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The scale of the drug problem in America is massive. This has given rise to the proliferation of organizations and establishments offering treatment and rehabilitation.  This is a boon for people who need to overcome their substance abuse issues and get their lives back on track. The common objective of these rehab facilities is, of course, to cure their patients of their drug addiction. The various establishments subscribe to different philosophies in treatment. As a result, they employ their own preferred methods. In the largely unregulated drug treatment facility industry, how do you make yours stand out above the rest?

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3 Ways to Make Your Drug Treatment Facility Stand Out

1. Window dressing

The first way is to do all you can to become the most talked about, most media-featured, and most celebrity-associated treatment facility. Resort hotel-like accommodations and grounds, serving gourmet meals and featuring exotic avant-garde therapeutic approaches that border on the spiritual all help. Spare no expense on the cosmetic pizzazz and public relations stunts. Such facilities will surely stand out above all others, and probably generate a lot of revenue while the flash is still in the pan.

2. Therapeutic success is the gauge

The second and more rational way to stand out is to ensure that your drug treatment facility stands out in professional circles. This is possible if you do all you can to increase the success rate of your drug treatment facility. Perceived prominence in the industry, sadly, does not necessarily equate with actual prominence in terms of accomplishing what rehab centers are set out to do.

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3. Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based measures are simply those that have known to work based on previously documented evidence. These are in the form of case reports, patient records. Actual experience of attending professionals, and other forms of empirical data. This is in contrast to believing something would work. Because it is endorsed by prominent influential personalities, whether they are truly experts or merely popular celebrities.

Relying on evidence also means disregarding therapeutic arguments that are based on philosophical principles, traditions, and even folk superstitious beliefs. Many treatment centers for substance abuse, especially for alcohol, subscribe to the popular Twelve-step program that was founded by Alcoholics Anonymous in the earlier part of the last century. This method has been lauded for its holistic and humanistic approach. It incorporates one’s faith in God to restore total order to one’s entire life. However, it is also somewhat deficient in the application of psychiatric and medical modalities in addressing the actual substance addiction problem.

Your drug treatment facility will stand out above the rest if it employs the tried-and-tested therapeutic methods, products, and technologies. These are much more likely to address the very real difficulties your patient experiences in rehabilitation. One should never discount the value of medication-assisted treatment with the use of certified pharmaceutical products. Such as methadone and buprenorphine.

It is also absolutely essential to employ only government and specialty-board certified professionals. You should also use only FDA certified and CLIA-waived products when running drug tests on patients. Check out the blog posts of Ovus Medical to learn more about these tests and the therapeutic modalities recommended at drug treatment facilities.

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