Xylazine Drug Test Strips

Xylazine Drug Test Strips

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  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Results in 5 minutes.
  • Safe and efficient urine drug testing.
  • Easy and convenient for home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri.
  • Bulk Discounts Available.
  • Affordable XYL testing.
  • Xylazine drug test strips Cutoff Level: 1000 ng/ml.


  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Results in 5 minutes.
  • Safe and efficient urine drug testing.
  • Easy and convenient for home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri.
  • Bulk Discounts Available.
  • Affordable XYL testing.
  • Xylazine drug test strips:
    Cutoff Level: 1000 ng/ml.

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¿Necesita un método preciso y rentable para detectar sustancias ilícitas? No busques más allá de Ovus Medical. Con nuestros suministros de pruebas de fármacos fiables y de acción rápida, detectará fácilmente muchos medicamentos en la orina humana. Con nuestros kits, los días de ansiedad y espera de resultados han terminado, ya que los resultados positivos se pueden ver en tan solo cinco minutos

En Ovus Medical, nos esforzamos por proporcionar a los centros de tratamiento de abuso de sustancias, instalaciones correctoras y médicos para su uso en el hogar o la oficina los mejores productos de laboratorio y suministros de pruebas de drogas disponibles en el mercado hoy en día.

  • Precisa y fiable.
  • Resultados en 5 minutos.
  • Para casa o oficina.
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  • Descuentos en masa disponibles.
  • Pruebas de drogas asequibles.




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Xylazine Test Strips:

Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strips – Your Ultimate Solution for Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Drug Testing

Don’t leave your organization’s safety to chance. Choose Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strips for the best drug testing technology, and join the ranks of our satisfied customers who trust our unparalleled product.

Our remarkable test strips stand out in a crowded market due to their reliable features and unparalleled benefits.

“As an employer, I cannot take any chances when it comes to drug use in my workplace. Xylazine Fentanyl Urine Drug Test Strips provide accurate results quickly, giving me peace of mind and ensuring the safety of my employees.” — Jane Smith, Manager at ARC Corporation.

Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strips are perfect for random drug screenings, workplace drug testing, and school urine drug testing.

These strips are fast, safe, and accurate, so you can be sure you’re making sound choices for others.


  • Ultra-Fast Results: No more waiting for hours or even days to determine if there is a drug issue on your premises. With our Fentanyl urine test, you’ll have your results within 5 minutes!
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Our forensic use-only test strips boast a stunning 99% accuracy rate, empowering you with the confidence and certainty you require for such a critical assessment.

Highly Sensitive Design: We take drug screening seriously. Our urine tests are designed to adhere to the stringent SAMHSA cutoff levels, ensuring optimal sensitivity.

  • Random Drug Screening: Whether you manage a sports team or a large business, our test strips provide an ideal way of maintaining a controlled environment without any hassles.
  • Workplace Drug Testing: Ensure a safe and productive workplace by easily identifying and addressing any potential drug-related issues.
  • School Urine Drug Testing: As an educator, taking care of your students is crucial. Our  urine test strips enable you to protect your learning community from the hazards of drug use.

Although xylazine is not a controlled substance, the Drug Enforcement Administration has warned the public about its dangers and that it is reportedly mixed into illicit drugs. According to reports, xylazine has been discovered in drug mixes containing illegal opioids such as the synthetic opioid fentanyl and heroin.

Ovus Medical ships the same day for orders placed by 3 pm on Mondays-Fridays.


Xylazine Drug Test Strips

Ovus Medical’s Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strip is an innovative tool for detecting the presence of xylazine in a person’s body. 

Why test for xylazine?

Xylazine, also called “Tranq,” is a veterinary sedative, analgesic, and muscle relaxant for animals undergoing surgeries.

It is not designed for human consumption, as it can cause psychological issues, respiratory problems, hypotension, bradycardia, necrolysis, and even death. It is not FDA-approved and probably will never be.


Xylazine in Prohibited Drugs

In recent years, fentanyl mixed with xylazine has found its way into the street drug market, attracting the attention of the health industry for some medical and death cases associated with its use.

The medical industry discovered xylazine in fentanyl drugs as an adulterant to lower its cost, rendering it more deadly. It is not an opioid; naloxone, a known antidote to opioids, does not work against its adverse effect on the body.

Xylazine is making the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced, fentanyl, even deadlier,” said Administrator Milgram. “DEA has seized xylazine and fentanyl mixtures in 48 of the 50 states. The DEA Laboratory System is reporting that in 2022, approximately 23% of fentanyl powder and 7% of fentanyl pills seized by the DEA contained xylazine.”

It is an alarming reality indeed.

Benefits from Testing for Xylazine

Testing for xylazine has become extremely important for organizations to ensure:


  • safety in the workplace
  • better health for employees
  • minimized attitude problems and conflicts in the workplace
  • optimized productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • improved morale and motivation

Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strip

The seriousness and urgency of a fast, reliable, and accurate test method have fueled our desire to develop and offer one such as our Zylazine Urine Drug Test Strip. 


Five minutes—that’s all it takes to determine the presence of xylazine in the urine sample using Ovus Medical’s Drug Test Strip. No more waiting for hours or even days to get the results.

The speedy results allow for fast decision-making for employers and organization leaders, making it ideal for random drug screening and testing in schools, workplaces, homes, sports, and other places.

Accurate and reliable:

Ovus Medical’s Xylazine Test Strip boasts a 99% accuracy rate, making it a fair and reliable tool for all parties using it.

Safe, Convenient, and Easy to Use

To test, all you need is our Xylazine Drug Test Strip and a urine sample from the tested person; dip the strip and wait for the results—no needles and pricking to get blood samples. The packs come with more detailed instructions for your convenience. 

You can do it in your office, home, or anywhere, with our test strips being very light and handy.


Our Xylazine Drug Test Strips come at a price range of $0.49 to $1.09 per piece for quantities ranging from 500 to 25 pieces, respectively. 


What are the side effects of xylazine on the body? 

It can cause

  • psychological issues, including severe depression, mood swings, and anxiety
  • respiratory problems like slow and shallow breathing.
  • dangerously low blood pressure
  • slower than average heart rate
  • severe wounds that do not heal that can eventually lead to amputation
  • poisoning and death

How long does xylazine stay in your body?

The time that xylazine stays in the system depends upon several factors, including metabolism and excretion, dosage and frequency of use, and individual variability. 

Why should I buy from Ovus Medical?

Ovus Medical offers a wide range of high-quality drug testing supplies. We are well-known and trusted in the industry for consistent quality products, same-day shipping, and exemplary customer service.

Can I buy this drug test in bulk?

Yes, you can. Buying drug tests in bulk allows you significant savings of up to $300 for 500 pieces.

Where can I buy suitable home drug test kits?

Ovus Medical is America’s most trusted provider of top-quality drug testing supplies. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products to make profits. We offer a wide range of products you can choose from. We offer same-day shipping, so you’ll receive your orders promptly.

Where can I buy a drug test near me?

These days, you can buy drug tests anytime, anywhere, in convenience stores, drugstores, and online stores. But if you want the best quality drug testing supplies, check out the Ovus Medical store. We only sell top-quality products.

The Growing Threat of Xylazine and the Need for Effective Detection: A Comprehensive Review

New, often deadly risks to public health and safety appear all the time in the drug world. Now comes Xylazine. Xylazine, which used to be used to sedate animals, has made its way into many drug markets and greatly raises the health risks of the medicines it is mixed with. 


Because of this change, we need to act quickly, and reliable drug testing methods have become the front lines in this fight. In this blog post, we’ll talk about where xylazine comes from, what it does, and how important new drug test strips are for finding it.


The Xylazine Threat: How It Came to Be and What the Risks Are


The drug problem has been mostly about fentanyl for a long time, but the rise of xylazine makes things even worse. Standard opioid medicines, like naloxone, might not work when xylazine is present because it is not an opioid. This means that people who take xylazine by accident and drug users who may have built up a tolerance are at higher risk if they can’t get the right treatments.


Medical workers, law enforcement, substance abuse counselors, and anyone else dealing with the effects of the opioid crisis need to know about the effects and risks of xylazine. Is xylazine poisonous by itself? What will happen if you take it with other drugs? These questions are still very important for coming up with good ways to find things and lessen damage.


Putting in place strategies for finding Xylazine on drug test strips


The first line of defense against xylazine in drugs is to find it. Drug test strips with xylazine are a quick, reliable, and cheap way to check for drugs. 


Quality Xylazine drug tests are meant to be used with pee samples and give results quickly. Addiction treatment centers often use these tests as a quick and useful way to find out if someone is using xylazine and give them the right treatment.


The Xylazine Urine Drug Test from Ovus Medical Strip changes the way drugs are found.


Ovus Medical was one of the first companies to make new pee drug test strips that were accurate, easy to use, and gave quick results. Medical professionals and law enforcement agencies can both use the Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strip, which sets a new bar for how well it can find xylazine.


Innovative technology, the Xylazine Urine Drug Test Strip can find xylazine and may also be able to test for other drugs at the same time. 


Its sturdy construction makes it easy to use and gives clear, definitive results, which improves reaction times in a wide range of settings, from emergency rooms in cities to clinics in the country.


How Xylazine Drug Test Strips Can Help Stop Overdoses


Opioid and xylazine monitoring that works well can help keep people from overdosing. By adding Xylazine drug test strips to regular checks, doctors, nurses, and support staff can tailor their actions to save more lives. Because these tests are very sensitive, they are an important part of harm reduction methods because they allow for early discovery and action.


A Full Guide on How to Get Xylazine Drug Test Strips


Anyone who wants to add xylazine detection to their drug testing programs must first find drug test strips they can trust. Cost, FDA approval, and quality control guidelines should all be carefully thought through. This part will teach you how to find dependable sources, understand how to place bulk orders, and make sure that your business has access to the best xylazine detection tools.


Finding Xylazine, Moving Forward, and Being Detected


The fact that xylazine is used in a lot of drug supply lines is a sobering reminder of how quickly the field of pharmacology is changing. But the release and general use of new Xylazine drug test strips is a sign of hope and a step toward lowering the risks that come with this strong adulterant. 


We can work to stop the xylazine danger and lessen its effects on communities around the world by keeping an eye on it, using easy-to-find detection tools, and educating people ahead of time.


Setting up good ways to find xylazine not only helps in quickly identifying the drug, but it also has a big impact on how the public health system prevents overdoses. 


By making it a priority to add these methods to our current drug testing systems, we may be able to deal with the problems that xylazine and other harmful chemicals cause in a better and smarter way.


The next important step for community leaders and healthcare professionals who want to lessen the bad effects of xylazine is to work together with reputable drug test makers. 


Not only can these partnerships help you get good test strips, they can also give you the knowledge and tools you need to use them correctly. It is also important to include feedback systems that let first responders and harm reduction groups report on how well the testing kits work and if they notice any new trends in drug contamination. 


This way of working together makes sure that the strategies and tools used change along with the way people use drugs, which protects the integrity of public health programs.


It is also important to run educational efforts about how dangerous xylazine is and how it is used in street drugs. These programs should teach people who might use xylazine, as well as their families and the wider community, how to spot the signs of xylazine exposure and what will happen as a result. 


To make sure the word gets to a lot of people, informational campaigns can use a lot of different ways to talk to people, like community workshops and social media. Policymakers should also get involved by encouraging study into other ways to reduce harm that might help ease the health concerns that come with substances that contain xylazine.


To stop the spread of xylazine, lawmakers need to take action to keep an eye on and close down illegal routes of distribution. To stop the spread of tainted drugs, law enforcement must work with public health experts to track their supply chains. 


It is very important to make sure that rules don’t unfairly punish people who are abusing drugs, even though implementation is also very important. Instead, efforts should be made to lessen harm, help those who are affected by it through medical and social support, and keep the whole society safe. 


This could mean making it easier for people to get medical help for addiction, creating better community support networks, and putting in place rules that put health and safety ahead of punishments. To make long-lasting changes in this tough area, we need a plan that is fair and takes into account both human rights and public health concerns.


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