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For several generations, alcoholism has been one of the biggest public health crises not only in the United States. But elsewhere in the world. It has affected lives regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Drinking too much alcohol too quickly, according to the Centers for Disease Control, causes six deaths every single day. These may be the reasons why more and more people diagnosed with Alcohol Use. Disorder (AUD) are searching for ways to get rid of the habit. One method that people with AUD are looking into is TSM. The question is – does The Sinclair Method really work?

Although we can provide answers based on research, we decided to interview Shane Laderoute, an actual TSM and naltrexone user. Read on to discover why he uses this pill  and how it works for him.

Does The Sinclair Method Really Work? An Interview with Shane Laderoute

Ovus Medical: Why do you use naltrexone?

Shane: I use Naltrexone The Sinclair Method (TSM) style because it cured me of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

OM: How many types of naltrexone are there?

S: Brand names of Naltrexone may be plenty. There are only 2 Pure Opioid Antagonists that work for TSM, Naltrexone and Nalmefene.

OM: Do you need a prescription to buy it?

S: Most countries require a prescription. Spain does not, it is Over The Counter there. This requirement is because while rare, both of those drugs can cause Hepatic (liver) problems in people. That already have impaired function due to alcoholism, so a Doctor does simple blood tests to make sure further damage isn’t going on. In fact, most people with poor hepatic numbers improve greatly from lessened consumption and their livers normalize and heal. Mine was one of those.

OM: What was your impression about it, when you first heard about it, or when somebody recommended it to you?

S: My first impression was “what the holy hell! Why isn’t this common knowledge!?” Followed by, “God I hope this works!” Lol.

OM: How effective is it?

S: If followed with compliance 100% and adjusted to the individual. It is amazingly effective in my experience with thousands of others. Personally it has been 100% effective.

OM: How frequent do you take it?

S: I used to take it every time I had cravings and was going to drink alcohol, one hour prior to drinking. Since it removed all of those overwhelming cravings, I only take it when I decide I want to drink, which is usually only social occasions. On holidays and such, like most normal people. Without holidays, maybe once or twice a month. On holiday, could be every day, really depends on what is going on.

OM: Any side effects?

S: At first I felt nausea and a weird upset type of feeling inside for a couple of weeks. Then it all went away and I have been fine. Some side effects came back after I did a 30 day AF challenge to prove extinction but quickly subsided.

OM: We’ve read somewhere that you’ll need to take naltrexone for as long as you’re drinking. What’s your take on this?

S: If you mean abstinence for life or take Naltrexone 1 hour before drinking for life, then yes to both. My take on it is this: I didn’t think about AUD and TSM like this while going through it, because no one ever mentioned anything like this. Now I see it for what it is and that is because it cured me and has normalized my experience with alcohol. The further past extinction I get, the more complete the healing and understanding has become.

OM: Would you recommend it?

If this makes it easier for even one person to grow and heal aside from myself, I am grateful for that and happy to share.

My Understanding now: Alchohol Use Disorder is definitely a disorder and not a disease, although like a disease, its effects are like a virus in our population, causing havoc and upset for many, not just the AUD sufferer.

It is an organ disorder (in your brain) that doesn’t affect everyone (maybe 10% of the world population, those unaffected are used as the baseline for normal brain function in relation to alcohol, they are where the term “normal drinker” comes from, they cannot get enlarged endorphin receptors, so never develop AUD). They rarely ever suffer from blackouts and don’t crave alcohol in a manic manner.

Someone with AUD gets a MASSIVE endorphin rush from just one drink, which continues on and makes their drive for more alcohol eventually uncontrollable. Think diabetes, where the pancreas has a disorder and doesn’t produce enough or any insulin like the baseline population at large, for most people this is not the case, so they are considered “normal”. Not everyone develops Diabetes either.

The difference between Diabetes and AUD, is most of them don’t have erratic behavior from intoxication on a regular basis, like someone with AUD, so they don’t get stigmatized or feel guilt or shame because they can treat their disorder. They have an effective and universally accepted treatment (thankfully now so do we, TSM). You DEFINITELY have ZERO choice on whether you are capable or not of developing AUD.

Doesn’t matter what you think about it in any way, how smart you are, how rich, how influential, how famous or anything else, AUD cares not and will grab you and attempt to squeeze the very life out of you if you consume alcohol. You don’t have ANY say over being able to develop AUD (you were born with that capability), with the right choice (100% compliance to taking Naltrexone or Nalmefene 1 hour prior to consuming alcohol, for life).

Dr. Sinclair’s method of dosing and all the science done since has better odds than anything else on the planet to cure you of the negative effects from Alcohol and keep you there. That choice you DO have. So while suffering and working to cure yourself, realize that you need to be easy on yourself about all the messed up stuff you think and feel and perhaps do still… it will pass. It will most likely do its best to pass like a demon battling to keep your soul, but it will pass.

Thanks be to Dr. Sinclair and his method, Claudia Christian and Jenny Williamson who are the foremost Champions in the world, along with all the everyday champions TSM has around the world! Stay the course! (Do it ALL the way, you can quit something else early, not this!) Stay compliant! (Damn, freedom from AUD is sweet and this is all you MUST do!)

I would and do absolutely recommend it!

OM: Thanks! We hope there’s a cure for smoking too!

S: Strangely enough, some people have reported this worked for them in that capacity too. I have never followed those claims up though.

OM: Any insights/research you’d like to share about it?

Wholeheartedly and without reservation. I have been a part of hundreds of peoples individual journeys and shared their wins. That literally gave them their lives back. Their families all benefited greatly too. Very wonderful! I have too many insights to be able to share easily in one article.

My parting thought is that I am working with a group of dedicated people to make this as well known as AA. It is THAT important. People are living in misery and dying because not enough people know about this One Little Pill and what it can do (watch that movie, you will be glad you did, share it far and wide). People are free to choose anything that helps them to not be affected by alcohol, this one is truly a miracle. Any of us former sufferers know and share these things, including the hashtag #optionssavelives That leads to more information on TSM. Thank you for being interested and taking the time to share.

So, does the SInclair Method really work? Shane says yes, and recommends it to anyone suffering from AUD.

Would you like to share your TSM and naltrexone story? Please feel free to write it on the comments section. Thank you!

About Shane

Shane is a passionate supporter of The Sinclair Method. Having been helped by it and documented his journey through a succession of helpful posts for other members. He has gained a reputation in the community as someone who is knowledgeable and quick with advice and encouragement. He continues to help to this day and would like to see this treatment universally accepted and known. As too many people are still suffering and dying needlessly, from a brain disorder that not everyone develops.

Shane is one of a team of moderators on Facebook forums that help people every day to begin and work their way through the process of TSM. They are private groups that not everyone can see, people can join with an alias Facebook account if they want anonymity.

They are called:

TSM Beginnings (for people just starting out, focused on getting them going and not overwhelmed by all there is to learn at once)

The Sinclair Method (TSM) Peer Support #optionssavelives (for those past the beginning stage, ready for more advanced methodology once they have a solid foundation)

TSM Breakthrough (for those people beyond 6 months that are ready to buckle down and complete extinction. We deal with the toughest cases here and help them win)

Finally but far from least we have TSM Support for Family and Friends (this is for the spouses, partners, children, friends. Anyone else supporting or wishing to support a loved one through the process, with advice, experience and empathy. Because while waiting for the rainbow after the storm. We know it can be easier to just give up but most people don’t want to).

We hope to change the world by taking the horror of AUD out of it, by helping one person at a time. Remove the underlying issue that most of us could never define before, until Dr. Sinclair came along.

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