How to read drug test results? Drug Testing Cups is one of the most effective devices in medical science. Which aids to disclose your health status. If you are managing a firm, then corporate drug testing can assist you to evaluate people with possible drug abuse. Hence, a drug test is an obligation for the safety and productivity of your organization.

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The traditional urine testing method has been considerable. Popular since ages and likewise in the present era also it has not lost any significance.

The reason for popularity can explained as urine drug testing. The method can employ to screen not employees in the workplace. Family members at home but most health professionals practice. It as a trusted method to obtain the most accurate results.

Nonetheless, to ensure the best possible outcomes. Make sure to use the right urine collection cup. That is customized to meet your specific health information requirements and overall health analysis goals.

Reading Drug Test Cup Results

Once you have selected the suitable Urine collection cup. You now can move ahead to testing and interpretation of results. Here we list some essentials for the right testing and gathering the appropriate test results.

how to read drug test results

  1. Finding Control and Test Regions

You will observe that each panel on the drug testing strips will have its own Control Region (C) marked at the top, and a Test Region below. This specific to the drug being tested. It is noteworthy that if you do not notice any control line developing on the panel 10 minutes after collecting a sample. You will have to abandon the test and commence with the new one.

  1. Obtain a Sample

Majority of people prefer multi-panel drug test cup kits like the 12 Panel Drug Confirmation strips that provide results within a few minutes. So, you don’t have to wait long for the results. Some of the strips also come with adulterants and custom configurations to detect several substances at once.

  1. Give at least 5 Minutes

how to read drug test results

Urine drug test strips, as well as mouth swabs, provide immediate results (within a few minutes of collecting specimen). Here is a tip, if you want to yield the best results, give 5 minutes to confirm the result. But do not read the cup 10 minutes after the sample is collected.

  1. Identifying the Lines

how to read drug test results

You need to check where the colored lines emerge on the drug test strip. If a colored line appears next to both Control Region and Test Region. Then the result should be read as NEGATIVE. Don’t worry about the color intensity (if it is a little faint or dark line), it is not a factor when evaluating results. And, it does not necessarily mean that the specimen comprises a small level of a particular drug metabolite.

  1. Positive Results

If you are getting positive urine drug test results, then you must gear up to take action against the employee, student or whosoever have been found in the illegal abuse of banned substances. However, please make sure that the controlled Region (c) marked by the colored line to register that the test is correct and non-defective. If no line in the Test Region (T) but a colored line appears in the Control Region (C), the drug test asserted as POSITIVE.

SAMHSA-Certified laboratory site

Please Note that-  Instant immunoassays simply use for preliminary testing. Positive test results achieved through instant drug tests should keep as evidence and sent to a SAMHSA-Certified laboratory site for validation.

At 12 Panel Medical (Ovus Medical), we understand that it is extremely important for the companies to detect the drug abusers for maintaining the potency and right culture amongst the employees. Our Corporate Drug Testing can help you perform urinalysis at the office health unit. The easy-to-use drug test cups confirm results within a couple of minutes.

The drug test strip is very sensitive and conforms to SAMHSA cutoff levels. You can browse through to find drug test cups with some available with adulterants and other substances detection (only in bulk orders).


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