16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA

16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA

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  • 50 cups $3.39 ea
  • 100 cups FREE SHIP $3.29 ea
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 Free Shipping on 100 cups or more      This Cup Tests For:       
Same-day shipping  Amphetamine, Benzodiazepine, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Barbiturate ,
As Low As $2.39ea Ethyl-Glucuronide, Fentanyl, Marijuana, MDMA, Methadone, Tricyclic Antidepressants,
For Bulk Orders: 1.800.921.8241 Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Tramadol


  • Fast Results in 5 Minutes
  • User-friendly Design
  • Leak-resistant
  • Same-day Shipping
  • Home or Office use
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • No-drip twist top cover
  • Identifies 16 different drugs
 Free Shipping on 100 cups or more
Same-day shipping 
As Low As $2.39ea
For Bulk Orders: 1.800.921.8241


     This Cup Tests For:       
Amphetamine, Benzodiazepine, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Ethyl-Glucuronide, Fentanyl, Marijuana, MDMA, Methadone, Barbiturate, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Tramadol, Tricyclic Antidepressants


16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA

Ovus Medical’s 16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA can detect 16 drugs—alcohol, fentanyl, tramadol, and 11 other illegal substances—in 5 minutes. This fast, 99% accurate drug testing method does not require special knowledge of administering drug tests for you or your staff to feel confident in their results. Our no-drip lids eliminate the risk of spillage or human contact with the sample.

Why the 16-Panel Drug Test (ETG and TRA)?

The 16-panel drug test (ETG and TRA) makes it easy to detect alcohol, fentanyl, tramadol, and 11 other illegal drugs. In just five minutes or less, you can get 99% accurate results from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Each cup has a built-in temperature strip for validating urine samples and a no-drip lid for mess-free testing. For reliable substance abuse screening and pain management screenings, you won’t find a quicker, more accurate solution on the market today. And if you buy in bulk, you’ll enjoy even greater discounts!

Our drug test cups are incredibly easy to use at home or in the workplace; users have to collect a urine sample, dispense it into the cup, and wait for results; they will be available within five minutes. The cups featured built-in temperature strips to validate any samples used. This product is ideal for pain management and addiction screening due to its high accuracy (99%), convenience, and low price.





✅ Keep the drug test cup, samples, and controls at 59-78 degrees.
Remove the cup from the sealed pouch and use it immediately.

✅ Have the donor sign and date the cup label.
The donor puts urine in the drug testing cup and caps it. Start the timer now.

✅ Operator checks cap tightness.

✅ Remove the peel-off label.

✅ Check the temperature strip label 4-5 minutes after specimen collection. The green color band will appear to indicate the temperature of the urine specimen. Adulterated specimens should be 90-100 degrees F (32-38 degrees C).

✅ Colored bands in test strip results reflect drug test results. Read the result in 5 minutes. Test results after 8 minutes are invalid.

✅ To confirm positive results, send the cup and urine sample intact to a toxicology lab for confirmation.


COLLECT: Remove the urine drug test cup from the sealed pouch as
soon as possible and use it. Have donor provide urine sample.

WAIT: Verify the temperature of the specimen after 2-4 minutes
by examining where the green band emerges.
On the relevant temperature line, a green band will emerge. 

READ: When you’re ready to read the results, remove the label.
The results of the tests should be read within 5 minutes. After 8 minutes, they are invalid.

How To Interpret Test Strip Results:

Positive 2 POSITIVE 1
Only one colored band appears in the control region ©.
No apparent colored band appears in the test region (T)


Negative 2 NEGATIVE 1
Two colored bands appear on the membrane.
One band appears in the control regions ©, and another in the test region(T).


Invalid 2 INVALID 1
Any result without a control band at the specified read time must be disregarded.
Retest the procedure. If the problem persists, discontinue using the kit and contact your local distributor.


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Video Instructions Drug Testing Cups NEW

¿Necesita un método preciso y rentable para detectar sustancias ilícitas? No busques más allá de Ovus Medical. Con nuestros suministros de pruebas de fármacos fiables y de acción rápida, detectará fácilmente muchos medicamentos en la orina humana. Con nuestros kits, los días de ansiedad y espera de resultados han terminado, ya que los resultados positivos se pueden ver en tan solo cinco minutos

En Ovus Medical, nos esforzamos por proporcionar a los centros de tratamiento de abuso de sustancias, instalaciones correctoras y médicos para su uso en el hogar o la oficina los mejores productos de laboratorio y suministros de pruebas de drogas disponibles en el mercado hoy en día.

  • Precisa y fiable.
  • Resultados en 5 minutos.
  • Para casa o oficina.
  • Envío del mismo día Mon-Fri.
  • Descuentos en masa disponibles.
  • Pruebas de drogas asequibles.

What is Forensic use only?

Forensic Use Only devices are meant to be sold for research purposes only. The FDA does not regulate these devices, and they are solely to be used as screening instruments. Please send the device to a laboratory for confirmation if more information is needed about the results of a forensic use only drug test.

Courts, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers, and other law enforcement organizations, as well as laboratories or other establishments that provide forensic testing for these institutions, are all eligible users.

Forensic Applications Only gadgets are not designed, tested, manufactured, or labeled for use in other settings such as clinical diagnostics or the workplace.

What does it mean when something says “For Forensic Use Only”?

This indicates that the drug testing gadget has not received FDA 510k approval. This type of drug test should not be used for job screening, pain management screening, or any other reason. These tests are only used in law enforcement, prisons, the military, and other government institutions to test for drugs.

What products are included in this category?

Some saliva/oral drug detection products are only meant to be used in forensic situations. Furthermore, some specialty tests (such as our K2/Spice drug test) are designed exclusively for forensic use. This category could possibly include other screening equipment. Any forensic-only equipment on our site will be explicitly stated on the product page.


1-2 Days
1000 ng/mL
1-2 Days
300 ng/mL
2-6 Days
10 ng/mL
1-4 Days
300 ng/mL
2-4 Days
300 ng/mL
1-3 Days
500 ng/mL
2-3 Days
20 ng/mL
2-7 Days
1000 ng/mL
2-4 Days
500 ng/mL
2-4 Days
1000 ng/mL
15-30 Days
50 ng/mL
1-3 Days
300 ng/mL
2-3 Days
300 ng/mL
1-3 Days
100 ng/mL
7-14 Days
25 ng/mL
1-4 Days
100 ng/mL
More Info

Whether you’re in the workplace, a school, or a similar organization, the need for drug testing may arise.And sometimes you n eed to test for more than one drug.Why go through a series of drug tests to screen for 16 different drugs when you can it once, with only one drug test cup?


Ovus Medical’s 16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA can do just that. These urine drug testing cups can screen for as many as 16 illegal substances. Using these drug test kits will undoubtedly save you plenty of time, money, and effort.


Our urine drug testing cups are made of top-of-the-line durable materials to prevent breakage. There will be no spills too because each of our cups come with screw-tight lids. With these features, you can be sure that donors’ samples will remain authentic and intact.


What can the 16 Panel Drug Test ETG & TRA detect?


These drug test cups can detect the following illicit substances:


  1. Amphetamine. Amphetamines are highly-addictive stimulants that can be misused and abused. Overdose from their use may lead to a stroke or death.
  2. Benzodiazepine. Benzos are prescribed medications for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and panic. If someone becomes dependent on these drugs, withdrawal becomes difficult and painful.
  3. Buprenorphine. BUPs were originally created to help treat people suffering from drug addiction. However, latest findings show that overdosing on BUPs can lead to death.
  4. Cocaine. Coke is a highly toxic, deadly drug. Once a user gets hooked on it, it’s difficult to stop.
  5. Ethyl-Glucuronide. When a person’s last alcohol intake was 4 days ago, even a drug test with alcohol can no longer detect it. But a drug test cup with EtG (metabolite of alcohol) can. 
  6. Fentanyl. Fentanyl is one of the deadliest drugs nowadays. This is why there’s a need for fentanyl testing.
  7. Marijuana. A user can develop tolerance and dependence on this “medicinal drug” when used and abused.
  8. MDMA. This drug is more popularly known as Ecstasy. 
  9. Methadone. Doctors prescribe methadone for extreme pain and for treating heroin addiction. However, overuse of this drug can cause slowed breathing and possibly death.
  10. Methamphetamine. If there’s one drug you shouldn’t mess with, it’s meth. This powerful drug has the capacity to energize you, but it can also kill you.
  11. Opiates. Although these substances are derived from natural plant fibers like poppy sap, they can still be highly addictive.
  12. Oxycodone. There are thousands of oxycodone-related deaths in the US. This drug becomes even more dangerous when taken with alcohol.
  13. Phencyclidine. This illegal street drug can cause seizures, comatose, and even death when a person takes it at high doses.
  14. Tramadol. Doctors prescribe Tramadol for relieving extreme pain.But overdosing on it can lead to death.




Why is there a need for drug testing?


There are many reasons why drug testing is needed.


In the workplace, business owners prefer drug testing their employees to ensure the safety and security of everyone. There have been cases when someone injured or harassed a co-worker because the offender was under the influence of drugs. 


It’s also to improve productivity in the workplace. 


It’s the same thing in schools, similar institutions, and homes.


Knowing that everyone is not under influence gives a sense of safety and security.


Are there any good home drug test kits out there?


Yes, there are. For example, Ovus Medical only sells superior quality urine drug testing cups that are safe and reliable too.


Can I buy a drug test near me?


Yes, you can. Drug tests are everywhere: drugstores, clinics, hospitals, and even in convenience stores. But for top quality drug tests, go to Ovus Medical. We have a wide range of drug testing supplies you can choose from.


Can I buy drug test in bulk?

Yes, you can buy them in bulk, which is a lot cheaper. For example, Ovus Medical’s 16 Panel Drug Test EtG & TRA only costs $2.29 per cup if you buy 5,000 pieces. That comes with free shipping too!


Where can I use these drug testing cups?


You can use them in workplaces, schools, clinics, hospitals, prisons, courts, and even at home.


Are these products accurate?


Yes, Ovus Medical’s urine drug testing cups are 99% accurate.


Are these drug tests easy to use?


Yes, they are easy to use. Simply collect the donor’s sample. Screw the lid, then wait for the results. Everything happens in less than 10 minutes.

 Streamline your drug screening process with the 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA.

When it comes to ensuring a safe and productive environment in your workplace, the practice of drug testing cannot be overstated. However, traditional drug testing methods can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and pocket-draining. If you are looking to streamline your drug screening process without compromising accuracy, look no further than Ovus Medical’s 16-Panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA.

With this single, sophisticated device, you can conduct comprehensive drug screenings for a wide range of substances with ease. Whether you are an HR professional, an employer, or a healthcare practitioner, adopting a reliable and efficient drug testing approach will not only fortify your safety protocols but also save you valuable resources. Let’s delve into the unique features and benefits of this state-of-the-art drug test cup and how it can revolutionize your substance abuse testing systems.

16-Panel Drug Test ETG and TRA: The Ultimate Screening Solution

The convenience of comprehensive testing

Imagine being able to detect 16 different drugs, including alcohol, fentanyl, and tramadol, using just one test cup. Ovus Medical’s 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA brings this vision to life. Gone are the days of managing an array of tests for specific substances. This singular cup can identify an extensive list of substances in a donor’s urine within minutes, leaving no margin for doubt or inefficiency.

By consolidating your screening with this multi-panel cup, you optimize the process by significantly reducing waiting times and the need for complicated testing procedures. The intuitive design ensures that the test can be administered and interpreted without the need for a lab technician, further expediting the turnaround time of results.

Precision on Every Level

The primary concern with any drug testing is the reliability of the results. Ovus Medical’s drug testing technology boasts a remarkable 99% accuracy, offering you the peace of mind you need to make crucial organizational decisions.

Each cup is equipped with advanced features, such as a built-in temperature strip that validates the sample’s authenticity and a no-drip lid that prevents any potential mess during testing. The test results remain sealed and secure, minimizing the risks of contamination or sample spillage and ensuring the privacy and dignity of the donor.

Rapid Response for Time-Sensitive Situations

In critical situations where time is of the essence, the swift response of the 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA can be a game-changer. Within five minutes, you’ll have a conclusive report on the presence or absence of the screened substances, enabling you to take immediate next steps, whether it’s disciplinary actions, rehabilitation measures, or further confirmatory testing.

The agility of the device not only aids in handling emergency cases but also facilitates a high throughput of regular screenings without creating unnecessary backlogs or disruptions to your operations.

Integrating drug testing into your routine

User-Friendly Operations

This drug test cup is designed with the end-user in mind. You don’t need extensive training or expertise to conduct the test, making it an ideal solution for both professional and personal use. The step-by-step guide provided with each cup ensures that the testing process is straightforward and that accurate results are within anyone’s reach.

Discreet and Confidential Testing

In many scenarios, the need for drug testing is delicate and requires sensitivity. The 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA’s compact size and noise-free operation allow for discreet testing in personal spaces such as a restroom without drawing undue attention. The confidential nature of the test facilitates open communication and promotes an environment of trust between employers and employees.

Bulk Discounts for Scale

For organizations that require drug testing on a large scale, Ovus Medical offers attractive bulk discounts that make the 16 Panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA an even more cost-effective option. By purchasing in larger quantities, you not only save on the unit price but also equip your team with the right tools to maintain a comprehensive drug-free workplace program.

Assurance in Every Cup: Why Ovus Medical?

Quality and durability

Crafted from durable materials and subjected to stringent quality checks, Ovus Medical’s 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA is built to last. The robust construction ensures that the cup remains intact, safeguarding the test strips and the resulting excretion from any unforeseen mishandling.

Reliable and supportive service

Ovus Medical is committed to providing impeccable support to its customers. From the purchase process to the interpretation of test results, our dedicated team is available to assist you every step of the way. We believe in fostering an ongoing relationship that empowers you to tackle drug screening challenges with confidence.

Cutting-edge substance detection

Keeping pace with the evolving landscape of substance abuse, Ovus Medical’s 16-panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA ensures that you are equipped to detect the most relevant and prevalent drugs in society. With features like the ability to detect alcohol metabolites up to 80 hours after consumption, this device offers comprehensive insights that drive actionable decisions.

Embrace efficiency and accuracy with Ovus Medical.

In a world where safety and legality are paramount, reliable drug testing should not be an afterthought. Ovus Medical’s 16-panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA is a beacon of efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in the domain of drug screening. Whether you are a large enterprise, a small business, or an individual looking for a robust drug testing solution, this device is tailor-made to fulfill your needs.

How to Get Your Hands on the 16-Panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA

To experience the transformative potential of Ovus Medical’s drug testing innovation, visit our website and place your order today. With same-day shipping options and responsive customer service, you can start implementing the 16 Panel Drug Test Cup with ETG and TRA into your drug testing program without delay.

As substance abuse continues to pose challenges to the fabric of our society, the role of rigorous and efficient drug testing remains a cornerstone of our collective response. With Ovus Medical as your partner, you have a powerful tool that not only detects but also deters substance abuse, contributing to a healthier and more secure environment for all. Let the 16-panel drug test cup with ETG and TRA be the catalyst for change in your proactive approach to drug testing.

Take the Next Step in Ensuring Safety

Understanding the critical importance of precision in drug testing, Ovus Medical has integrated advanced science and user-friendly design into the 16-Panel Drug Test Cup. This innovation simplifies the complexity of toxicology results, making it quick and easy for employers, health professionals, and law enforcement agencies to interpret. You can trust in the meticulous design that minimizes errors and yields dependable results every time, bolstering your efforts to maintain a safe and productive environment.

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