Saliva Drug Test – Oral Swabs (10 panels)

Forensic use only
Please see additional info below
Drugs Tested
AMP/1000, MET/1000, BZO/300, COC/300,
OXY/100, BUP/5, MDMA/500, THC/50,
BAR/300, PCP/25
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Ovus Medical product description:


Food, drink, gum, tobacco, and all other substances should avoid at least 10 minutes prior to conducting the oral swab test. Ensure the swab is brought to room temperature before use. Collection stick and test tube should be kept in their protective packaging until the operator is ready to perform the test.

The sponge end of the collection stick is used to collect the human saliva from the inner cheek. Insert the sponge end into the mouth for between 3 and 5 minutes. Ensure the swab is soaked in saliva for accurate testing results. If the collected amount is not adequate for testing, collect additional saliva using a new collection stick.

Holding the collection stick vertically, insert it into the test tube. Placing the groove of the collection stick into the guide rail of the test tube for a proper seal. Close the test tube by pressing down the lid.

The test tube should be kept in a vertical position. Results can be read after ten minutes of closing the lid of the test tube. Results should not interpreted after one hour.
ovus medical 10 panel saliva test instruction

Interpreting Results

If the specimen contains more than the predetermined cutoff levels, the result is positive for the corresponding drug of that testing zone. This is indicated by one colored band in the control region. One colored band in the appropriate test region. Positive results should sent to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation.

A negative result is indicated by a colored band in each control region. A colored band in the appropriate test region. A negative result indicates that the specimen does not reach the cutoff levels for the drug of that testing zone.

If no colored band appears in the control indicator of the saliva test, the result is invalid. The test must be performed again. If the problem persists, you may contact your local distributor.


Cutoff concentrations for oral swab drug tests adhere to the guidelines set by SAMHSA for determining drug abuse. These concentrations reflect levels of parent drugs. Their metabolites consistent with abuse and not therapeutic applications. Cutoff concentrations expressed in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) and adjusted as follows:

Cutoff levels

Drug Name Detection time Cut-Off Level


1-2 Days 50 ng/mL


1-4 Days 50 ng/mL


1-2 Days 50 ng/mL


2-6 Days 5 ng/mL


2-4 Days 20 ng/mL


2-4 Days 40 ng/mL


5+ Days 50 ng/mL


2-4 Days 50 ng/mL


1-3 Days 20 ng/mL


7-14 Days 10 ng/mL

Samples that test positive during an oral swab initial screening should be sent to the laboratory. Further confirmation using a liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) test.

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Forensic Use

What is Forensic use only?

Forensic Use Only devices are meant to be sold for research purposes only. The FDA does not regulate these devices, and they are solely to be used as screening instruments. Please send the device to a laboratory for confirmation if more information is needed about the results of a forensic use only drug test.

Courts, police departments, probation/parole offices, juvenile detention centers, prisons, jails, correction centers, and other law enforcement organizations, as well as laboratories or other establishments that provide forensic testing for these institutions, are all eligible users.

Forensic Applications Only gadgets are not designed, tested, manufactured, or labeled for use in other settings such as clinical diagnostics or the workplace.

What does it mean when something says “For Forensic Use Only”?

This indicates that the drug testing gadget has not received FDA 510k approval. This type of drug test should not be used for job screening, pain management screening, or any other reason. These tests are only used in law enforcement, prisons, the military, and other government institutions to test for drugs.

What products are included in this category?

Some saliva/oral drug detection products are only meant to be used in forensic situations. Furthermore, some specialty tests (such as our K2/Spice drug test) are designed exclusively for forensic use. This category could possibly include other screening equipment. Any forensic-only equipment on our site will be explicitly stated on the product page.

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Saliva Drug Test – Oral Swabs (10 panels)

Get quick and accurate results with Ovus Medical’s saliva drug test to identify ten legal and illegal drugs in the system.

Saliva Drug Test – Oral Swabs (10 panels) It is a rapid screening method to facilitate simultaneous drug detection with easy-to-read results.

Our comprehensive saliva drug test is an effective oral fluid check suitable for custodial testing, workplace drug detection, or rehabilitation services. The test can detect recent usage or drugs in the system for 24-72 hours after use.

  • Results in under 15 minutes
  • Able to Photocopy
  • Up to 10 Drugs
  • Eliminates Need for Restrooms
  • Difficult to Adulterate
  • Easily Transport to Labs
  • Forensic Use Only
Drugs Tested
AMP/50, COC/20, OPI/40, THC/50, MET/50, PCP/10, BZO/50, BUP/5, OXY/20, BAR/50

Saliva Drug Test - Oral Swabs (10 panels)

A Comprehensive Test Profile

As an inexpensive option, our 10-panel oral swab drug test can detect ten illicit and legal drugs at once. It can quickly identify the ingestion of any drug combination using the fluid specimen. The drug profile includes:

  • Amphetamine (AMP)
  • Methamphetamine (MET)
  • Benzodiazepines (BZO)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Oxycodone (OXY)
  • Buprenorphine (BUP)
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Cannabinoid (THC)
  • Barbiturates (BAR)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

The test uses color coding for each drug group for easy identification.

  • Saliva Drug Test – Oral Swabs (10 panels) swab drug test is quick and accurate.
  • Rapid drug test detects 10 different drugs.
  • Results in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Oral swab drug tests are a less invasive alternative to urine drug tests.
  • 99% accuracy rating with no need for private restrooms.
  • Oral swabs drug test is nearly impossible to adulterate to obtain a false-negative.
  • 10 panel saliva drug test
  • Saliva drug testing kit

Saliva Drug Test - Oral Swabs (10 panels)

Easy Specimen Collection

Using our saliva drug test is straightforward. It is a one-step process where the donor sweeps a swab inside their mouth several times and keeps it there until the color appears in the saturation indicator window.

The tester can insert the swab into the screening panel and lock it tightly. The results will clearly appear within ten minutes.

High Test Integrity

Due to minimal exposure and handling, our oral swab drug test offers higher result integrity. The control lines confirm that the fluid flows correctly and the test is complete. Thus, it assures 99% accuracy in the test rating. Also, the test can’t be adulterated to get a false negative reading.

Lesser Invasive

Due to the instant test results of a saliva drug test, you don’t need to find private restrooms. In addition, our test kits are lesser invasive than urine tests and pre-tested to ensure no cross-reactivity against drugs of intoxicants and abuse. It is also easy to transport to the nearest laboratory without any risks.

Saliva Drug Test - Oral Swabs (10 panels)

Intended Use

These 10 Panel Oral Swabs Tests are intended for use in toxicology laboratories, rehabilitation facilities, workplace testing programs, physician offices. Also, for use in at-home monitoring or initial screening for substance abuse. Human saliva test specimens identify recent usage of the ten drugs listed, often undetectable in conventional urine testing. Saliva test samples can be used to detect the presence of drugs for 24 to 72 hours after use.

Where to buy Saliva drug Tests?

It is important you buy from a reputable supplier, like Ovus Medical. You want to ensure you do not use an outdated, expired test. It’s also important to know you can trust the results.

Are saliva drug tests instant?

Saliva Drug Test – Oral Swabs (10 panels) tests can test for illicit drugs in under 10 minutes. The mouth swab is used to collect the saliva from the inner cheek. Non invasive. Easy and convenient.
The indicated results on the panels inside can be assessed in under ten minutes.

Saliva Drug Test - Oral Swabs (10 panels)

Forensic use only – This device is intended solely for use in employment and insurance testing and does not include test systems intended for Federal drug testing programs (e.g., programs run by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the U.S. military.

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    ETG Test (Alcohol Testing Strips)

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The Saliva drug test is the most common test that is conducted to check the presence of alcohol in the sample of urine. This test is mostly adopted at places that prohibit the consumption of alcohol. C

There are an extensive number of methods that can analyse the presence of alcohol in the human body. For instance breathalyser, it is used to identify the alcohol consumed in the past few hours. But if you want to detect the alcohol taken in the past few days then alcohol urine test strips are the best solution. However, the saliva test and breath test are the traditional alcohol detection tests. but with the introduction of drug mouth swab, the alcohol test has become more reliable and authentic.  

  Alcohol is by far the most consumed drug because of its easy availability and its cheap rates. As per the survey, 70% of people worldwide consume alcohol, and the quantity of consumption may vary. Some take this substance occasionally and have control over it however some are addicted to it and consume it on a daily basis. This addiction sometimes leads them to death when they are indulged in dangerous drinking patterns. Besides health, daily consumption gives rise to numerous problems that might include sour relations, less productivity at work, personal tragedies, and traffic accidents. workplace accidents and many more.


Advantages of saliva drug test

 Well, one should know that the alcohol you consumed will vanish away from your body soon if you have a good liquid intake. With the help of Saliva drug test, you can just acknowledge the presence of alcohol in the human body only if the test is conducted a few days after consumption. The traditional ways to test the presence of alcohol in the human body used to be a saliva test and breathalyser, these ways were most popular among the traffic police to check if drivers are drunk or not. Well, some might think if they have to escape from the alcohol urine test then drinking excessive amounts of water is all that they need to manipulate the urine drug test. But with the introduction of urine alcohol test strips, it has become extremely reliable to check the presence of alcohol in the human system. Remember when you take the drug mouth swab and get your test done then the result will only show the consumption of alcohol not about how many drinks were consumed or the alcohol percentage of your drink.  Besides all this this alcohol Testing procedure is common  in truck drivers,airline pilots,bus drivers and crew members, other transportation workers such as taxi and  other  drivers such as drivers of boats,trains and security guards. Moreover it can be used in industries where  employees are found to be under the influence of alcohol during the working hours. 


When you are inspired that your loved one is indulging in the habit of consuming alcohol on the daily basis and they are not accepting that they have consumed it and you are looking for some method to detect the presence of alcohol in their body then drug mouth swab are the most preferred and an affordable testing method that can analyse the presence of alcohol in the body. the Saliva drug test is an affordable and easy-to-use method, that is capable to outperform other testing methods due to its features such as:

  •  It is capable to give precise results even after 80 hrs of the intake, as opposed to the one-day window seen in other tests
  •  you don’t have to go to clinics or laboratories, simply buy the Drug mouth swab, dip in the urine sample, and within a few minutes view the result.
  • This test result cannot be adulterated as the urine alcohol test strips cannot be easy.
  •  It is the most reliable and trustable indicator of alcohol consumption
  •  It is proven to be the most trustable method to monitor individuals who are prohibited from consuming alcohol either in medical cases or the workplace.
  •  Saliva drug tests are non-invasive, that is  you  don’t really have to worry about needles. In this strip test  Urine samples can be collected without  surging an employee’s personal space or privacy.

Drug mouth swab Procedure:

Take out the strip from the sealed tube and make sure to conduct the test within one hour of removing the strip and tightly close other alcohol urine test strips after removing others.

Now hold the strip right from the end because these strips are highly sensitive, so to maintain its integrity avoid touching membranes.

 Now take the urine specimen in the cup and dip the strip vertically and wait for 30 seconds to collect the sample.

After collecting the sample, now take out the strip carefully and keep it on a flat surface and wait for 5-10 minutes to read the results.

Now you can easily read the result by the presence of a band in the control region and test region. The test result has three outcomes such as:

Positive- If only one colored band appears in the control region and no band appears on the test region that means the test result is positive.

Negative – If one band appears on the control region and the other appears on the test region then it means the test result is negative. the negative result simply means that there is no substance present in the body 

Invalid- In case the control bands do not appear on the drug mouth swab then it means the test trip is invalid and you need to purchase another one from reliable suppliers.


What are the restrictions of MOUTH SWAB FOR DRUGSAlcohol Tests?

The Saliva drug test detected for the presence of alcohol is generally precise.  However, there are some things that should be kept in mind before  taking this test:

  • Avoiding using mouthwash,if anyone consumes mouthwash  before the  conduction of this test then the  alcohol present in this liquid  can  cause false results.
  • There are some medicines such as Nyquil that should not be consumed  before testing the individual. 
  • Further, the foods that are prepared using alcohol, Kombucha and other items can trigger false results.
  • All the beverages that include ethyl alcohol  can also result in false results. 




 If you are  planning to conduct a Saliva drug test  at your workplace  then it is wise to inform your employees  about the limitations caused by this test. This will be best to  ward off all kind of confusion that can  occur while taking this test .

Where do these drug mouth swabs are used?


 Medical testing- Well medical testing is the most common and sensitised urine alcohol test that is useful in a number of cases. For instance, the patients who are in an addiction centre or the patient who has got his kidney damaged or getting treated for other problems in hospital and is under doctor suspicion. Apart from this some patients who are consuming large amounts of alcohol and are struggling with life-threatening strips also undergo this test.

Legal testing:

 Legal testing is the other cause and there is a need to use these urine alcohol test strips. This test is considered during some court cases or sometimes ordered for certain criminals. Apart from this, with the easy use of these test strips, one can easily determine the under-age drinkers, or the people driving while drinking and doing harsh driving and causing unwanted incidents and accidents on the road 


Workplace testing:

 Some companies have made it mandatory to test their new applicant for alcohol use and to also check their employees for the consumption of this substance. as the experts do believe that with the reliable saliva drug test strip it is not only affordable and easy to conduct this test but it saves their company and employees from on job accidents. Besides this, in some responsible jobs like defence, police, and doctor this test is of immense benefit Testing for alcohol with the drug mouth swab

 The part of some organisations where the addictive individuals who are struggling from leaving its consumption and are battling with the life-threatening disease. This testing helps the specialist to know whether the person is still consuming alcohol during the treatment and recovery period.


Why Buy MOUTH SWAB FOR DRUGSAlcohol Test saliva drug test strips from 12 Panel Now?

  We 12 Panel Now are widely known for availing Alcohol drug test kits and saliva drug test strips from past many years. Besides providing the best services, we are highly admired for our accuracy, authenticity, and affordability. We pride ourselves in providing the best and the most precise urine alcohol test strips. Here are some other features that will make you choose is are 


  •  Quality Products
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • best options for bulk orders
  • same day shipping
  •  Affordable drug mouth swab


 You cannot simply trust anyone for the purchase of your saliva drug test strips. Owing to the sensitivity of the test, you should always choose the suppliers like “12 Panel Now” who are known for their genuine drug testing kit and quality services.


How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected in Urine?

  As per medical experts, it has been stated that only 1% to 2% alcohol can be found in the human body after 12 hours. AS some amounts get metabolised in the body while other amounts get expelled from the system through the water. In blood the alcohol remains for 6 hours, in saliva, it remains from 12-24 hours, in hair, you can detect the consumption of alcohol for 90 days and in urine, alcohol can be detected for 72 hours with the newest method. The signs of intoxication are :

  • Slurred speech 
  • Contracting with great difficulty.
  • Breathing problems
  • Acting confused.
  • No control over your body

Well everybody has different processing, in the general life of alcohol in the human body is 4-5 hours


  Alcohol abuse is still a hot and debatable topic. Many happy families are being destroyed because of their addiction. In the west, it is a culture, where parents are even allowed to have some while dining together but the way it controls your mind and the way it makes you feel good can make you addicted to this habit. The benefit of alcohol o the human body is none it can just give you mental pleasure for 4- 5 hours but its side effects are infinite from your nerves to sex hormones, everything can be changed with its addiction and this can even take your life. The excessive use of alcohol can cause you to experience heart damage and brain shrinkage. Besides the symptoms of heart attack, you can face problems in memorising people and things. Apart from this it can destroy your pancreas and can as a result it will give rise to pancreatic glands. The Above mentioned are few side effects but the list of long-term and short-term effects is endless.

 With these Saliva drug test strips, you can prohibit your loved one from its consumption and save their life. With the affordable availability of these urine drug test strips at 12 Panel Now, you can also buy these strips in bulk and can keep the track of someone who is addicted to it. No more wasting your time and money in laboratories, just buy these strips and get the test done in the comfort of your home.

 Where to get the drug mouth swab?

 Now, when you will start searching for the best alcohol urine test strip, you will get acquainted with the number of online stores that promise to provide the best saliva drug test strips, but end up delivering you the ones with low efficiency and invalid results. Choosing the right suppliers is the big thing. Well here at 12 panels Now you will get the strips that are easy to use, affordable, and one the most trustable way to test for alcohol abuse. We pride ourselves as the best suppliers in the test strips and are known for our non-stop improvement, trust, authenticity, transparency, integrity, teamwork, professionalism, dignity, and quality. We do not ignore any feature at any cost, we believe that our satisfied customer is the proof of our growth and success. Our mission is to provide the best drug test kit and remarkable services to our customers. We work with an aim to build a better and safe world for our coming generation. Being experienced in the industry, we understand the needs of our customers and come up with different and new ways to satisfy our customers. 

We believe something different and something new is what will make our customers choose again and again. Otherwise, there are many who are providing drug testing kits with strong features and utmost. Well here are some irresistible features that will insist you choose us while you look for the best saliva drug test strips online:

 Customer satisfaction-  We are the well-renowned saliva drug test strips supplier, that offers the best testing strips at the most cost-effective rates. One of the striking features that have enabled us to remain ahead of our competitors is customer satisfaction and understanding their needs. We believe that ignoring your customer at any stage of purchase can make you lose your customer. Owing to this, our team is available 24/7 and will assist you even after the purchase.

Timely delivery– Our smart layout enhances the competitiveness and quality of the alcohol urine test strip. Our management system makes sure that all the testing kits are delivered on the same day on which the order was placed. We understand the urgency of our buyers.

Extensive Range– We work with an aim to offer better healthcare products to the people. Our carefully manufactured test strips are of superior quality and have enabled us to reach more people in the market and enable us to be the best drug mouth swab suppliers.

 Our Mission– We at 12 Panel Now, work with a mission to avail our customers with cost-effective rates and to mark our presence with the best offering. Working with a vision to become the dominant player, We work while maintaining the highest standard and human values. e successfully encourage business minds for mutual growth and success by providing our testing kits in bulk

Network– Quality is our top priority for us which has let us gain a strong network among our customers. We work with strategies and move forward with positive aspects and ensure to satisfy our customers in the best way.

  The Saliva drug test strips are sensitive and are capable of detecting even a small amount of alcohol in the body. The presence of Mouth swab for drug Seven after the alcohol is expelled from the body has made it easier to check alcohol consumption. At 12 Panel Now you can check other options as well and can buy the one that fits well with your problem and gives you better results and solutions. Now for the best Saliva drug test strips connect with the 12 Panel Now  and  everything as per your requirement at the  most affordable rates.

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