Opiate test strips are rapid drug tests that detect the presence of opiates like codeine and morphine in the body. Compared to other drug testing methods, opiate strips are cheap, convenient, and can deliver fast results.

The question is: why should someone use a drug test for opiates? Read on and find out.

Opiates: A Devil in Disguise

Did you know that opiates are one of the most commonly abused and addictive drugs, next to marijuana and alcohol? And that in 2020, almost 69,000 people died from overdoses that involved opioids.

These illicit drugs give users a fleeting sense of pleasure. However, since frequent users develop a certain tolerance to opiates, they tend to increase their dosage. Unfortunately, this can lead to harmful and, worse, fatal consequences.

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Effects of Opiates

Like other drugs, opiates have short- and long-term effects.

Short-term effects:

  • pinpointed pupils
  • constipation
  • drooping eyelids
  • head nodding forward
  • pain insensitivity
  • disorientation
  • slow breathing

Long-term effects:

  • reduced capacity for reproduction
  • weakened immune system
  • anxiety

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Importance of Opiate Test Strips

Opiate test strips from reliable vendors can provide the following benefits:

  1. Ensure that the prescribed opiate is not abused or misused.

Doctors typically prescribe opiates to people who suffer from excessive pain from traumatic accidents. Of course, no patient wants to get addicted to it, but over time, they feel that the opiate prescribed to them no longer works. So they tend to take more opiates until they become addicted.

This is why most doctors use rapid urine drug test for opiates – to check whether the patient is not going overboard with his pain medication.

  1. Verify the opiate’s authenticity

It’s no longer a secret that some illegal drug dealers lace opiates with other drugs. For example, they can add fentanyl, a cheaper but more dangerous drug, to heroin. The purpose? To have more drugs to sell. Unfortunately, some dealers turn them into pills that resemble prescription drugs, then sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

To verify the drug’s authenticity, some people test their urine or the urine of their loved ones. They usually do this after an incident that puts a person at risk – physically or mentally.


How to Choose the Best Opiate Test Strips

Check customer reviews

Customer reviews give you a sense of how a drug test for opiates worked for other people. Is it accurate? Is it safe? Will you require additional tools or equipment? Do customers complain of false-positive or false-negative results?

They also give you an idea of how sellers treat their customers. For example, do they respond immediately to inquiries or complaints? Are they easy to contact?

Check the legitimacy of the seller.

Does the seller belong to a reputable medical supply association, or independently verified? You can check their website to find out. It’s because an independently verified seller has a badge on their website. Additionally, consider if the seller offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Sellers who offer this type of guarantee are confident in their product, so that you can rest assured.

Make sure the opiate test strips are accurate and comply with regulatory standards.

Are the strips 99% accurate? Are they CLIA-waived? You’ll have this information on their website and also from customer reviews.

Opiate test strips can help curb dangerous consequences brought about by the use of these drugs.

If you’re considering buying these strips for your business, check out Ovus Medical’s Opiate Drug Test. It’s 99% accurate.

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