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Importance of Workplace Drug Testing Drug use in the United States is on the rise. It is becoming a major concern for the drug control authorities. The concerned authorities find it difficult to contain the access of people to illicit substances.


What’s even more unsettling is that the rate of drug abusers who seek treatment remains significantly low. Just one out of seven people with drug abuse disorder can get treatment. The drug prevention rate doesn’t show much progress.

The study of the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse states. The admission of treatment is a mere 12% nationwide. While this rate has grow

n from 10% in the past. The number of people consuming drugs and alcohol has also increased exponentially.

Did you know that nearly 42,000 workers show up at work under the influence? Some of them use illicit substances while on the job.

Importance of Workplace Drug Testing: Having employees with an inclination towards drug abuse is not healthy for the organization’s growth. It brings down their productivity and holds them back from performing at their best. This ultimately slows down the growth of the company and affects its reputation.

The Importance of Employee Drug Testing Program

The growing rate of drug abuse practices makes an employee drug testing program a necessity for the organizations. Importance of Workplace Drug Testing is compulsory to maintain a drug-free and safe environment.

Employers must conduct tests for alcohol abuse detection and screen their employees for other drugs. This will help encourage better performance and productivity.

Factually, 75% of the illicit drug abusers in the United States are employed. It makes it even more important for companies to take measures to test their employees for drug abuse.

Pre-recruitment drug testing can make quite a useful measure. It can lower the possibility of hiring people with an inclination towards drug abuse.

Drug testing programs are beneficial for both (Employers and Employees)

Drug testing programs are beneficial for both employers and employees. The employee can work in a drug-free and safe environment with competent and productive team members. The employer, as a result, achieves the organizational goals and company growth efficiently.

There are a lot of drug-related workplace incidents resulting in severe consequences. For instance, in Chase, Maryland, in 1987, a Conrail locomotive collided with an Amtrak train. The train was carrying over 600 hundred passengers.

The locomotive engineer and brakeman were smoking marijuana on duty and failed to react to the stop signals. As a result of the collision, 16 people died, and 184 suffered injuries. There are several other cases, too, which emphasize the importance of drug screening of employees.

The drug abuse testing program requirements are easy to meet, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on conducting the test. You can buy oral swab drug tests or urine drug test cups in bulk to carry out the test. These tests are easy to read and offer highly accurate results.

Benefits of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Importance of Workplace Drug Testing: Employees who come to work under the influence pose a risk to not just themselves but those around them as well. The reputation of your organization is also at stake. Their absenteeism rate, poor work quality, a bad influence on other employees, and risk of criminal activities are the consequences of workers coming to work under the influence. Here are some reasons why you should carry out drug and alcohol abuse detection programs at your workplace.

Drug Tests Can Help the Employees Struggling With the Problem

Sometimes, drug abusers, on their own, don’t actually realize they have a problem. Conducting drug testing at the workplace can help them understand the seriousness of the problem they have. Also, taking appropriate measures to assist them in the process can enable them to overcome their problems. It’s proven that people who avail of drug abuse recovery by their employers come back to work with more loyalty towards the company. They tend to work more productively afterward.

According to one report, employees who recover from drug abuse with their employers’ help can help the company save up to $3,200 annually. This showcases how drug testing is beneficial for both employees and employers. All you need is drug test strips or ten or 12-panel drug test cups to conduct the test and have results for multiple drugs simultaneously.

Drug Testing Lowers Down Your Staffing Requirements and Cost

Workers with drug abuse disorders perform with lesser efficiency. This ultimately requires you to hire more people to get the job done. Drug abuse in the workplace costs the business owners in the US almost $140 billion each year. Also, the practice of job switching in people with drug abuse disorder is higher. According to the National Security Council report, workers with drug abuse disorder miss 34% more days than other workers. They have 16% more work turnover on an annual basis.

This ultimately puts the burden on the rest of the employees and compels them to hire more people to get the work done. Having an employee drug testing program can help control the staffing cost. Also, having pre-employment drug testing while recruiting can ensure efficient workforce building. Making a practice of random drug testing for your employees keeps the entire team alert. They remain more careful about their alcohol intake and other drug consumption.

In random testing, no one knows who would be asked to take the test. This keeps all the employees equally careful. They discourage consuming any illicit substance. As a result, you have a healthy and productive team on board throughout, without requiring you to hire more staff.

Return on Investment through Employee Drug Testing

Drug testing programs are an investment that offers you a tremendous return on investment. Some employers think it is an expense that requires quite some fortune to execute. Well, the drug abuse testing program requirements are straightforward. All you need is the required testing kit in bulk.

You can choose from drug testing strips, 12-panel drug test cups, or buy oral swab drug tests. All of them can give you accurate and immediate results. Some employers worry about drug test strip accuracy and their ability to interpret the results. Well, these tests are designed to keep the procedure simple. They give accurate results right away.

You can also order urine drug test cups in bulk and have specimens to determine which employee shows positive results. All these tests are reasonable if you compare them with traditional laboratory-based drug testing. Investing in test kits is more affordable.

Cost analysis for drug testing

If you do a cost analysis for drug testing in the workplace and the cost you have to bear due to employee turnover or poor performance, you will see that the pre-employment drug test’s average cost is just $45. But the cost of employee turnover at the entry-level is $6,600. This cost escalates with the employment level.

So, conducting pre-employment drug tests and regular random drug tests can save you a substantial amount of cost. As mentioned earlier, a recovered employee can help you save up to $3,200 every year. This denotes how beneficial investment of drug testing is.

Protects You from Potential Lawsuits

If you terminate an employee for their drug abuse disorder, they can come back to you with a lawsuit claiming unjust termination. It can be quite difficult for you to prove the illegal drug activities and intake of the ex-employee. But if you have employee drug testing program reports, you can save yourself from the lawsuit.

Drug testing can help you in accidents at work where you may be charged for not maintaining a safe environment. Drug and alcohol abuse detection tests can help you identify potential workers who pose a threat. Taking remedial actions can save you from imminent lawsuits.

The Final Word

Substance abuse is an alarming issue across the country and is not going to eliminate on its own. It is the responsibility of the business owners to take measures to discourage drug abuse among their employees. To maintain a safe work environment, frequent workplace drug testing is a necessity.

Employee drug testing is an investment that will pay you back remarkably. It can be in the form of cost savings, reduced turnover, and increased employee productivity. Drug testing is important not just for public safety, but for your company’s growth. Ovus Medical understands the growing need of business owners to have a drug-free workplace.

To suffice the drug abuse testing program requirements, it offers a range of drug testing kits. These kits are simple to use and provide highly accurate results. You can order them in bulk for your employee drug testing program at a reasonable cost.

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