In the UNODC World Drug Report 2020, global drug use increases while COVID-19 impacts global drug markets. Over the past decade, alcohol and drug use have risen rapidly by 30%, with over 35 million people suffering from alcohol and drug use disorders.

According to a market research report, while alcohol and illicit drug use increase, this also drives demand for alcohol and drug testing kits at work, home, schools, rehab centers, and other facilities. Read on to find why alcohol and drug test supplies are essential in different settings.

Why alcohol and drug testing kits are important in different settings?

As alcohol and substance abuse become a more severe problem, drug screening is widely used in different settings today. Here are the reasons why alcohol and drug testing kits are important in most general settings.

Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing Kits

In most workplaces, alcohol and drug testing is standard practice. Despite not all industries having a requirement to test for alcohol or drugs, many employers still do so because of inherent safety concerns at work. However, companies in specific sectors such as transportation, safety, defense, and aviation must conduct drug and alcohol testing on job applicants and employees.

In recent years, with alcohol and drug testing programs in place, it has become a cost-effective means of increasing productivity, safety, and stability for companies. Moreover, The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice reports that workplace drug of abuse testing led to over 50% improvements in employee performance and attendance. Likewise, it has dramatically reduced work-related accidents and employee compensation over time.

Additionally, employers test for alcohol and drugs as part of their pre-employment drug screening process, random drug screenings, and annual drug testing. Thus, employers can then identify drug-positive employees on the spot and avoid hiring individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs. More so, various industries administer urine or blood alcohol and drug test kits, as well as DOT approved breathalyzers.

Homes Drug Screening

At home, everyone wants what’s best for each member of the family. So naturally, the parents are the most concerned as their children grow and explore new things. Nevertheless, there are some things that parents cannot control their teens from doing out of curiosity. Besides, their teens may also be exposed to peers. Who use drugs, and they might not even be aware of it.

In some cases, parents who see some warning signs suspecting their teenagers using drugs may administer a home drug test to check further. At-home alcohol and drug test kits have been popular in recent years due to the convenience and quick turnaround time it offers for screening teenagers and other suspected family members.

There are many available methods for testing for alcohol and drugs at home. Some popular forms include saliva, urine, and breath tests.

Schools Alcohol and Drug Testing Kits

In the United States, according to national statistics on illicit drug use, over one-third of high school students use an illegal drug by the time they graduate. In addition, about 80 percent of high school students today have also abused alcohol. However, even though the prevalence of alcohol use in schools is too high. The implementation of alcohol and drug testing programs has effectively reduced its use by almost half.

Alcohol and drugs abuse testing programs at school involve the collection of either blood, urine, saliva, hair, breath, or sweat samples. The next step is analyzing samples, usually through testing kits, to determine whether they contain illicit substances. If the screening or drug test result is positive, it is followed by a confirmation test in a certified laboratory. This is to analyze the sample further.

Rehab Centers – Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs in place

The first step towards obtaining the proper treatment is deciding to have it. Rehab centers provide individuals who need treatment with caring healthcare professionals throughout the process. The facility is also free of drug and alcohol use, making it a safe place for patients.

However, most drug rehabilitation facilities still require regular and random drug testing for their patients and their entire staff. So everyone remains safe and protected, and rehab is maintained at its highest level away from any dangers.

During the early stages of treatment, patients need more frequent monitoring. In substance abuse treatment programs, evaluators typically use urine drug testing as a monitoring technique. Evaluators refer to the urine specimen collection to determine substance use history and carry out regular therapy. They also use this to verify alcohol or drug abstinence.

What are the most commonly used alcohol and drug testing kits today?

In response to substance abuse becoming more severe in different settings, many suppliers today offer fast and reliable test kits. This includes:

However, there are different test kits available on the market for alcohol screening, the most popular is the ETG test. You can use this CLIA waived rapid test for detecting alcohol in human urine. The test becomes positive if a urine sample contains ethyl glucuronide, an alcohol metabolite produced in the liver.If you’re looking for affordable yet superior quality alcohol and drug testing kits, check out Ovus Medical’s Panel Drug Test Cup w/ ETG or ETG Test Strips and other related products now!

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