15 Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants

15 Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants

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  • 25 cups $3.69 per cup
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  • 100 cups FREE SHIP $3.49 per cup
  • 200 cups $3.39 per cup
  • 400 cups $3.29 per cup
  • 600 cups $3.19 per cup
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  • 1,000 cups $2.99 per cup
  • 2,000 cups $2.89 per cup
  • 4,000 cups $2.69 per cup
 Free Shipping on 100 cups or more      This Cup Tests For:       
Same-day shipping  Amphetamine, Kratom, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine,
As Low As $2.49ea Ecstasy, Fentanyl, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Morphine,
For Bulk Orders: 1.800.921.8241 Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Ethyl-glucuronide and adulterants (CRE, pH, Sg)


  • Fast Results in 5 Minutes
  • User-friendly Design
  • Leak-resistant
  • Same-day Shipping
  • Home or Office use
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • No-drip twist top cover
  • Identifies 15 different drugs
 Free Shipping on 100 cups or more
Same-day shipping 
As Low As $2.49ea
For Bulk Orders: 1.800.921.8241


     This Cup Tests For:       
Amphetamine, Kratom, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Fentanyl, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Morphine, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Ethyl-glucuronide and adulterants (CRE, pH, Sg)


Why the 15-Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants?

Simple enough to put to the test at home or work. This POC (Point-of-Care) urinalysis drug test cup is simple to use and produces quick results. Each cup has a temperature strip to validate the person’s urine. You’ll know the results of your drug test in 5 minutes.

Most criminal justice agencies, including courts, police departments, parole offices, and youth correctional facilities, can screen suspects, inmates, and parolees with our 18-panel drug test.

To maintain compliance with court rulings and penal system standards, parolees and inmates must submit to drug testing regularly.

You can also use the cup for pre-employment drug testing to guarantee that applicants are not drug-influenced. Families with loved ones suffering from drug addiction may benefit from these.

15 Panel Drug Test Cup with ADLTX ovusmedical.com drug test cup

Ovus Medical offers cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed accuracy with its 15 Panel Drug Test Cups with adulterants, which tests for drugs like fentanyl, tramadol, alcohol, and adulterant urinalysis.

This easy-to-use cup is a reliable way to test for illicit substances and detect drug use in the workplace or at home.

These cups are subjected to SAMHSA standards and meet all FDA standards for high reliability and accuracy. With precise results in just 5 minutes, these point-of-care urinalysis cups are ideal for drug testing.

The results of this 15 panel drug test cup are ready in 5 minutes. This cup is easy to use. These one-step, 15-panel urine testing cups can tell what substances are in a person’s pee with 99% accuracy.

Useful for both regular and unplanned drug tests.
Ideal for drug testing in the workplace, at school, in recovery centers, drug testing labs, and other places.

At wholesale prices, Ovus Medical is your one-stop shop for drug testing products.





✅ Keep the drug test cup, samples, and controls at 59-78 degrees.
Remove the cup from the sealed pouch and use it immediately.

✅ Have the donor sign and date the cup label.
The donor puts urine in the drug testing cup and caps it. Start the timer now.

✅ Operator checks cap tightness.

✅ Remove the peel-off label.

✅ Check the temperature strip label 4-5 minutes after specimen collection. The green color band will appear to indicate the temperature of the urine specimen. Adulterated specimens should be 90-100 degrees F (32-38 degrees C).

✅ Colored bands in test strip results reflect drug test results. Read the result in 5 minutes. Test results after 8 minutes are invalid.

✅ To confirm positive results, send the cup and urine sample intact to a toxicology lab for confirmation.


COLLECT: Remove the urine drug test cup from the sealed pouch as
soon as possible and use it. Have donor provide urine sample.

WAIT: Verify the temperature of the specimen after 2-4 minutes
by examining where the green band emerges.
On the relevant temperature line, a green band will emerge. 

READ: When you’re ready to read the results, remove the label.
The results of the tests should be read within 5 minutes. After 8 minutes, they are invalid.

How To Interpret Test Strip Results:

Positive 2 POSITIVE 1
Only one colored band appears in the control region ©.
No apparent colored band appears in the test region (T)


Negative 2 NEGATIVE 1
Two colored bands appear on the membrane.
One band appears in the control regions ©, and another in the test region(T).


Invalid 2 INVALID 1
Any result without a control band at the specified read time must be disregarded.
Retest the procedure. If the problem persists, discontinue using the kit and contact your local distributor.


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Video Instructions Drug Testing Cups NEW

¿Necesita un método preciso y rentable para detectar sustancias ilícitas? No busques más allá de Ovus Medical. Con nuestros suministros de pruebas de fármacos fiables y de acción rápida, detectará fácilmente muchos medicamentos en la orina humana. Con nuestros kits, los días de ansiedad y espera de resultados han terminado, ya que los resultados positivos se pueden ver en tan solo cinco minutos

En Ovus Medical, nos esforzamos por proporcionar a los centros de tratamiento de abuso de sustancias, instalaciones correctoras y médicos para su uso en el hogar o la oficina los mejores productos de laboratorio y suministros de pruebas de drogas disponibles en el mercado hoy en día.

  • Precisa y fiable.
  • Resultados en 5 minutos.
  • Para casa o oficina.
  • Envío del mismo día Mon-Fri.
  • Descuentos en masa disponibles.
  • Pruebas de drogas asequibles.

What is Forensic use only?

Forensic Use Only devices are meant to be sold for research purposes only. The FDA does not regulate these devices, and they are solely to be used as screening instruments. Please send the device to a laboratory for confirmation if more information is needed about the results of a forensic use only drug test.

Courts, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers, and other law enforcement organizations, as well as laboratories or other establishments that provide forensic testing for these institutions, are all eligible users.

Forensic Applications Only gadgets are not designed, tested, manufactured, or labeled for use in other settings such as clinical diagnostics or the workplace.

What does it mean when something says “For Forensic Use Only”?

This indicates that the drug testing gadget has not received FDA 510k approval. This type of drug test should not be used for job screening, pain management screening, or any other reason. These tests are only used in law enforcement, prisons, the military, and other government institutions to test for drugs.

What products are included in this category?

Some saliva/oral drug detection products are only meant to be used in forensic situations. Furthermore, some specialty tests (such as our K2/Spice drug test) are designed exclusively for forensic use. This category could possibly include other screening equipment. Any forensic-only equipment on our site will be explicitly stated on the product page.


Amphetamines AMP 1-2 Days 1000 ng/mL
Kratom KRA 1-9 Days 500 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines BZO 1-2 Days 300 ng/mL
Buprenorphine BUP 2-6 Days 10 ng/mL
Cocaine COC 2-4 Days 300 ng/mL
Ecstasy MDMA 2-4 Days 500 ng/mL
Fentanyl FEN 2-3 Days 20 ng/mL
Marijuana THC 15-30 Days 50 ng/mL
Methadone MTD 1-3 Days 300 ng/mL
Methamphetamine mAMP (or MET) 2-4 Days 1000 ng/mL
Morphine OPI 2-3 Days 300 ng/mL
Oxycodone OXY 1-3 Days 100 ng/mL
Phencyclidine PCP 7-14 Days 25 ng/mL
Ethyl-glucuronide EtG 1-3 Days 500 ng/mL

& 3 adulterations ADLTX (Specific Gravity, pH, and Creatinine)

More Info

The Ultimate 15-Panel Drug Test Cup: Your Go-To Solution for Comprehensive Screening

The landscape of workplace safety and employee wellbeing is ever-evolving, and one crucial piece of this puzzle is substance abuse screening. With the prevalence of a multitude of substances in society, employers are often turning to advanced drug testing methods to ensure their workplace remains safe and drug-free. This article delves into the importance and benefits of the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants for employers, HR professionals, and substance abuse counselors, detailing its features and why it stands out in the market.

Why Drug Testing Matters in Today’s Workforce

Drug testing in the workplace is not a new concept, but its importance and implementation have taken on new significance in today’s highly competitive and regulated environments. Employers recognize the critical role drug testing plays in maintaining safety, productivity, and compliance. With advancements in drug consumption methods, traditional testing techniques are frequently insufficient, making the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants a valuable tool for today’s employers.

The 15-Panel Drug Test Cup: An In-Depth Look

The 15-Panel Drug Test Cup is at the forefront of workplace safety solutions, offering a rapid drug screening experience and the ability to detect a wide array of substances with a single urine sample. This section breaks down each feature of the test cup to highlight its benefits and functionality for users.

Comprehensive drug detection

With the capacity to detect fifteen different drugs, including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids, the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup provides the most comprehensive screening available in one kit. This level of inclusivity minimizes the need for multiple tests, reducing time, cost, and sample collection effort. The inclusion of adulterant detection further ensures the integrity of the results, which is vital for compliance and accuracy.

Adulterants: Fortifying the Integrity of Drug Test Results

Adulterants are substances that people may add to their urine samples in order to mask or alter the presence of drugs. The test cup includes checks for pH, specific gravity, and oxidants, which can indicate sample tampering. This is an invaluable feature, ensuring that sample collection meets the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity, deterring fraudulent activity.

Speed and efficiency

In a fast-paced workplace environment, efficiency is paramount. The 15-panel drug test cup delivers results in an impressive 5 minutes, enabling quick decision-making and action. The user-friendly design simplifies the testing process, reducing the chance of errors and ensuring that a large volume of tests can be conducted swiftly when needed.

Safety and convenience

The cup’s design prioritizes safety and hygiene, with a no-drip twist top cover and leak-resistant technology guaranteeing a clean testing process. This protective design also allows for easy and secure urine collection, ensuring no spillages or contaminations, making it an ideal choice for home and office use.

Bulk Ordering and Shipping

Ordering in bulk is a cost-effective and practical solution for businesses and organizations that conduct regular or high-volume drug testing. The 15-Panel Drug Test Cup offers substantial discounts for bulk orders and same-day shipping, making it easy to procure and maintain an adequate supply of testing materials ready for immediate use.

How to Implement a 15-Panel Drug Test Cup Program

Implementing a 15-panel drug test cup program is a strategic process that involves several steps, from planning and procurement to testing and review. This section outlines a step-by-step approach to integrating the test cup into your workplace or practice, ensuring a seamless and successful drug testing initiative.

Planning and policy development

The first step is to establish clear drug testing policies and procedures that comply with local regulations and align with your organization’s goals. Consistency and transparency are key to ensuring that employees understand the process, their rights, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Procurement and Distribution

Once policies are in place, it’s time to procure the 15-panel drug test cup. As mentioned, bulk ordering offers cost savings and convenience. Distribute the test cups according to the planned testing schedule and ensure that designated individuals are trained in their use.

Testing Protocols

Develop clear testing protocols that include the frequency, method, and circumstances surrounding drug tests. It’s essential to maintain a chain of custody for all samples, ensuring their security and verifiability.

Communication and support

Communication with employees about the drug testing program is crucial. Provide support and resources for those who may need assistance, and clearly communicate the purpose and benefits of the program in maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of the 15-Panel Drug Test Cup

A thorough cost-benefit analysis is a valuable exercise for any investment, including a drug testing program. This section explores the tangible and intangible benefits of the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup, which can help organizations make informed decisions about its adoption.

Cost Savings

The consolidation of multiple drug tests into one with the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup results in significant cost savings. The efficiency and speed of the cup also save on labor costs associated with sample collection, testing, and result interpretation.

Safety and productivity gains

The most significant benefit of a drug-free workplace is the inherent safety and productivity gains it offers. Pre-employment and random drug testing can deter substance use, reduce workplace accidents, and improve employee morale and performance.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Employers have a legal obligation to maintain a safe working environment and adhere to certain regulations governing drug testing. The 15-Panel Drug Test Cup can help ensure that your drug testing program is compliant and legally defensible, protecting your business from liabilities and lawsuits.

Public Image and Stakeholder Confidence

A robust drug testing program reflects positively on an organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. It can enhance your public image, strengthen stakeholder confidence, and even influence customer and investor decisions in favor of your business.

Conclusion: Why the 15-Panel Drug Test Cup Should Be Your Top Choice

The 15-Panel Drug Test Cup with Adulterants is an indispensable tool for any organization serious about maintaining a safe, healthy, and compliant workplace. Its speed, accuracy, and comprehensive nature, combined with its cost savings and convenience, make it a top choice for employers, HR professionals, and substance abuse counselors alike. By investing in the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup program, you not only meet your immediate drug testing needs but also set the foundation for a long-term commitment to the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

In summary, the integration of the 15 Panel Drug Test Cup into your workplace safety program is more than an operational decision—it is an investment in your company’s future. By choosing this premier testing solution, you demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to workplace safety, regulatory adherence, and overall organizational health. The 15-panel drug test cup stands as a safeguard, promoting a culture of safety and integrity that can propel your organization to new heights of success and reliability in your respective industry.


To learn more about how the 15-panel drug test cup can become a cornerstone of your workplace safety initiatives, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation. Our team of experts is ready to assist with implementation strategies, provide training for your staff, and answer any questions you might have about the product or drug testing protocols.

By prioritizing safety and compliance, you position your organization at the forefront of industry standards, ensuring peace of mind for yourself, your employees, and all your stakeholders. Choose the 15-panel drug test cup for a more secure, productive, and health-oriented workplace.

Do you need urine drug test kits that can identify 15 different illegal drugs simultaneously? 

Look no further, because Ovus Medical’s 15 panel drug test cup with adulterants is here!

With our 15 panel cup, you get super-fast results in 10 minutes or less. Its user-friendly design allows for safe and simple urine collection. Plus, the no-drip twist top cover and adulterants ensure the authenticity and safety of the samples. 

Order our drug test in bulk (100 cups or more) and you’ll get free shipping. We offer same-day shipping too, so you’ll get your orders faster.


Ovus Medical’s 15 panel drug test cup with adulterants identifies the following illicit substances:

1. Amphetamine (AMP)


AMP makes you alert and energetic. It can help with weight loss, insomnia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, it can be misused as an “upper” and is very addicting.


  1. Barbiturates (BAR)


BAR helps with anxiety and sleeplessness. When overused, it can cause aggressive behavior, liver damage, mood swings, being tired all the time, and other problems.


  1. Benzodiazepine (BZO)


Users go for BZO to help them cope with insomnia, seizures, and anxiety. However, uncontrolled use can cause sadness, confusion, anger, memory loss, and other problems.


  1. Buprenorphine (BUP)


BUP can help people who are addicted to heroin or methadone and are going through detox. But long-term use can lead to withdrawal signs that are a lot like those of heroin, so it shouldn’t be abused.


  1. Cannabis (COC)


This stimulant is used as a local anesthetic for some surgeries on the eyes, ears, and throat. It is an “upper” that can change the way you act and hurt your health.


  1. MDMA, or Ecstasy


This man-made drug changes how you feel and what you see. It gives you more energy, more pleasure, mental warmth, and a skewed view of the world.


  1. Cannabis (THC)


THC is an addictive chemical that makes people feel “high.” It makes dopamine, a chemical that can make you feel happy and calm.


  1. Methadone (MTD)


MTD is a popular narcotic painkiller. Doctors prescribe it to help people who are addicted to heroin or other opiates. But it’s also hard to stop using it.


  1. Methamphetamine (Meth)


The poor man’s cocaine can help people with behavior issues, like ADHD, focus better and stay on task. Unfortunately, using it for a long time can also lead to addiction.


  1. Morphine  (OPI)


This group of drugs includes heroin, fake opioids like fentanyl, and some painkillers that you can get with a prescription. Take note that they are addictive.


  1. Oxycodone (OXY) 


Physicians prescribe synthetic opioid for relieving extreme pain. However, misuse and abuse can lead to adverse effects and illnesses.


  1. Kratom (KRA)


Kratom is often used to treat opioid addiction, which is one of its most famous uses in the US. People who are trying to quit drugs use kratom to ease the signs of withdrawal because it has effects that are similar to hard opioids like heroin.


  1. Fentanyl (FYL)


According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  107,622 people died from drug overdoses in 2021. Fentanyl and other opioids were the main causes of these deaths. 

This is why checking for fentanyl is important because it can help lower the number of drug deaths.


  1. Phencyclidine (PhP)


Phencyclidine was first created as a tranquilizer, but it was later taken off the market because it has the same addictive properties as other drugs. Hallucinations and confusion are some of the side effects. If you use it for a long time, it could lead to a serious condition.


  1. Ethyl-glucuronide


EtG is a metabolite of alcohol. Why is it necessary to test for it, when drinking alcohol is not illegal, anyway? Well, some of the effects of drinking alcohol, like blurry vision, poor judgment, or sleepiness, can affect a person’s productivity at work.


Is this drug test with alcohol?


Yes, it is. This 15 panel cup checks for EtG, the metabolite of alcohol.


Can I buy cheap drug test kits bulk?


Yes, you can, here at Ovus Medical. We have a complete line-up of top-quality drug testing supplies at affordable prices. Call us at 1.800.921.8241 to avail the best deals for bulk orders.

Where can I get good home drug test kits?


Here at Ovus Medical, we have superior-quality drug test cups, strips, cards, etc. Just visit our website to learn more.

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