Xylazine, a veterinary sedative, is increasingly becoming a street drug in the United States. Often mixed with fentanyl and other drugs, xylazine has been associated with increased overdose deaths, leading to public health concerns. This blog post will explore the emergence of xylazine for humans, its effects, its popularity, and the role of xylazine drug test strips in addressing this public health concern.

Xylazine for Humans and Its Effects

Xylazine is a potent sedative that can cause respiratory depression, seizures, and death when misused. As a veterinary sedative, it is administered under the supervision of a veterinarian and in controlled doses. However, when abused as a street drug, it can cause more severe and longer-lasting effects than other drugs. One of its most devastating effects is the presence of unsightly wounds that refuse to heal.

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Xylazine as a Street Drug

To increase their profits, drug dealers often mix fentanyl with xylazine. After all, the zombie drug is cheaper than fentanyl. Additionally, its potency enhances the effects of fentanyl, making it a desirable substance for people who need that high. So adding some xyzal into fentanyl spells more profit for the dealers.
Combining xylazine (an animal sedative) and fentanyl (an opioid for pain management) might bring additional profits for drug dealers, but dangerous, even fatal, for people who use it.
The truth is most people who are using xylazine do not intend to do so. Initially, they’re looking for a cheaper fentanyl alternative for relieving their intense pain. Unfortunately, for the reason stated above (drug dealers lace fentanyl with xylazine for more profits), people who need fentanyl substitutes unknowingly end up using the zombie drug.

The Role of Xylazine Drug Test Strips

So how should this issue be addressed?
Experts say that before taking a drug, especially when you buy it from the streets, you need to have it tested in a laboratory first. However, this can be prohibitive because of the high cost of lab fees and the long wait for the results.
This is where xylazine drug test strips can come in handy.
Xylazine drug test strips can detect the presence of xylazine in urine in just a few minutes. First, put the xylazine tablet in a small container, then add a little water to dissolve it. Once dissolved, dip the xylazine test strip into the container for about 15 minutes.
Then lay the strip on a flat surface. Wait for 5 minutes. If the strip shows a line, then xylazine is present. If it shows two lines, the sample does not contain any tranq.

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Healthcare providers, law enforcement officials, and addiction treatment centers can use these test strips to screen individuals for Xylazine use.

Moreover, Xylazine drug test strips can also help in preventing overdose deaths. The test strips can provide an early warning of Xylazine use, allowing healthcare providers to intervene and provide appropriate treatment before an overdose occurs. It is crucial to note that these test strips are not a substitute for medical treatment but are a valuable tool in detecting and preventing Xylazine-related harm.

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