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The first known laboratory test originated by simply studying human urine around 6,000 years ago. It was known as uroscopy, a primary diagnostic tool by ancient physicians. Today, it is known as urinalysis, used to diagnose selective medical conditions and identify the use of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications. But why do you really need to pee in a cup? What is drug test pee?

Primary care doctors usually order urinalysis if you have a suspected urinary tract infection which, contrary to popular belief, is unlikely you’ll get from public restrooms. 

Suppose you exhibit unusual or threatening behavior in an emergency room. In that case, the doctor may require a urine drug test to prove you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Pyrrole disorder, a condition that is sometimes present in some mental health conditions, also uses urinalysis to check urinary pyrrole count. 

When your job requires you to be alert and focused at all times, like driving and guarding, you’ll need to pass a urine drug screening before you get hired.

Regular testing is done in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers to ensure the effectiveness of the drug treatment program.

These are just a few of the reasons why urinalysis is done. 

One way of collecting a urine sample is doing the clean catch method, which helps prevent microorganisms from contaminating the urine sample.

Since men and women have different anatomies, there is a slight difference in getting urine samples. Therefore, the important thing is to follow the proper way to collect the urine sample. 

Guidelines for Urine Test:

  • Check if your urine collection container is clean and free of possible contamination to ensure accuracy. 
  • Label your cup with your name and place the specimen immediately in the collection bags. Set the label on the container and not on the lid to avoid mismatch if the cover is mistakenly put on a different container. 
  • Always wash your hands and dry them before and after the urine test. 
  • It would help if you also prepared yourself before doing the urine test. This is to make sure you will get a sufficient amount of sample during the urinalysis.

Instructions For Women – Women Peeing in a Cup

  1. Wash your hands. Dry them thoroughly.
  2. Spread your labia ( the two folds of skin that protect your urethral opening ) with your thumb and forefinger before you pee in a cup.
  3. Use sterile wipes to clean the area starting from front to back on both sides.
  4. You can begin urinating in the toilet bowl first. Then at midstream, pee in a cup. Make it at least half full.
  5. When you finish urinating, return the lid on the cup and wash your hands.
  6. Give the urine cup to the medical staff. 
  7. Consult with any of the medical team if you have questions regarding your lab test.

Instructions For Men – How to Pee in a cup Men:

  1. Wash your hands and let them dry.
  2. Pull your foreskin ( the retractable roll of skin covering the head of the penis) to expose the urinary opening.
  3. Use a sterile wipe to clean the head of your penis. Make sure to include the area around your urinary opening at the tip of your penis.
  4. You can start urinating on the toilet bowl first. Then at midstream, pee in a cup until it is half full.
  5. Return the lid to the cup when you’re done. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  6. Give the urine cup to the medical staff. 
  7. Your healthcare team should be able to help you if you have any questions.


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How long should the urine stay in the cup before it expires?

Urine has several unstable components, so it’s best if you get it tested within the first hour after collection. If it’s not possible, you should keep it refrigerated at a low temperature. Do not use it if it’s over 24 hours.

What to do next?

It is essential to follow up for results. No news is no good news. Ask your care provider if they have your valid email address to send your lab results or request a phone call to inform you if the result is already out. 

Want to learn more about urine tests? Visit the Ovus Medical Blog. We have a lot of information you can benefit from.

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Drug test pee cup

Gone are the days when people had to take appointments and stand in long lines for getting a drug test done at a particular laboratory. With the introduction of drug-detecting kits, the detection of the drug in the human urine or slave is very much possible and reliable. With the drug test pee cup and other kits, you have to just collect the fresh urine sample and conduct the test.  These new drug test methods using drug test pee cups have proved to be the simplest and cannot be tampered with at any cause. With the increase in the consumption of the drugs, there is also an increase in the manufacturing of these kits which restrict the particular from the consumption of these toxic and deathly substances. A fine investment in these drug test kits will enable you to save your loved ones from the addiction that has immensely controlled their life.

 When you collect the urine sample for conducting the test then you need a separate urine drug test  pee cup whether it is a strip test or any.  Genuine suppliers like Ovus Medical who are highly appreciated for providing the best test kits make sure to provide every requirement from collecting a sample to conducting the test. Well, while using these urine drug test  pee cups you don’t have to worry about cleanliness as these cups are purely hygienic and are designed as per the customer’s requirement. Besides being the right fit for home use these cups can be easily used at the workplace. just one thing that one needs to keep in mind is that these cups are highly sensitive so not they have to be handled with care but while conducting the test they have the test needs to be done on a flat surface and one needs to wait for 10 minutes for checking the result.

 Need for  conducting a urine drug test

Urine drug testing is a common practice worldwide, and is mainly conducted to check the presence of the drug in a particular individual or is being done if someone is suspected to be under a heavy dose. Not only does this drug test save the individual from many unwanted problems at the workplace, legal cases, or others but it also saves much life. A number of people will restrict taking limited doses due to the risk of getting caught, losing jobs or others. Now give some of the cases where drug test kits are required in bulk and there is enough use of drugs pee cups.

Rehab center- This is the most common place where drug tests are done almost daily as a number of patients are here to get treatment for drug addiction. 

pre-employment and employees- Employers who are dedicated to their company and don’t want to take any risk in company-related matters may screen all the employees even before appointing them for a particular job or during working hours. From this experience one understands how hiring a druggist can affect the productivity of the company. Along with low productivity, work accidents, and other serious problems these employees can be a risk to their colleagues and more prone to on-site accidents. Getting hurt during working hours is normal for them but the company has to pay a huge amount for their recovery and loss.

Sports-  the other arena where conducting the drug test and use of this urine pee cup is possible is in sports. Professional athletes are often suspected to be under intoxication because a number of them consume these drugs that are used to increase their power and boost their performance.  There are a number of steroids that help to build muscle, and sometimes cricketers or other players consume these drugs to increase their concentration and keep their bodies energetic. As by  using these substances  they get less tired and can play for longer hours

Legal evidence and Investigation – in some scenarios Drug screening and the use of a drug pee cup can be done due to some legal investigations or an individual has been asked by the court to carry out this test.   Further, if the particular drug misuse and drug overdose that he or she is using the drugs without any prescription or consuming more than they are prescribed then that can cause problems in legal cases. 

Conclusion –

The use of the drug cannot be stopped or vanished no matter how much awareness you create. But by taking small initiatives and by keeping a regular check on your near and dear ones you can vanish away this demon from your family.

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