Why gender test? Baby gender determination?

Expecting parents often test maternal samples for Baby gender determination. The baby’s gender during pregnancy has no effect on the mother’s health or delivery. Other factors make knowing the gender crucial.

For planning purposes, many parents want to know if they’re having a boy or girl. They plan the child’s wardrobe, room decor, sibling room arrangements, and future.

Legality, political correctness, confidentiality, and human rights entangle gender testing among adults, especially in the workplace.  State laws may vary, but the general policy prohibits gender testing while conducting the usual pre-employment drug tests.

Employers may question if urine drug tests can establish gender. Drug testing measure substances, not gender. If needed, a more sophisticated gender-based test offered. The subject must offer written approval.

Pre-employment gender screening no longer banned to avoid sexual discrimination, due to glass ceilings, prejudice, etc. It prevents employers from learning a person’s biological gender, which may clash with their preferred or self-identified gender.

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Many will recall with amusement how his sports federation suspended a world-class athlete. This happened after a routine drug test showed that he was pregnant.

While there’s no ban on pregnant athletes, he was punished for fraud. His pregnant girlfriend’s pee was provided. The drug test results told him.

If his fiancée hadn’t been pregnant, the athlete may have passed the fake test. Baby gender determination or donors gender determination? Drug tests can’t simply determine the donor’s gender.

Pregnancy is very easily determined by the presence of high HCG levels in the urine of any pregnant woman. It was the pregnancy and not anything else that gave the fraud away.

Donell Cooper Suspended

Can Urine Drug Tests Determine Gender?  

Ultrasound can used for baby gender determination in late pregnancy. Urine drug tests for gender? Current urine tests don’t claim 100% accuracy, so there’s no straightforward answer.

They say “for enjoyment only.” 50% accuracy? Test or no test, the odds of predicting a gender outcome are already 50%. Laboratories can estimate gender using DNA from maternal blood samples.

Can gender-switched urine samples be busted?

If specific requirements are met, a person may able to use the opposite sex’s urine sample. Pregnancy is clear. Some lab workers say they can determine male and female urine apart by color, iron content, and other factors.

Why question if urine drug testing may detect gender? If someone intended to pull a fast one at the lab, they might ask this. Using a woman’s urine may help a drug user pass a drug test. Even if they could get away with it, falsifying drug tests is a bad idea because they are severe. Legal consequences and issues abound.

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