Drug screening kits

Drug addiction is no more a hidden tale—two out of every three youngsters and adults now addicted to drugs of different types.

Though you can’t stop your loved ones from being addicted to hazardous drugs, yes, you can keep a check on them from the very beginning by buying drug screens in bulk and performing drug tests whenever they return home.

If in case you don’t know. Drugs you took at the rave parties week ago, our last night, or at the weekend party. They can be easily detectable through a urine test. Yes, it’s right there in your system, blood, urine, saliva, and more.

Drug testing would be a nightmare for the user, but it is a big relief for parents who really want to protect their children from this slow poison.

At Ovus Medical we offer the best price on home drug test strips and cups. Aside from drug screening products, we also have an abundance of other items. You can rely on us for the low-cost drug testing solution as we value our clients and provide compassionate service.

What drug tests used for?

As clear from the term drug tests, the kits available for drug screening detects the presence of illicit parent drugs and their metabolites from the body.

It widely uses for athletes, job applicants, criminal offenders, drug addicts at a rehabilitation center. The 12-panel urine drug test cup can also be used by parents to check their children when they come back from parties.

The more you get aware of these drug screening techniques, the more you can beat. It and prevent your loved ones from the addiction. As we have discussed above, drug testing can performed at home also. It divided into two categories, test at home and test done by experts.

Home Test screening through saliva, oral fluid

Drug testing through saliva, oral fluid test is easy to do at home. You need to purchase a 12 panel drug screen cup or strip and collect a urine & saliva sample. To view the results, you need to wait for a specified period of time.

Testing kits are available online at OvusMedical.com. You can order in bulk. Results generated by cheap drug tests are misleading and incorrect. 

Drug test screening
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