If you’re looking for a home drug testing kit that indicates that the individual being tested has drunk alcohol in the past few days, an ETG test is the perfect solution. ETG test strips can detect the presence of metabolized alcohol in the form of ethyl glucuronide up to eighty hours after the last alcoholic beverage was consumed.

Here we look at some ETG test facts and myths, as well as consider why the ETG urine test is a superior testing solution both for use by employers or enforcement agencies or for private, individual use.

ETG Urine Test-Accurate up to 80 Hours After Alcohol Consumption

Although an alcohol urine test can detect the presence of alcohol in urine for the first few hours after alcohol has been consumed, the ETG test detects the presence of a metabolite of alcohol, ethyl glucuronide.

Even if an individual may appear sober and not show any of the classic signs of recently drinking alcohol (so no alcohol on their breath, for example), an ETG test will still pick up the fact that alcohol was consumed in significant amounts in the days prior to the test.

Alcohol breath tests only detect the presence of alcohol somewhere between 12 and 24 hours after it’s been consumed. If you need a reliable test that will tell you with a high degree of certainty whether someone has been drinking alcohol in the past few days (not just in the past 24 hours), an ETG urine test is probably the best option.

Highly Accurate ETG Drug Test

The ETG drug test strips available from Ovus Medical are pharmaceutical-grade products that can be used in a professional or private setting.

Simple to use, an accurate result is available almost instantly. There’s no need to send the test to a laboratory for processing, and the results are easy to read. If the test is being administered in the workplace, there’s no need to employ a nurse or other medical professional to ensure the test is completed correctly.

ETG Test That’s great for home use.

Because the ETG drug test is so straightforward to use and easy to interpret, it’s ideal for home testing. For people who want access to professional-grade ETG drug testing that they can administer privately, these tests are ideal. Nobody knows the results of home tests except the individual taking them, and there is no need to share the results with anyone else unless you wish to.

The ETG urine test can pick up if someone has drunk heavily several days after the event, resulting in it being a versatile and reliable testing option that can be used in a wide range of settings with confidence.

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