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Are you considering starting a drug testing program for your company for current employees. As a part of your hiring process? Well, you are not alone. An increasing number of employers are now looking to screen the employees working for them. New employees they are considering for signs of substance abuse. They want to screen the employees and future employees for everything, from marijuana use to opiate abuse.

While drug testing programs are already common in the fleet and construction industries. It can actually be quite beneficial for a company to employ drug testing programs even in an office setting. This is because drug testing programs can help to root out potentially problematic employees before they are even hired. Needless to say, it also helps employers know about their current employees who might be going through substance abuse problems.

Screening Employees for substance Abuse

Screening employees for substance abuse might seem like an added expense to an employer. But, it is actually an investment rather than an expense. Yes, it might add to the cost of hiring new employees. It might not be the ideal way to go when a company is upscaling and hiring a lot of new people. Additionally, if a company has a high turnover rate, it might accumulate to a large cost. But when it comes to positions in a company that requires better safety protocols and exceptional skill, it is the best way to go.

We are going to take a look at how employers can benefit by implementing drug testing programs in their companies.

Identifies High-Risk Employees Before You Hire Them

If there is one incredibly important reason to employ a drug testing program during the hiring process for your company. It is to point out potentially high-risk employees. Before you even hire them. You see, a lot of people that have a substance abuse problem lie during the hiring process about past or current drug abuse issues.

This is not like refusing to hire someone that has an illness. When you refuse to hire someone who has a drug abuse problem and are lying to you about it. that is a good thing. You are saving your employees and your company from a potentially problematic member in the workforce. If there is dishonesty during the hiring process. You can definitely count on the employee being dishonest during the course of employment.

During the hiring process, give the applicants an opportunity to inform you in advance. About any past or current problems that they might have. This will also help you know about employees that are ill and use long-term medications or are seeking treatment through medications like methadone.

Creating A Safer Overall Work Environment

Employers conducting drug testing programs in their companies contribute to creating a safer overall work environment for their employees. If there are employees coming to the workplace under the influence of drugs – prescription or illegal. They stand at a higher likelihood of bring in an accident. As an employer, knowing about any use of medication by your employees will help you assign the roles accordingly for employees using prescription medication and determine a better course of action to deal with employees that have a drug abuse problem.

This benefits you as an employer from the business point of view but it also helps the employees. After all, the best way to recover from any damage through accidents is to avoid them entirely. While this may not completely get rid of workplace accidents, it will definitely decrease the chances of workplace accidents happening in your company.

Helps You Help The Employees Struggling With Substance Abuse Problems

A lot of the people who are suffering from substance abuse problems would like to get rid of the problem. If your company has a permanent employee. who is struggling with substance abuse? You cannot simply let them go and sever ties with them just because of one positive drug test. Drug addiction is a growing problem throughout the country. If there is someone who has been working for your company for a long time. He is and struggles with drug abuse, you can help them recover.

Through offering the option of recovery support, you will be able to retain the employee and help build a more trustworthy workplace environment. From a business point of view, it will be more expensive for you to hire people that can replace your long-term employees rather than helping them through recovery. Letting the employee go should be the final straw. Attempting to help them will enforce a positive workplace environment.

Improves Employee Retention             cannabis legalization

Conducting drug tests at the workplace is actually more than just making sure that you are managing your risks as an employer. It also helps build confidence in employees about your integrity as an employer and the integrity of the company. It also goes to say that if your company conducts drug tests and the employees repeatedly follow the guidelines and remain clean, you will get to keep the best employees for a longer time. Any problematic employees whom you have already tried helping but will not comply with the substance abuse policies will be let go. This will leave only the top performing employees at your company.

Helps You Become A Leader In Corporate Social Responsibility

Making sure that all of the employees in your company are properly screened. Drug abuse makes you a more socially responsible employer. It gives an assurance to the community and to your colleagues. That you are not just focused on running a successful business; you are also looking to promote a healthy lifestyle without substance abuse. Of course, this means that you should do a little more.

If there are any positive results for drug tests at your workplace for current employees. Then you should help them by providing recovery support. With communities all over the country struggling to fight against the opioids and drug abuse epidemic, anything you can do from your position of authority to help the community is going to be valuable.

Being socially responsible in the corporate world helps your company in the more direct sense but it gets better. The perception about your company is also affected by a socially responsible stance. This can encourage other companies to follow the same path and possibly encourage more people to interact with your business as being a more trustworthy and reliable company.

Helps You Comply With Federal or State Regulations Regarding Safety

A large number of companies in different industries might be legally required to implement drug testing programs in order to ensure safety. Transportation and construction industries are the most obvious ones. They require as much precaution as possible in order to ensure safety regulations are being followed.

For instance, bus drivers are required to take drug tests from time to time in order to make sure that they are completely fit to drive. They have not been resorting to substance abuse. If they were under the influence of drugs and driving their vehicles, they do not only pose a significant threat to themselves, they also threaten the safety of other people.

Military personnel also require mandatory Drug tests

Military personnel also require mandatory drug tests – while they are on active duty and when they are home. Needless to say, military personnel operate dangerous and sensitive hardware and they need to be completely in their senses in order to ensure safety. While it might seem odd that they need to partake in mandatory drug testing even. When they are at home, it makes sense.

Military personnel have to be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. It is crucial to make sure that they are not abusing any drugs that can impair their ability to operate. The reason why there are state and federally mandated requirements on drug testing. Because of the rising problem of drug abuse. People under the influence of drugs are at risk themselves and they pose a threat to people around them.

Since several of the accidents while on the road happen due to drivers under the influence, it makes sense that drug tests are employed. They make the world a safer place by discouraging drug abuse and pointing out people that have substance abuse issues.

Final Thoughts

As the owner of a company, you need to understand the fact that people are prone to substance abuse problems and other disorders. Understanding the benefits of drug testing programs at your workplace will help you help your company and your employees. While a lot of people might think of drug testing programs as an added expense, it is an investment that can help you take your company to greater heights.

With drug testing apparatus like the instant drug tests available at Ovus Medical, you can employ a simple drug testing program that gives you effective and reliable results within minutes. You no longer need to go through the hassle of employing the expensive services of drug testing labs – you can get it all done in-house.



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