The size of the global drug test kit market, now pegged at US$7.49 B, is proof of its wide acceptability and reliability. This fact is not surprising as drug test kits offer affordable, convenient, quick, and easy-to-use testing options and provide privacy to the users. Most importantly, they are comparable to laboratory-based testing in terms of accuracy.

But are drug test kits created equal? Best Results from a Drug Test Kit? How can we be sure that we are getting the promised accurate results?

The truth is, like all other products, over-the-counter drug test kits can be misused and abused.

Misused when you are testing for a drug using a wrong kit or did not follow instructions giving you inaccurate results. Abused when you use it incorrectly and then use the result to declare yourself or the person you supposedly tested as clean.


For the majority of us, however, who test because we want to know, there are ways to ensure we’re getting what we have paid for – accurate results.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Ways to Getting the Best Results from Drug Test Kits:

Ensure you buy your drug test kit from a reputable vendor

There are many vendors of drug test kits, online and offline. The question is—are these 99% accurate, CLIA-waived, and FDA-certified?

It’s easy enough to be lured by low-priced and nicely packaged at-home drug test kits, especially since we don’t use them regularly. But unfortunately, we saw many of these when the Covid-19 pandemic raged.

How then do we protect ourselves?

For online sellers, make sure to check the websites and reviews. Do not content yourself only with the quality of the reviews. Find out how many people gave their ratings and feedback. Remember that a rating of “5” from three persons doesn’t say much.

For offline purchases, buy from reputable stores with a supplier screening system. Ask for a recommendation from knowledgeable friends or medical professionals.


Ensure you have a suitable testing kit for the specific drug you are testing for.

There are different types of drug test kits for specific types of drugs. Ensure the negative result is not because of the wrong test kit used. Instead, identify the medication you need for the test and ensure it matches your test kit.

Check the expiry date of the test kit you’re buying.

Expiry dates on a test kit are there for a reason. The maker intends you to use it within the indicated period for accurate results because they only guarantee the product’s performance within the period. Beyond it is a waste of money.

Do not buy a nearly expired product if you don’t intend to use them immediately or stock them for a long time.

Strictly follow instructions

Are you one of those who dislike reading instructions on product packaging? In your mind, it’s pretty simple anyway. You can quickly figure it out. Until you see the results and you become doubtful.

Yes, you read the results after fifteen minutes when the instructions take only five minutes of your time. So now you have to do it all over again—a waste of time and money.


Observe proper collection of sample

Sample collection may not be in the instructions on the product but read up before the test. It will be to your advantage.

Here are some guidelines that you must be aware of in collecting urine samples

  • Collect urine sample first thing in the morning before you drink anything to avoid dilution
  • If collection is impossible early in the morning, avoid diuretics like teas, coffee, some juices, and an excessive liquid intake.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before collection to avoid contamination
  • Be aware of what you ate and the medicines you took before testing for possible reference later.

Read up

If you are testing privately on your own without the guidance of a doctor, better research the subject before taking the first step. Do not rely on the advice of friends who are not medical practitioners. Look for the most accurate home drug test kit for your case. Aside from that, you will have an idea of how much a drug test costs.

Be informed

Or better yet, choose a reliable vendor that can help you with all your questions about drug testing and drug testing kits like Ovus Medical. They not only guarantee top-quality products, but they can also most definitely assist you with their needs.




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