urine drug testing can help facilities monitor a client’s drug use so they can modify the treatment plan to fit his or her needs.

More so with outpatient clients, who may be more prone to relapses because they only visit the facility once or twice a week. Drug testing can help detect the substances he or she might have used recently.

3. It helps eliminate people who are not serious about recovery

It happens even to the best drug treatment centers. A client who not bent on recovering might bring addictive substances to the facility. If another client sees it, this might tempt him or her to use the substance too, triggering a relapse.

Urine drug testing can help identify these people and as such, recommend his or her removal from the facility to prevent him or her from influencing or harming others.

4. It keeps everyone safe

As stated in American Addiction Centers, “If a person has gone through withdrawal and then relapses, they can overdose because they return to the same amount of the substance that they expect will get them high. Since their physical tolerance has dropped during detox, that dose is too much, and overdose occurs.”

There four main reasons why urine drug testing done in drug rehabs: to determine the direction of recovery, monitor client’s progress, eliminate people who are not serious about recovery, and to keep everyone safe.

Equally important when performing drug testing in rehabs is to use safe, accurate, CLIA-waived and FDA-approved drug testing cups. Order yours at Ovus Medical today!

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