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Onsite urine drug testing is among the most valuable tools in the battle against drug abuse and in ensuring a drug-free workplace. These tests are only beneficial if the technology and process are accurate. Malingerers who try to hide drug usage know that firms’ single-cup urine tests are accurate. They submit fake or substandard urine samples to circumvent these tests. How to prevent diluted urine in urine drug test?

Diluted Urine: How do drug users use them?

A correctly performed pee test ensures that the patient cannot switch his urine sample with someone else’s. Proper supervision of sample-taking prevents fakers from adulterating samples by sneaking in tap water.

Fakers dilute their urine samples by consuming a lot of water before testing. This diluted urine sample could make standard drug testing unconvincing. These tests detect suspect drugs at certain concentrations that may not be achieved in diluted urine.

If the pee is too clear, testers may infer dilution. They may require the employee to provide another urine sample when it’s normal. Drug users have alternative techniques to pass a drug test.

They could resort to ingesting Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) prior to the test to add more color to the sample, or even take pharmaceutical preparations like creatine monohydrate or creatine ethyl ester to raise serum and creatinine levels in their diluted urine to normal, thereby making the urine sample seem legitimate. So the devious employee prepares for a drug test by drinking a lot of water and some of these supplements.

How to Prevent Diluted Urine Test?

Employers who want to keep ahead of possible drug users in their workforce are aware of these fraudulent techniques and have the equipment and testing processes to counter them. Urine testing strips can examine samples before drug tests. These tests can detect adulterants and sample dilutions. Some drug testing kits include pre-testing to ensure test validity.

Designing drug test collecting processes is also important to avoid employees from diluting the specimen. As much as the law or office policy allows, routine drug testing should not be mentioned in advance so employees can’t dilute and disguise their urine with supplements.

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