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Drug Test Adulteration – Adulterated Specimens

What is an adulterant and why is it important to test for them?

Adulteration is the tampering of a urine specimen during collection in which the donor attempts to alter the final test result or outcome. Ways to tamper with or alter specimens are always changing as individuals develop new and innovative ways to ‘cheat’ an impending drug test with Adulterated Specimens.

What is Adulterated Specimens adulteration?

It is the manipulation of a sample that may cause false-negative test results for the presence of drugs of abuse. Common adulterants that may affect drug testing are water, soap, bleach, vinegar, oxidants, and salt. Therefore, when a company adopts a drug-testing program, it is recommended that they include ‘adulterant testing’. They should always include these in their instant drug screening. 

Adulteration is a real issue in drug testing. Corporations and agencies must remain mindful of these tactics while working to combat drug abuse within the company. It is important to understand for interpreting clear and accurate results.

Sometimes when performing a drug test, you may experience subtle flukes in the process. You may see variations in the sample’s color or perhaps a suspiciously cool temperature. 

Noticeable variations can happen when the donor attempts to falsify their urine drug test results. They are hoping to produce a negative reading. There are various reasons individuals would try and falsify test results. Many of them are either looking for a new avenue of employment or even fulfilling probation requirements

No one wishes to have their jobs compromised or their probation period extended. However, if you are in a position where you must evaluate urine drug test results, it is important to know the different methods that some individuals use to falsify their drug tests.

Why Falsify Drug Tests or Use Drug Test Adulteration OVUS MEDICAL ADULTERANTS

There are several different reasons that people want to obtain a negative test result. If they are instructed to take a urine drug test for a job interview, they want to make a good impression. A negative test result may stand in the way of employment. 

Or someone may be asked to take a urine drug test due to their probation requirements. The consequences of failing a urine drug test for someone who is on probation may be more severe than employment screening. Serving additional time or an extended sentence may be the result.

How Does One Falsify a Drug Test? Use of adulterated specimens.

There are quite a few ways that people fake urine screens. One of those ways is to use Adulterated Specimens.

  • They dilute their urine, normally indicated when the sample appears almost completely clear, resulting in an inconclusive test result. 
  •  Adding to their urine sample; water, soap, bleach, vinegar, oxidants, lemon juice, Goldenseal tea, Visine eye drops, and salt.
  • Add to their urine sample once internally diluted. Some have added a medication, while others have tried adding vitamin B, thinking that it can trick the test into a negative reading.

Does This Work?

The short answer is no. The substances within the human body have already been metabolized. Adding things to the urine sample, whether it be vitamin B or additional medications, may not yield any reading at all, or it may read off the charts. Therefore, resulting in the person needing to take another test.

For those who bring synthetic urine, another person’s urine, or try drug test adulteration, the incorrect temperature can identify the test as inconclusive as well.

We’re Here to Help!

At Ovus Medical, we have a ‘test for that.’ Yes, our 12 Panel cup w/ Adulterants test for 12 different drugs and 3 main adulterants. 

  1. Specific Gravity
  2. pH
  3. Creatinine
  • Ovus Medical’s tests are reliable and accurate, equipped with measures that indicate that samples are being tampered with or falsified, helping you prevent falsified test samples. 
  • The 12 Panel cups have a body temperature strip located right on their side that can help you determine if the sample you have just collected is an authentic sample or an adulterated specimen. 
  • Our bulk testing cups are 99.9% accurate and come with a locking lid to prevent leakage and specimen contamination. 
  • Test results within the Drug Test will show results within a few minutes. Evaluate the results within 5-8 minutes. The results should not be evaluated after 10 minutes.

Ovus Medical’s 12 Panel Drug Testing Kits are designed to detect 12 of the most abused and commonly used drugs. However, depending on your needs, you can purchase any of our other drug testing cups, strips, swabs, or dip cards that test for a variety of different drugs.

Drug Test Cup

Ovus Medical 12 Panel Drug           Test Cup w/ Adulterants


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