More than 14 million people in the United States consume enough alcohol to be classified as having an alcohol abuse disorder. Can ETG strips help identify those people and be the first step in getting them help? ETG Strips: How Efficient Are ETG Strips?

Alcohol abuse can affect people’s lives in so many ways. In addition to taking a physical toll, alcohol abuse can also affect a person’s relationships with family and friends. It can impact how well they perform their jobs.

Getting help is essential, as is keeping on top of things once on the road to recovery. What is the best way to ensure that someone is not still under the influence? Drug or alcohol testing may be the answer.

There are many drug testing strips available for use in identifying whether or not a drug is in a person’s system. How Efficient Are ETG Strips? ETG strips are particularly helpful for detecting the presence of alcohol.

You may wonder if ETG strips are the most accurate tests. Read on to find out how efficient ETG strips are.

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What are ETG Strips?

An ETG strip test is a urine test. The strip identifies the presence of ethyl glucuronide (EtG). Ethyl glucuronide is a metabolite—a substance necessary for metabolism—produced by the liver as it breaks down ethanol. Ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol—the type of alcohol you drink.

ETG can be detected in urine 2 to 3 days after the last alcohol consumption. In contrast, a breathalyzer can only sense alcohol for up to 12 hours past the last drink.

How to Use EtG Strips

ETG strips are simple to use. Once you remove a strip from the package, it’s best to use it within an hour.

Holding the strip at the end, dip it into a urine sample for no less than 15 to 30 seconds. Take care not to touch the strip membrane or dip further than the MAX line. Place the strip on a non-absorbent surface, then wait 5 minutes for the results.

How Efficient Are ETG Strips?

ETG strips are very sensitive and quite effective. ETG is only present in the body after an individual drinks alcohol.

It’s important to take care when administering an ETG strip test. Because it is so sensitive, it’s possible that it will detect alcohol in products such as:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • cleaning products
  • antiperspirant
  • Mouthwash
  • cold medicine

If any of these is present, it’s possible to get a false-positive result with ETG strips. If you know you are going to be using an ETG strip, try to avoid contact with any of the above before taking the test.

As long as the test is done correctly, our EtG test strips are safe and precise and offer 99% accuracy.

When Should ETG Strips Be Used, and Who Can Use Them?

ETG strips can be used by anyone. They can be used in the workplace to ensure employees are not abusing alcohol. A treatment facility may choose to use ETG strips to make sure patients are remaining sober during their recovery.

It can be difficult to curb an addiction to alcohol. A good support system is essential. Both the person trying to quit and the people helping them can count on ETG strips as proof of sobriety.

If you are interested in the tests we have to offer, including ETG strips, contact us today.

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