Pregnancy is one of the most unique stages in a woman’s life. Whether you are looking to bring new life into this world or it comes as a surprise, learning that you are pregnant is often an astonishing moment. Women all around the world think about pregnancy and its implications each day.

If you think you may be pregnant, knowing how to read a pregnancy test correctly is one of the most important pieces of the journey. You want to understand your results, so that you may make informed decisions based on them. Join us to learn about how to read a pregnancy test!

How To Read a Pregnancy Test

As you are taking a pregnancy test, you may be filled with many emotions. It is important to follow your specific test’s instructions to ensure that you are using it correctly.

Digital tests are preferred by some women because of the simplicity of the results. The screen will simply say ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ after the sample has been taken and time elapsed.

Two window tests are also easy enough to navigate. The control box will have a negative symbol, and if you are found to be pregnant, there will be a plus sign in the results window. Once again, read your specific instructions to know exactly what to look for.

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

The short answer is yes! Just like food, pregnancy tests should have a date of expiration listed on the box. Typically, this will be 2-3 years from the date the test was made.

Be sure to monitor this date, as an old test may cause a false result. Another tip to keeping your results as accurate as possible is keeping your test at a suitable temperature. Experts suggest that they should be stored between 36-86 degrees Fahrenheit.


How Common Are False Negative Pregnancy Tests?

Compared with other medical tests, a pregnancy test reading is one of the more accurate. It is estimated that around 5% come back with a false result.

If you are unsure whether your result is correct, you can always take a second one to confirm. A false result may populate if you take the test too early in the day, or have drunk an abundance of water. If your period is more than a week late after your first negative result, it may be wise to try it again.

Check out the team at Ovus Medical to learn more about the accuracy of pregnancy strips. This helpful guide will help you to understand the potential margin of error.

How To Use Pregnancy Test

Most pregnancy tests are performed at home with a simple urine test. While some may be done at medical facilities and take your blood work, this is the most popular way.

Begin by washing your hands before you start the process. Remove the test from its packaging, and take off the plastic cap. You should see the absorbent window that will take the sample. The process of how to read a urine pregnancy test strip is also the same.

There are two options to take your urine sample. Perhaps the easiest is to point the absorbent tip directly into your urine stream. Keep the tip under for 7-10 seconds so that it collects a good sample. The other method is to urinate into a sterile container and place the tip in the sample for 10 seconds.

How Long Do You Wait To Read a Pregnancy Test?

The instructions of your pregnancy test will specify how long to wait before reading the result. Though it may vary, some are between 1-2 minutes.

Be sure to not read it before, or far after the specified window. We recommend using a timer to keep track of when you should view the test so that you will not wait too long.

How Long Should I Wait Before Taking a Pregnancy Test?

If you have had unprotected sex and suspect you may be pregnant, there can be a great urge to take a test as soon as possible to confirm or deny this. However, there is a certain window you must wait to get an accurate result.

Many women wait to see if their period will arrive on time. If it does not, you certainly may still not be pregnant. However, the day after your period was supposed to come but did not can be a good starting point for taking a pregnancy test.

If you are anxious and would like a test before, please wait for one to two weeks after you had sex- your body needs to develop the hormones for the pregnancy test to detect. The average window to detect pregnancy is 7-12 days after the implantation of the egg.

How Much Is a Pregnancy Test?

If you are looking into home pregnancy tests, expect to pay between $8-$15. Some test kits come with 2 or 3, providing more value. This may be a great option if you are hoping to get pregnant and will be testing regularly!

We Wish You Luck

Taking a pregnancy test can produce both excitement and anxiety. Being educated on what to expect in the process is the best way to get fast and accurate results that you can count on! We hope this article helped you feel confident about how to read a pregnancy test.

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