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Easy to use and way more convenient than dip cards and open cups…really like the cups with lids that seal specimen in with no leaks…also, we really like the ETG-(80 hour alcohol)and Fyl-(Fentanyl) test strips which we were having to purchase the extra single panel dip strips to use along with a 10-12 panel multi drug dip card tests…these test for the most common substances of abuse plus the alcohol and fentanyl test strips all in one test cups.

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fantastic but i hope they are accurate, seem to be tho. so great product for a fent test

2 days ago
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I'm on a limited budget, I buy these for home testing due to a guardianship case, and sometimes I struggle with the price

2 weeks ago
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No problems with this UDS cup

3 weeks ago
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A advertised.

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Ovus Medical Drug Testing Cups Some drugs are synthetic opioids that are also used as a pain reliever. It is believed to be 50-100 times stronger than other pain relievers.

While some people consume this drug with the doctor’s prescription. while others are getting it in their system because of their addiction. Who not having knowledge about the consumption of this drug. Not aware that if this drug is taken more than the prescription. knowingly you are taking a heavier dose of opioid then you putting yourself at risk of a drug. Overdose that you may not able to handle.

If you caught in a situation in which your loved ones are under the influence of substance use. You want to save their life then a urine test kit is the life-saver option for you.  As per the studies since 2013,  a number of drug users have lost their lives because of its overdose. So here no with the easy availability of urine drug test strips. It is the golden chance for you to save the life of your close ones by continuous use of urine drug test kits. Restrict them from using the life-taking drug.


 Urine drug test kit

  A urine drug test is the most accurate and trustable way to check the presence of drug in urine. By using the urine drug test strip check the amount of drug present in the body. The urine drug test kit you will buy will have a cut level of 200 ng/ml. The most advanced way to check the presence of this substance in urine just within minutes. Now here are some  of the ways that how you can use the urine drug test strip to conduct a urine test for drugs:

  • Remove the drug test strip from the urine drug test kit from the sealed pouch that you have received. 
  •  Don’t touch the membrane of the strip to avoid any kind of adulteration as these strips are sensitive
  • Now hold the drug test strip from the end and dip the strip for  10-15 seconds into the urine sample. 
  • Athe  drug testing cups are highly sensitive so a small amount of sample is sufficient to know the result 
  • Now take out the strip and keep it on the flat surface for  5 minutes and know the results.


  What does  urine test result mean?

  •  If one color band  is visible in the control region and no colored band appeared in the test region. That means the result is positive and the drug is present in the sample
  • If one color band appears in the control region and one band appears in the test region. That means the result is negative and the person is not consuming the drug 
  •  Now if there comes a situation. When no band appears on the control region, in this case, the result considered invalid. In such scenarios, you can either retake the test or can buy your urine drug test kit from another supplier.

 The epidemic has made addiction more normal and more trendy.  Drug overdose death has been widely expanding and among them, drug overdose death has become quite common. Now if you do not acknowledge how this drug is consumed by your known oneshen you should acquainted hat this drug verdose is prepared in labs and is named synthetic drug, and is being sold illegally.

Some trade it in powder form or dropped onto blotter paper, while others do provide it by mixing in nasal sprays, eye droppers, or in pill forms. Apart from this some drug dealers wisely mix it with other expensive and strong drugs. because it is as high as cocaine and heroin. After all, for them, it is the cheaper option. While some who are consuming these drugs may not even know that they getting addicted to this cheap and deadly drug.

Like heroin, drug effects and controls the human brain. When the brain adapts to this drug it gives immense pleasure to the user and makes it hard for them to live without this drug. Now to enjoy this pleasure people often consume more than their bodies can tolerate this drug. Hence they reach the condition of a drug overdose, in such a scenario the breathing can fluctuate or stop because of the oxygen deficiency.

Lack of oxygen reaches the brain and therefore this leads to death, coma, or brain hemorrhage. Because of its potency, this drug is highly addictive. Sometimes the patients who prescribed this drug find it difficult to withdraw it because after a few intakes they become addicted. ence to meet their body needs they might start taking it without their doctor’s consideration. The people who addicted to it may face the given symptoms when they stop using it.

  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • cold flashes with goosebumps
  • uncontrollable leg movements
  • severe cravings
  • muscle and bone pain
  • sleep problems

 The symptoms are not only uncomfortable, but it also affects the person’s daily routine and normal lifestyle.  With the urine drug test, one gets a  chance to restrict their loved one from taking this drug and keep an eye on what quantity and how many times the person is taking this drug.

Now to conduct urine drug tests you don’t have to dependent on laboratories and clinics with the availability of urine drug test strips online you can get this test done in the comfort of your home. Reliable and recognized suppliers who known for manufacturing the bulk drug  testing strip ensure delivery at your given  address that also with the same day shipping option

Urine drug test strip

Urine drug test kits are reliable, affordable, and the most appropriate way of warding off the use of drugs. These effective strips are the most genuine drug testing technology that helps detect the presence of drugs in the drug samples. Not only are these strips beneficial in decreasing drug overdose but they help provide clear exposure.

The drug test strip is quite useful when you use an illegal drug or want to check the presence of an illegal drug in the body then these urine drug test strips prove to be a blessing.  As this drug cannot seen, tasted, or tasted, the only way to know that this drug has entered your body is the simple and secure urine drug test.  Research has shown that people who use these urine drug test strips rapidly  can overcome their use. There are extensive ways to make safe use of this drug, one of them includes drug checking for drugs. 

Urine drug test kits are the smarter approach to decreasing drug overdose deaths, called harm reduction, and to knowing about the unintentional consumption of drug drugs. The mission behind the availability of the urine drug test kit is exactly what it seems like:  lessening the danger associated while making use of drugs through extensive public health strategies. In simple language, the aim is to save the life of people who are using the drug and others who are related to them in one or another way.

 Are test Strips reliable and accurate?

 For any kind of user, these strips are the most reliable and effective tool, now some do believe that after using these strips, the use will deter the use of the drug. But here we need to remember that the user still has the choice to use the drug as per their comfort. With the use of these Urine drug test kit, you can only detect the presence of a substance in the body.

Now when you question accuracy then it can only be stated that buying it from FDA approved suppliers like 12 Panel Now is the safe option. Everybody who claims to sell the accurate strip is not loyal. Some out there are just playing with your emotions. Before this deadly drug takes the life of your closed ones, buy them at the most affordable prices and get the test done.

One should know that test reports even result negatively if there is a very low amount of drug present in the body or if it is consumed with other stronger drugs like heroin. Drug abuse has become the most common and hot topic in today’s world. Not only can it lead to negative consequences but it can heavily affect the people in the surrounding. These days with the availability of the home drug test kit it becomes really easy to analyze the presence of drugs.

Not only for your family and kids but it is the safest option to be used for workplace testing. Drug use is illegal and dangerous no matter which corner of the earth you are living in. Not only your livelihood but it will affect your entire family for years or more. The effects are not only long-lasting but are also life-taking. But there are many other innocent people out there who are not aware that they are consuming this drug in the form of medicines and are going to pay for it later. Now with the easy online accessibility of these drug test kits without any hesitance  Get anyone tested for the presence of drugs.

Where to buy urine new testing strips?

 Now trusting someone for investing your money is the deal. Some of you might be struggling with the thought of where to buy drug testing cups. Is it ok to buy a drug test kit online? Should  I trust this supplier? Will they deliver my urine drug test kit on time? Well, at 12 Panel we are making all of this easy for you with our trustable options.

 At 12 Panel Now we make sure to handle all our clients individually. We are the recognized and most reputed supplier of Urine drug test kits. All your drug test kits manufactured to meet the needs and standards of our clients. Besides our drug testing cups, we offer an extensive range of testing options that includes dip cards, oral swabs,  drug test cups, and urine drug tests.

We leave no effort to put forward accurate and up-to-date resources to our customers. Hard to serve you everything that you are looking for. We honestly believe that drug testing is important in various aspects. Also do understand what you are already going through while making this purchase. So never compromise our quality and services.

 Besides this, if you are looking for a bulk purchase we are all here to provide you with the best options in Drug testing kits. Along with our remarkable services, our price range and same-day shipping will make you our long-lasting customers.  We work with the vision that even if one’s trust is for your urine test kits or any drug test kit. hen we should only be the most suitable name on your mind whenever you plan to buy these drug testing kits next time.

Our loyalty and responsibility towards our customers are the secrets to our success in the industry. If you are looking for something accurate that even keeps your expenses down then “12 Panel Now” is the right place for you.

 We, being a customer focus, believe that customer needs and satisfaction are our paramount responsibility.  The word quality for us not only means quality services or quality products. But we accept that quality is something that will insist you connect with us again and again. No matter how good our services and how affordable. Our rates are testing strips are not accurate everything else is just a waste of effort.

Final words

 To endorse a healthy culture at your home, at your workplace, and in your life. Drug testing is a boon and mandatory step. With fair drug test policies and with the help of dependable suppliers. You can deter the use of drugs for many good reasons. The well-said statement “Drug-Free life is a healthy and happy life” does not need any certification. You can feel it by living this life. Let’s say no to drugs and let’s adopt the ritual of drug testing for a long and happy life!


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