Due to its alleged healing properties, Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, recently gained popularity. Users claim that Kratom can relieve pain and enhance their mood. However, because it can be potentially abused or misused, some employers have started to use Kratom drug tests on their employees. 

What is a Kratom drug test? How long does Kratom last in the body? Can this substance cause false positives? What legal issues should you be aware of? Read on to find out.

What is a Kratom drug test? 

A Kratom drug screen is a test that detects the presence of Kratom in a person’s system. Kratom can be detected in urine, blood, and hair like other drugs. Among the different methods, urine drug testing is the most commonly used by technicians.

Why are Kratom urine drug tests more popular?

  1. Easy to use. Learning how to use Kratom drug tests doesn’t take rocket science. All you need to do is collect some urine in a clean, sterile container and dip the drug test strip for a few minutes. Then, remove the strip from the sample, and allow it to process for a few minutes. Once the color bands appear, you can read the results. 
  2. Convenient. You can buy these tests from reputable online, drug, or convenience stores. They’re light and handy so you can carry them everywhere. There’s no need to take the sample to a drug testing laboratory for screening.
  3. Fast. Urine drug tests can give you the results in just a few minutes. No need to wait for days.
  4. Cheap. Here at Ovus Medical, five strips of Kratom drug tests only cost $2.39. Buy 500 strips, and you can get it for only $0.99 per strip!
  5. Reliable. Kratom stays longer in urine (about five days) than in the blood (2 days). This is why urine test strips are more reliable for Kratom detection. Although Kratom can stay up to 90 days in the hair, most employers don’t use this method due to expensive laboratory fees.

Can Kratom cause false positives on a drug test? 

In whatever drug test, false positives are likely to happen. A false positive means that the test results show the presence of a substance even if the person did not use it. 

Such a situation can happen when a person is taking opioid pain relievers or mood enhancers. These medications may contain opioid alkaloids similar to those of Kratom.

Why do employers test for Kratom?

Kratom is still legal in most states, and no federal laws are banning its use. However, this doesn’t deter some employers who test their employees for Kratom use. This is to ensure safety and productivity in the workplace.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), when taken in high doses, Kratom has sedative effects. Additionally, it can be addictive. When addiction sets in, a user can have hallucinations, confusion, and delusions. All these can affect an employee’s productivity. He may also compromise safety in the workplace.

A positive test result could sometimes lead to disciplinary action or even termination. So if you’re currently using Kratom for health purposes, it is crucial to check your state laws and employer’s drug policies. 

Where to buy reliable drug tests for Kratom?

Kratom drug testing is becoming more prevalent, and it is crucial to understand its implications for users and employers. A Kratom drug test can detect this substance in urine, blood, and hair tests, and it is crucial to be aware of the factors that can affect its detection. 

If you need a Kratom drug test that’s 99% accurate, FDA-approved, and CLIA-waived, visit the Ovus Medical store. If you want to get these strips at the cheapest prices, consider buying in bulk.

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