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Alcohol Saliva Drug Test
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Alcohol Saliva Test Strips; A Simple Solution

  • Our Alcohol saliva test strips are accurate and reliable.
  • Safe and efficient saliva drug testing.
  • Easy and convenient for home or office.
  • Same Day Shipping Mon-Fri
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • Affordable Alcohol Testing.
  • Forensic Use Only.
  • Results in 5 minutes.

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Testing Instructions


Allow the test to equilibrate at room temperature (15–30 °C) before testing.
1. Avoid placing anything in the mouth for fifteen (15) minutes before
the beginning of the test. This includes non-alcoholic drinks, tobacco products,
coffee, breath mints, food, etc.
2. Spit the saliva into the collection cup.
3. Open the foil package and remove the test dipstick. Observe the reactive pad.
At the end of the test, if the dipstick reaction pad has a blue color before
applying a saliva sample, do not use it.
4. Saturate the reactive pad with saliva from the collection cup or by applying saliva
directly to the pad. (It usually takes 6–8 seconds to be saturated.) Start timer
immediately after saliva application.
5. Read the result in two (2) minutes. Compare the color of the reaction pad with
the color chart on the foil pouch to determine the relative blood alcohol level.

Read the result in two (2) minutes. Compare the color of the reaction pad with
the color chart on the foil pouch to determine the relative blood alcohol level.









Positive: The Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) will produce a color change in
the presence of salivary alcohol. The color will range from light blue to 0.02%.
Relative blood alcohol concentration to a dark blue color near 0.30% relative blood
alcohol concentration. Color pads are provided within this range to allow an
approximation of relative blood alcohol concentration. The test may produce colors.
that appear to be between adjacent color pads.

*NOTE: The Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) is very sensitive to the presence of 
of alcohol. A blue color that is lighter than the 0.02% color pad should be
interpreted as being positive for the presence of alcohol in saliva but less than
0.02% relative blood alcohol.

Negative: When the Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) shows no color change
This should be interpreted as a negative result, indicating that alcohol has not been

Invalid: If the color pad has a blue color before applying the saliva sample, do not use
the test. 
*NOTE: A result where the outer edges of the color pad produce a slight color but
If most of the pad remains colorless, the test should be repeated to ensure
complete saturation of the pad with saliva. The test is not reusable.


alcohol chart








1. Failure to wait 15 minutes after placing food, drink, or other materials (including
smoking) in the mouth before running the test can produce erroneous results 
due to possible contamination of the saliva by interfering substances.
2. The Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) is highly sensitive to the presence of
alcohol. Alcohol vapors in the air are sometimes detected by the Alcohol Rapid
Test Dipstick. Alcohol vapors are present in many institutions and homes.
Alcohol is a component in many household products, such as disinfectants,
deodorizers, perfumes, and glass cleaners. If the presence of alcohol vapors is
suspected, the test should be performed in an area known to be free of vapors.
3. Ingestion or general use of over-the-counter medications and products 
containing alcohol can produce positive results.

The detection limit on the Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) is from 0.02% to
0.30% for an approximate relative blood alcohol level. The cutoff level of the Alcohol 
Rapid Test Dipstick (Saliva) can vary based on local regulations and laws. Test 
Results can be compared to reference levels with the color chart on the foil package.

The following substances may interfere with the Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick 
(Saliva) when using samples other than saliva. The listed substances do not 
usually appear in sufficient quantity in saliva to interfere with the test. 
A. Agents that enhance color development
 Peroxidases
 Strong oxidizers
B. Agents that inhibit color development
 Reducing agents: Ascorbic acid, Tannic acid, Pyrogallol, Mercaptans and
Tosylates, Oxalic acid, Uric Acid.


ovus medical saliva alcohol chart


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Why The Alcohol Saliva Test Strip?

The Alcohol Saliva Drug Test from Ovus Medical is a new and reliable method for detecting alcohol in a person’s system. You can ensure a safe atmosphere by screening people for alcohol with our test dipsticks. It can deliver results quickly, giving you a positive or negative indication in minutes. Order the drug test in bulk today to save even more money!

Simple to Use and Interpret:
A saliva sample from an individual is all that is required for the dipstick to function. The stick will change color if the person has enough alcohol concentrations. At 0.02% relative blood alcohol concentration, the hue will range from pale blue to dark blue. At 0.30% relative blood alcohol concentration, the color will be dark blue.

Color pads are included in the alcohol saliva test kits to make interpretation easier. These guides will assist in estimating relative blood alcohol content. For more precise interpretations, verify under good lighting, as the test may produce colors that appear to be between adjacent color pads.

Ideal for personal monitoring

People constantly trying to control how much alcohol they drink or who are in recovery can benefit significantly from our Alcohol Saliva Drug Test. These saliva swab alcohol dip tests are a discreet and easy way to track how much alcohol someone is drinking.

By giving themselves tests regularly, people can keep track of their progress, hold themselves accountable, and make well-informed decisions about their health. This gives them the power to keep working toward their goals and live healthy lives.

Ideal for Event and Workplace Safety;
Businesses and event managers must put the safety of their workers, customers, and the general public first. By adding our Alcohol Saliva Drug Test to their standard procedures, they can make the place safer.

With these dipsticks, managers and event staff can quickly and accurately find people who might be drunk and warn them away. This helps keep everyone safe, keeps things running smoothly, and keeps mistakes from happening.

In industries or places where drinking alcohol is regulated, our alcohol rapid test dipsticks can help people and groups follow the law.

ovus medical saliva alcohol chart

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